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Jan 18 2013

Krispy Kreme Christie Shoots NRA in the Back

RINOs on parade

You wouldn’t let rattlesnakes into your house; why allow venous snakes like Chris Christie in your party? The latest outrage from the pork-scarfing RINO who repaid his precious keynote slot at the Republican National Convention by doing more than any other person to get Obama reelected:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, thought to be eyeing a 2016 run for the Republican presidential nomination, blasted an NRA ad that mentions President Barack Obama’s daughters as “reprehensible” and warned it “demeans” the powerful gun-rights group.

Bellowed the blowhard:

“It’s awful to bring public figures’ children into the political debate. They don’t deserve to be there.”

Despite Christie’s cloying sanctimony, the NRA ad does not bring the president’s children into anything, as you can see for yourself:

The ad simply mentions that Obama has armed protection for his kids but doesn’t want you to have armed protection for yours. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Malia and Sasha as individuals.

Given the opportunity, liberals like Christie and the still more odious Colin Powell will destroy the GOP from within. Republicans need to learn a lesson from Democrats, who do not allow enemies behind their own lines. If the GOP sells out completely by nominating this moonbat in 2016, it is officially finished as a vehicle for conservative politics, and will quickly disintegrate.

How many times will you let a snake bite you?

On tips from Henry B and Bob Roberts.

32 Responses to “Krispy Kreme Christie Shoots NRA in the Back”

  1. Ummah Gummah says:


    Obama’s been using kids as wallpaper and props throughout. Even before he got elected the first time.

    Remember all the Obama Youth songs produced in our public;y-funded schools?

    That means that even those who didn’t want him and other RATS elected paid for these Obama Youth commercials with our money.


  2. Louisiana Steve says:

    It’s really quite simple if you think about. Obama offered to buy him lunch and that’s all it took.

  3. Dr. 9 says:

    Hey, does anyone remember something called, “Fast & Furious”? if you do, you’ve got congress beat, since they seem to have forgotten it. Perhaps it’s because the Marxist-in-Chief and his administration have violated the law (and) the Constitution so many times that no one bothers noticing any more?

  4. StanInTexas says:

    So using the children of politicians for political purposes is “reprehensible”????

    Anyone want to estimate the time it will take for this rule to go out the window the next time a Republican runs for office or is in power?

    Anyone… anyone………….

  5. wingmann says:

    “It’s awful to bring public figures’ children into the political debate. They don’t deserve to be there.”


    Guess it’s ok to bring private citizens kids into the debates…did you miss the shamless use of kids just this past Wednesday christie,or were you too busy wiping your nose off?

  6. Spider says:

    There’s a very serious question be discussed in many circles these days. That is, would our military stand with the people or the govt. in the event of a large-scale, national uprising to take the country back?

    The answer may be much less clear than you think. You see, it’s not only our young children who are being indoctrinated in their schools.

  7. Ummah Gummah says:

    Louisiana Steve says:
    January 18, 2013 at 8:59 am
    It’s really quite simple if you think about. Obama offered to buy him lunch and that’s all it took.

    Yeah, but it IS an awfully big lunch though..



  8. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Crisco, er, Christie made some good noises early on, but he’s written himself off for me. Of course, assuming we get to have another “election”, the enemedia will probably try to select him for us as our candidate, same as the last two.

    It’s amusing sometimes, how the leftard trolls think just because a politician has an R he’s “our guy” and we’ll follow him to the pits of hell, just because they do that kind of thing.

  9. JustAl says:

    Remember folks, a vote for anyone from the NE is a vote for a liberal, no matter what little letter is next to the name.

  10. Marmo says:

    I’m done with RINOs, and the GOP as well. I’ll vote conservative, as I always do, but will only vote for fiscal and social conservatives. I’ll look to the TEA Party for guidance and support.

    I changed my voter registration from Republican to Independent because the GOP is horrible at promoting conservative values. I’ll donate directly to candidates, never to the GOP.

  11. whotothewhat says:

    Christie is toast while he might get reelected in Jersey for Gov. Their is no way he would get the Republican nomination for President. We will not forget his hypocrisy and his hand holding with Barry. As for the children of the elite being off limits, nope not anymore if my child is under attack by the leftist scum and there elite leash holders the WAR IS ON no mercy for them.

  12. Seamus says:

    This is just more verification that Christie is the media’s pick for GOP presidential nominee for 2016. He’ll run against whoever the DNC puts up, and lose. Even if he does win, it won’t be any different than having another lefty Dem in there anyway.

  13. Dr. 9 says:

    Be careful JustAl, a whole lot of them are moving south!

  14. A. Levy says:

    IMO, the weak and inept GOP is the reason we have nation-wide Obamunism. And i didn’t hear a peep from the euqally-empty tea party either.

  15. Bloodless Coup says:

    Face it, if Obama really wanted to protect innocent children and keep them from being brutally murdered by PSYCHOPATHS, he would have signed 23 Executive Orders banning ABORTION and ABORTION CLINICS. Obama is just using the Sandy Hook shootings as a PRETEXT for disarming his POLITICAL ENEMIES.

    PS. Chris Chistie is a MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD endorsing, Obama loving POS.

  16. justme says:

    Christie has 0 chance of becoming president. In a nation obsessed with style or the appearance of style over any substance – the current inhabitant of the White House being the prime example, Jabba The Hutt Cristie who even makes me nauseous by just his appearance and his wheezing will NEVER be President.

    Besides, he is a prime candidate for a coronary NOT a Primary. Anyone that obese, seriously has mental issues.

  17. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    As time goes on, Chrispy’s actions are becoming more clear.
    I don’t believe he even wanted all the attention from the right while taking the unions down a notch.
    He had to, and Democrapts there agreed. They were bleeding the corrupt system dry, leaving little for other cronyist interests in this corrupt state.
    Christie was the best gift anyone could have given DEMOCRAPTS.
    He is merely one big fat reset for them.
    Leftists regularly brag of NJ rating so high in fighting corruption
    But higher conviction rates of corrupt players are only natural when those players are actually held to account
    Plus a corrupted political body will naturally produce complicated webs of anti corruption type law to protect themselves.
    Ironic, isn’t it that states at the bottom of the list like North Dakota are the most open and transparent

  18. IslandLifer says:

    Krispy, like America, could use a giant enema.

  19. Ed Wallis says:

    If Chris Christie wants to b*tch/moan/whine (the BMW Syndrome) at the single culprit guilty of “bringing children into the discussion,” he can turn his venom at THE NEWTOWN SCHOOL! After all, it was solely responsible for gathering all these wonderful, innocent political props – err…I mean…*children* – into one place!! NOTE TO CHRISTIE: when you’re done berating the school, come s*ck on my metaphorical barrel, you super-sized media wh*re.

  20. Seamus says:

    justme says:
    January 18, 2013 at 10:36 am

    Christie has 0 chance of becoming president.

    Which is why the media is pushing him so hard.

  21. the man says:

    i knew it along he was a democRAT in REPUBLICAN clothing they should unfund their schools with TAXPAYERS money and have them pay for it themselves

  22. Bill T says:

    So they finally had to come out and admit it, now that the Coroner has released some info along with Police. An AR-15 Rifle or the so-called “Assault Weapon” was not used in the school shooting. The shooter even tried weeks earlier to buy a Rifle but was turned down in the background check. So he had to kill his Mother to steal her rifle. There were initial reports right after the shooting, that Police found the AR-15 Rifle in his car, NOT IN THE SCHOOL. The Rifle was not used. The Shooter went into the school with 4 handguns. Not an Assault Rifle as the media has charged. I remember in the intitial hours of this shooting, the Police said they found the Rifle in the car. But the News Media had a Pre-Planned Attack already waiting, to ban so-called assault weapons and jumped on that line of reporting, knowing it was a lie. Including people like Piers Morgan who said the shooter used an AR-15 that shoots hundreds of rounds per minute, as if it were a machine gun. Could it be that the Democrat Liberals and the Media were pushing for the new law, hoping they could do it, before the Coroner released the info. I’m betting on it.

  23. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    This should about sum up where Crispie stands
    This bill would insure Sandy reconstruction projects only go to union shops
    The bill, drafted by union thug Stephen M. Sweeney is meant as a political move to subdivide Crispie from his union supporters.
    The fly in the ointment for the criminal party is that they are worried he may not veto it as expected.

    The problem is that Christie’s opposition is not a given. When asked specifically about project labor agreements during a town hall for union members in Perth Amboy, Christie was noncommittal.

    “For three years as governor, I’ve had exactly the same stance. (Project labor agreements) are still in effect in New Jersey, and so is prevailing wage, and that’s my position,” Christie said

  24. What?? says:

    Spider says:

    “There’s a very serious question be discussed in many circles these days. That is, would our military stand with the people or the govt. in the event of a large-scale, national uprising to take the country back?”

    There isnt going to be any uprising. People have been spewing this rhetoric since Obama was first elected and apparently no one has the balls to do anything. just more pissing and moaning on the internet. And thats about as far as anyone is going to go.

  25. Sweep the leg says:

    The whole thing is simple.

    Our culture is fucked. We have allowed ANYTHING but ancient american values, to be accepted and cherished and celebrated. Both sides are complicit. They may have started it, but “our” side allowed them to frame the language as well as the debate (how many so called conservatives have called other conservatives “racist”, and continue to do so today?) Every piece of filth “concept” is normal now. Homosexuality, open borders, the “war on women”. Everything…

    Since our culture (White, American, Christian) can never be put back together, politicians simply go with the flow, and embrace what they think will keep them in power. White/American/Christian is a loser from the get go, so why NOT back all things black, homosexual, latino, etc?

    Politicians know that this isn’t america anymore, so they instinctively – like roaches – go where the food is. It’s not about Rino, GOP, Liberls, etc. It’s about staying in power and getting the goodies. Obama had Christie suck his balls to get what he wanted, and Christie – piece of shit that he is – had no problem, because of the payoff.

    Next time anyone criticizes a politician, think of all the times you did what the Left told you to do, and you did it. Monday we get to celebrate a phony, anti-american, piece of garbage; the man with the biggest balls ever (George Washington)? He gets lumped in with Clinton and Obama.

    The founders had this thing wrapped tight – blacks and Whites are NOT the same; no women in politics; arm the population, etc. We decided that we knew better. We were wrong…

  26. Yum says:

    That fat guy looks hungry!

  27. Son of Taz says:

    Christie may have dished it out to the teachers unions but he’s never been a conservative. Only recently has he shown his true colors.

    His ambitions are done for.

  28. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    There isnt going to be any uprising. People have been spewing this rhetoric since Obama was first elected and apparently no one has the balls to do anything

    So that explains the big push to disarm us…………….NOT

  29. Sid says:

    If Christy is being considered as a presidential candidate, it’s time for a third party and it’s time to ditch the GOP.

  30. RobM1981 says:

    Chris Christie too Homeland Security dollars for years and years, and it never once occurred to him to ask whether NJ’s fuel distribution system had generator backup and/or was hardened in some way.

    This wasn’t Katrina. Levees didn’t collapse and flood the distribution points with 7 or 8 feet of water.

    No… they were out of power, and we couldn’t fill so much as a teaspoon with fuel. Even as the stations came back online – and MANY did within days – there was no fuel to pump.

    All I see when I look at that picture is two failures, arm in arm, claiming victory… and the people and the press are stupid enough to believe it.

    Christie failed in his most important task: keeping this state prepared for emergencies, to keep the citizens safe.

    For this, he wants to be king.

    SCOAMF, part II

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