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Mar 31 2012

Keith Olbermann Fired Again

You might think you had hit rock bottom after you had been fired from MSNBC. The far-left network has such low standards that it provides a 6 pm soapbox to the conspicuously inarticulate Al Sharpton, a clownish thug who has repeatedly gotten people killed by inflaming urban savages with his unhinged race-baiting. But no, it can get worse.

You might think you had hit rock bottom after you were forced to take a job at Al Gore’s Current TV, a amateurish farce of a network that virtually no one watches. But no, it can get worse.

When you are fired by Current TV, effective immediately, and replaced with the disgraced creep sneeringly referred to as Client #9 — then you’ve hit rock bottom:

The left-leaning cable network announced just hours before airtime on Friday that “Countdown,” the show Olbermann had anchored on Current since June, would be replaced with a new program hosted by former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, beginning that night.

Even now, new lows might be possible. The sore loser Olbermann is making a still more pathetic fool of himself by suing the network. Maybe he can get the government to force them to keep airing his show. With liberals, coercion is the answer to everything, even total personal failure.

keith olbermann
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21 Responses to “Keith Olbermann Fired Again”

  1. Bob Roberts says:

    Speaking of approaching/hitting “rock bottom”, Afghan war support now at 25%! You know, the Afghan war is a good example, although admittedly not started by him, of the utter failure of Obama’s “wealth redistribution” concepts. We’ve wasted not only treasure, but blood as well. Billions of dollars later the country is still a patchwork of feuding, dishonest tribes with a leader who’s as corrupt as they come and isn’t Afghanistan pretty much a major source of heroin? Some time ago they were supplying 90% of the total world production and in 2008 (the last year a quick search yielded data for) their production was second only to 2007.

  2. Bob Roberts says:

    I figured out why lao has been hanging around so much. He may be trying to set himself up for a lawsuit, in which he will claim his comments here are a major part of the value of MOONBATTERY.

    But it’s a rough day for lao and his ilk, because similar claims were just laughed out of court, which might explain why lao has suddenly gone silent – unless it’s the more likely theory his latest underage male victim was actually a police plant and he’s busted for homosexual pedophelia again.

    Poor lao – nothing but bad news and trouble these days.

    Take this story, for instance: Despite desperate groveling by both Obama and Michelle, to pump up the money figures ahead of Saturday’s financial-reporting deadline, his numbers keep falling short of his worst case hopes for some spare change. Seems people are all out of change, particularly after he’s admitted he’s only waiting to hand our head on a silver platter to our enemies until the election is over.

    At times, Mr. Obama’s top aides have openly fretted about the level of resistance they are encountering from some Democratic donors.

  3. Agnostic Conservative says:

    Politics aside, this guy is mentally unstable.

    He’s a complete liability and I would never employ him.

    Another one of his type is Ed Schultz. Although I completely disagree with Rachel Maddow and Dylan Ratigan on most issues, they at least seem mentally stable.

    Bathtub boy, not so much.

  4. Mark formerly in Spokane,now in Sandy Ut says:

    I’m for the most part sad for Mr. Obermann. I really like him back in the Sportscenter days but that was a long time ago.

  5. IslandLifer says:

    Maybe he could get a job as a traveling circus worker shoveling elephant shit. There may be a good chance for a rapid promotion to clown.

  6. White_Polluter says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Olberman at all. Every story I’ve ever read about him has mentioned what a thoroughly unpleasant human being he is.

  7. Joek Loth says:

    Someone needs to eliminate this psycho, permanently. It’s sooo ironic that this waste of carbon had a bit on his show, Worst Person Awards and I firmly believe that kieth obertard IS THEE WORST HUMAN ON THE PLANET, in a non-governmental position. Governmental position distinction goes to
    obammy, hands down thee WORST HUMAN EVER IN POLITICS, then just check the box(es) all the way down the list for every democRAT politian currently in office, especially the MORALLY & ETHICLY CHALLENGED black democRATs.

  8. Jay B. says:

    Funny how, despise everything the left tries, free market sets things right. How come Rush attracts millions of listeners every time he speaks and leftist shills don’t? He has something people actually want.

  9. Sweep the leg says:

    Please don’t forget that Hannity was a big Sharpton supporter for a while there. Lol’d with him too many times to count…

  10. Unonymous says:

    Oberdork: proof you don’t need to be famous or successful or good at anything to be a diva.

  11. Robert Peahl says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. His twitter battle attempting to deny the rapes and violence at occupy are classic moonbattery. In fact, as Agnostic Conservative points out, the man is definitely missing a couple pieces.

  12. Indigo Red says:

    Watch Olbermann on next season’s Dancing With the Stars.

  13. Kevin R. says:

    Maybe the New York Times will make him a featured columnist. Ever since Molly Ivins died the Left has been missing her weekly two minutes of hate. Olbermann can vomit bile on the opinion page just as ugly as Ivins did, I’m sure.

  14. lao says:

    Re bobby @3:51 pm. Olbermann? (yawn!)

    More slime from bobby, who apparently believes this enhances his credibility.

  15. wingmann says:

    Hey Queff…your shovel ready job is waiting.

  16. Joek Loth says:

    SHUTTHEFUCKUP laozy. Nobody cares about your stupid comments defending the indefencable so ONCE AGAIN
    SHUTTHEFUCKUP and GETTHEFUCKOUTGETTHEFUCKOUT. You MUST be getting paid or your a maso-chist cause no SANE person would put up with as much “PUT-UP or SHUT-UP” as ewe.
    ONCE AGAIN laozee/gtfo.

  17. Ummah Gummah says:

    lao says:
    March 31, 2012 at 9:34 pm
    Re bobby @3:51 pm. Olbermann? (yawn!)

    More slime from bobby, who apparently believes this enhances his credibility.

    Which it does. Bob’s got great credibility and laoser has none.

    I’ve never understood why libs have this need to post on Conservative sites and expect a great welcome.

    Maybe it’s how they were raised, you know.. their parents doting over them all the time, proclaiming the genius intelligence of their child to anyone willing to listen, and especially to those who aren’t.

    Thus, every time that little Johnny farted, he was raised to believe that it was artistic expression.

    And here we are now, with an army of liberal drones threatening to take over America, only to eventually turn her over to the savage hordes of islam.


  18. nobody says:

    Bye, bye! Don’t let the door hit you on your fat ass.

    What is ironic is this is Left on Left hate and lawsuits.

    Popcorn time.

    lao, sorry you won’t be able to spank it anymore when Ober-fullofshit cums on.

    Your loss, not mine.

  19. lao says:

    Re Joke @11:54. I always enjoy joke’s spray by sphincter style. He must keep a box of handy wipes next to his computer screen.

    It’s particularly poignant that gummy bear saw fit to follow that post with a comment pondering MY child upbringing.

    Naturally, no conservative even raises an eyebrow when @5:04, Joke says:

    Someone needs to eliminate this psycho, permanently.

  20. White_Polluter says:

    Yes, that did raise my eyebrows

    “Someone needs to eliminate this psycho permianently”

    and it was an unfortunate choice of words. Keith Olberman’s ideas will eliminate themselves when people can really judge them side-by-side with conservative ideas, free from the bias that is the MSM. I think Keith Olberman is probably a terrible human being. Someone I’d never want to associate with, let alone have a beer with. I think 57 States is probably of the same ilk. All I ask is that Olberman & 57 be corrected when they used slanted, biased language and reporting. All I ask is that the MSM exercise a little fairness when 57 sets up one of his ridiculous “straw man” arguments about how “some would say we should do nothing and we should just let all the children die” or some other baloney rhetoric that wouldn’t last 2 seconds to someone with a hint of impartiality.

  21. Sarge says:

    I can’t believe he had a 50 million dollar contract.

    It’s unexplainable.

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