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Jan 23 2012

Killing Keystone: Our Loss Is Communist China’s Gain

Not to worry, Canada’s oil won’t go to waste, even though Obama is pandering to radical environmentalists by refusing to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be built. Our adversaries in communist China will be getting it:

The “decision by the Obama administration underlines the importance of diversifying and expanding our markets, including the growing Asian market,” [Canadian Natural Resource Minister Joe] Oliver told reporters in Ottawa.

Currently, 99 percent of Canada’s crude exports go to the U.S., a figure that Harper wants to reduce in his bid to make Canada a “superpower” in global energy markets.

Canada accounts for more than 90 percent of all proven reserves outside the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, according to data compiled in the BP Statistical Review of World Energy. Most of Canada’s crude is produced from oil-sands deposits in the landlocked province of Alberta, where output is expected to double over the next eight years, according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Keystone would have pumped 700,000 barrels a day into the US economy, creating 20,000 jobs. Instead the desperately needed oil will end up getting piped to the coast for shipment to China.

Yesterday’s rejection “certainly introduces new uncertainties into the economic relationship [between the USA and Canada],” said David Pumphrey, deputy director of the energy and national security program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

We were told that if we just let Barack Hussein Obama be president the whole world would love us. Now our enemies despise us in addition to hating us, and our allies are beginning to feel the same way.

On a tip from Bob Roberts.

24 Responses to “Killing Keystone: Our Loss Is Communist China’s Gain”

  1. They have more oil/bitumen in the sands than Saudi Arabia!

    Sheer insanity

  2. Beef says:

    If we bought oil from the Canadians, it would mean we would have to cut back or even eliminate our oil purchases from countries run by our new friends, the Muslim Brotherhood. Lower oil prices would also make it harder to justify half billion dollar grants to future Solyndras put together by democrat campaign bundlers.

    We can’t have that, can we?

  3. Mickey Shea says:

    An army of useless bureacrats had three years to “study”
    this and now they claim they didn’t have enough time!
    Reminds me of the SEC downloading porn on their office
    computers all day long while Madoff was scamming away.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    They dont call Obummer “The Manchurian Moonbat Messiah” for nothing.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    Im sure the Chinese will offer to fiannce an export terminal on Canadas west coast while the Canadians build the pipeline.

  6. It’s Venezuela’s gain, too, since we will be buying the oil from Chavez we aren’t going to buy from the Canucks.

  7. RICH says:

    It may get delayed in Canada as it appears they are being held hostage by the same enviro fascist-type lawyers. Someone will eventually win (hopefully) but will it go west or go south? And while they bicker, addressing these immediate concerns go by the wayside; reducing our dependency on mideast oil; reducing the cost of fuel; creating jobs; injecting real stimulus into our economy. Obama continues to delay by cowtowing to the extremists, keeps printing fake money, and hands out more unemployment checks. Fiscal irresponsibility. It’s a damn pipeline people. We have tens of thousands of miles worth of oil pipelines already across this country, with very few or minor problems. They’re all audited and inspected by both federal and state agencies. They come with shut off valves. Pipelines are the safest, most efficient and economical way to move oil. God forbid if something happens, any spill could be quickly contained. It’s time to put frivolous environmental/political talking points aside and just build the damn thing already.

  8. Spider says:

    If for no other reason, this one act which is clearly against America and America’s needs and interests, should be more than enough to impeach mullah Obummer.

  9. carol says:

    It is so sad to think that we send our young people all over the world to fight wars partially to defend our oil supplies. We shouldn’t even need Canada. We should develop our own resources. So discouraging that a few organized groups can influence policy in such a way. It makes you wonder what the real agenda is with the environmentalists. Is it so they can have their private playgrounds paid for by US taxpayers?

  10. dan says:

    They have to adhere to their manifesto of 1972:
    Global Interdependence and the De-industrialization of
    the West.

  11. Seymour says:

    If any of those eco-weenies actually bothered to look at where their oil was coming from now, they would see that a lot of it originates in – wait for it – oil sands in Venezuela!

    So they would prefer to receive the exact same oil, with the same carbon footprint – sent in oil tankers from a hostile non-democratic regime, than their allies to the north?

    It’s funny how the worst regimes in the world get a pass from all these left wing organizations, and democracies and allies get hammered.

  12. TED says:

    Why would we?

    When we can support our enemies??

  13. wingmann says:

    “Jobs are my number one priority.I go to bed and wake thinking of them”


  14. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Our energy needs only to be clearly labeled

  15. RICH says:

    Keystone’s oil is slated for foreign markets, but it would still provide jobs and revenue for America. We import the majority of our mideast oil from countries that don’t like us. This pipeline would allow us to import more oil energy from friendly neighbors, expand the competition in the oil market, which would decrease the price of oil globally. America has the largest fossil fuel reserves in the world. If we build, convert, retrofit and transition to accomodate these resources, we would greatly reduce our dependency. So what are we waiting for… global cooling?

  16. Winston Smith says:

    While the oil currently would be shipped to other countries via US terminals in the Gulf, if war broke out in the middle east we could buy it to replace some of the Ay-rab oil. Of course nuts like Obummer are too stupid to plan ahead. Every day of delay put off the date when the oil would flow and be available if we needed it or risks having the oil being shipped to China. Same goes for the continued ban or US coastal drilling.

  17. John Lewis says:

    We Canadians really want Americans to have the oil. We are more than a little suspicious of the Chinese; and our contacts, kin etc. are all with the US.

    it is hard to say how it will all play out. The Canadian federal government, under Stephen Harper, is determined to sell the oil (he, like most other Canadians, wants to sell it to the US, but business is business). However, leftists (mainly from the US) have determined to stop the “Gateway” pipeline to Kitimat in northern British Columbia, and have succeeded in bogging down the hearings about that.

    Bambi may well let a reapplication for Keystone go through, next year or so.

    I don’t expect a decision until after November – 6th is it?

  18. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    “Beef” and GoY nailed it less one important bullet point.

    It benefits the Libtard King’s ideal society; China, at the hated whitey Amercian taxpayers’ expense.

    How the Left would LOVE communist totalitarian control with 8% annual growth to fund every shade of moonbattery imaginable.

  19. RICH says:

    This oil would be sold to foreign markets because they can fetch a higher price. But Winston Smith on January 23, 2012 at 12:09 pm makes a good point.

    God forbid if we ever needed this pipeline because of war in the middle east, we’d have a spigot in our own yard to suck on. Another reason to build it.

  20. Grunt says:

    I notice a tremendous sense of silence from our normally resident troll, Laouse. Wonder why he isn’t witghing in?

    Likely because like most communist sympathizers, he wants to see our Nation fail. After all, America has done nothing good for CanaDUH, right?

  21. Grunt says:

    “witghing” is meant to be “weighing”…my clumsy fingers strike again.

  22. Grunt says:

    My apologies to you for the “CanaDUH” remark, Mr. Lewis–but not to Laouse…unfortunately many of the folks from Canada I have encountered have been pretty much like Laouse. Which is truly a pity.

    To hear many of the Northerners I’ve run into tell it, the majority of Canadians seem to think Americans are the next best evil to Satan (and apparently, it’s rumoured that Canadians think Americans believe all Canadians wear mushers’ hats, have dogsleds and speak French).

    Hearing another Canadian attest differently is a refreshing and welcome flip.

    Oh, and for the record…while I can’t speak for most, I can honestly say that most of the folks I know don’t believe all Canadians wear mushers’ hats, have dogsleds and speak French. Jus’ so ya know. LOL 😉

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