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Jul 30 2011

Judge Judy Versus the Welfare State

There’s no excuse for anyone not to be aware of what socialism is doing to our society. You can learn it anywhere — even from watching Judge Judy:

If we don’t start scraping off the parasites, they will bleed us to death.

On a tip from Stormfax.

42 Responses to “Judge Judy Versus the Welfare State”

  1. Tim says:

    clearly shes racist. That was great and I hope she does follow through and send this to congress.

  2. Dr. Dave says:

    Send the tape to the Ramsey County welfare office.

  3. Proud Kuffar says:

    “I’m a deadbeat loser, you know what i’m sayin’?”

  4. Joek Loth says:

    He obviously has the same problem that barry soetoro has. Too much coke makes your nose itch like a bitch.

  5. Tim says:

    The fact that he cant keep his hands off his nose makes it pretty obvious what the people of Ramsey County are paying for, “you know what Im sayin’?”

  6. Rock says:

    A future Democrap politician, ala Lee, Maxine, or my favorite Hank Johnson (Guam sinking because of too many troops.)

  7. Air2air says:

    This is actually one case where I would say “It’s Society’s fault”.

  8. chuck in st paul says:

    Three years of college and he can’t even speak decent English. Too boot, he’s a music major. Just what the country needs of course, a music major.

    November 6, 2012 – End Dependence Day

  9. eb says:

    I often catch Judge Judy when I am home in the afternoon. Many cases come up that involve welfare abuse. It irritates the hell out of her, as it should. She has been much more strident in her verbal lacerations with other welfare abusers than this guy.
    And often times there is a reaction like this guy. He does not have the slightest concept as to where the money came from and the rules involved with the disbursement.
    We have families on the fourth or fifth generation that have never earned a penny and teach their little slovens to perpetuate the idiocy.

  10. Dr. No says:

    Thanks. This video makes me want to go and break shit. I would, too, if it weren’t for the fact that only me, myself, and I would foot the tab to replace it.

  11. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    “I’m me….I visit the crib, take care of my business and leave…she’s lucky to have me because I’m 21 and she’s 30. Why would I be messing around with her otherwise?”

    What a stellar citizen! This is the kind of black man that years of welfare has created: I’m not responsible to black women, they owe me. In fact, everyone owes me. If I father children, so what. The taxpayers can pay for them, I’m outta here.

  12. Joe says:

    In a society that isn’t already nuts, this would be grand theft. Go to hell, POS.

  13. Zorro says:

    It took 33 seconds for me to reach my limit.
    Nothing but TNB and babbling.

  14. I thought she was going to let the bailiff arrest him for welfare fraud (as admitted in open curt). But that would scare off her other “talent”. The show must go on.

  15. bobwhite says:

    Musician? I doubt if that dummy could play the musical comb.

  16. Piker says:

    Too bad she hasn’t the authority to order execution for both of these leeches right there on the spot.

  17. AC says:

    These people are train wrecks.

    I had never paid much attention to Judge Judy, but this is like People of Wal-Mart.

    How the hell did we fall this far? (that is rhetorical, the answer is moonbattery)

  18. andre says:

    The sad part is that the taxpayers work hard all day, try to pay mortgage or rent, insurance, car payments, school, etc. Work 8 hours, and probably commute a couple of hours. Try to keep together a life, and this amounts to just flushing all those hours of work that translated into taxes, into the toilet.

  19. David Waldman says:


  20. GM Car of the Future says:

    This is a bird’s eye view of LBJ’s “Great Society”

    Add to this the illegal immigrants and Moslems in 2011
    and we have a front-row seat at “The End of America”… currently underway, in slow-motion.

    When do we apply the brakes? In mid-air over the cliff?

  21. Beforethestorm says:

    “I take care of my business and leave”? He’s proud of being a male prostitute. Why doesn’t he charge for his services and pay his own way through school. Strange, but I’d almost have respect for him if he did it that way.

  22. AC says:

    I suppose if he had the requisite business sense to be a prostitute then he wouldn’t have ended up as a music major borrowing staggering sums of money he’ll never be able to pay back.

    I have to wonder if “music” in this instance is being used as a euphemism for hip-hop noise. I can’t imagine this man as a concert pianist.

  23. Michelle says:

    What is truly sad is that THIS IS NORMAL rather than be embarrased, humbled, thankful, regretful, or apologetic for his worthless life… The little punk is ARROGANT!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess the little loser is just waiting on “obamas stash” or “fo his rent and gas to be paid” or his “Acorn loan” or whatever else this pathetic leech is free to steal from the rest of us.

  24. hudson duster says:

    Bet he’s hung like a mosquito. His “business” involves light housework and rubbing her feet, but she didn’t have the heart to humble him because she’s really his sister.
    More seriously, I liked those three blonde babes that were arranged in back of that fat, ugly plaintiff.

  25. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    I don’t know “Judge Judy” from Adam’s other aunt, but she needs to be Speaker of the House.

  26. JOH says:

    Martin luther king said to judge people by the content of their character,this man has no content,no honor or self respect for himself or other human beings,and the attitude he portrayed sadly is what I encounter with many black men,and then even the woman at the end showed her character too.

    When our economy crashes,these people will not be laughing,they will be lost and starving.

  27. RKae says:

    When our economy crashes,these people will not be laughing,they will be lost and starving.

    No, JOH, they will be rioting. They will be screaming that they were wronged, and they will have every democrat and every college professor backing them up.

  28. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    You know, while I don’t generally agree with stereotyping, I have to say there’s a reason why stereotypes are stereotypes. People like the umm… gentleman… in the video are perfect examples of why so many people stereotype blacks as welfare leeches.

    I know plently of black people that aren’t like that at all, but seeing morons like Duane there and the scum currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave it’s no wonder the stereotype exists. If blacks want people to stop stereotyping them as ghetto trash, maybe they should stop trying to all be Tupac or Snoop-dog and maybe take a lesson from the likes of Herman Cain and Allen West. They should actually take Bill Cosby’s advice from a few years ago instead of villifying him for telling them to stop acting like ghetto trash. Let’s face it, Duane there has about as much chance of becoming a successful musician as I do of building a rocket to fly me to Mars out of old lawn mower parts found in my back yard tool shed.

    Here’s a hint Duane, you’re not going to be the next Kanye West or whatever, so instead of studying to be a “musician” you should maybe try studying something you can actually use in the real world.

    No chance of that though. This shit bag will be sponging off society until he either dies in a drive by or finally drops dead of VD. In either case I’m sure he’ll leave us with at least five or six illigetimate children all ready to suck on the government teat just like daddy did.

  29. Vixen says:

    Now that I’ve stopped screaming and am able to respond to this……..
    Third year college student? My kids spoke better English at under two years of age than this assclown. “Know whut I’m sayin’?”
    My hubby and I sacrifice to PAY for our kids’ college educations– what a concept! And we pay taxes to support Nosewiper and his former girlfriend so they can squander their “aid” money? Nosewiper apparently is very appreciative, so we should feel all better and such… Is this a great country or what?
    And folks wonder why our country is on the brink of financial disaster? Un-freakin-believable….

  30. Jodie says:

    Hee hee…Fight breaks out at “Unity” concert:

    “Several shots rang out from a handgun during a large fight near an outdoor concert venue in Cleveland, leaving four people wounded after a ‘Unity in the Park’ festival featuring funk music artist George Clinton, police said Sunday.

    Authorities said they were searching for a male suspect who pulled out a handgun and fired into a group of people Saturday night during the fight. No arrests were reported in the hours after the shooting, Police Sgt. Sammy Morris told The Associated Press.

    ‘It was a large fight. Somebody in the crowd produced a handgun and fired several times,’ Morris said, adding all four victims were hit by gunfire.”

  31. wingmann says:

    Fred C. Dobbs says:
    July 30, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    Here’s the pitch…swung on……IT’S A GRAND SLAM!

  32. AndyPandy says:

    You nailed it, Mr. Dobbs.

  33. grayjohn says:

    I can’t believe scum like this are walking around free. I can’t believe they can rationalize their criminal and stupid behavior. I can’t believe they have no shame whatsoever. It is beyond my understanding. I can’t grasp it. My head is going to explode. I guess I’m a racist too. Because being sickened and disgusted with black people is racist right?

  34. grayjohn says:


  35. JoeS says:


    Yeah, we know what you’re saying. Here’s a thought: Why does anyone think you can take a race with an average IQ of about 84, and get anything BUT this as an outcome? Or Detroit? Or Holder? Or Obama? The Founding Fathers knew what was a comin’, and that’s a fact. Namsain?

    But be honest. How many here can’t wait to watch their heroes in the NFL, in spite of the fact that they have anything to do with a monster like Mike Vick?

    WE are the problem, not them.

    Isolate them, shun them, and it might be possible to begin to end this horror story of an experiment with non-reality.


  36. Bill says:

    Blood sucking filthy parasite, i hope he ends up in prison.

  37. JoeS says:

    “… It might not be a bad idea to just have one law for all states instead of them being able to make their own. Thoughts?”

    I have a thought. I think that would kind of run counter to that constitution thingy that’s just about irrelevant at this point. Like how out here in AZ, we tried to counter the tide of a massive, lawless, sub-human invasion, and were told that we weren’t going to be able to – just because Barry and Eric said so.

    States rights are kinda kewl, as far as I’m concerned…

  38. GM Car of the Future says:

    @Bill – “…he ends up in prison”

    You can pretty much take that sure bet to the bank.
    But, even there, he won’t be paying any rent…

  39. mnge says:

    Check free criminal background checks in Minnesota with his name…GM car guy might be right.

  40. FrankW says:

    I dunno on this one, I will bet if Judge Judy checks the chick was getting rent assistance sent to her as well, assuming hers to be similar to his between the two of them they were getting paid nearly a grand a month to get horizontal under a roof. Does that make them both prostitutes? The IRS needs to come after them as well for tax evasion on the earned income (excess grant / scholarship not spent on books).

  41. Mickey Shea says:

    With any luck, this leech will get it in a driveby.

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