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Apr 08 2013

Lady Gaga Blew Off $1 Million Offer to Perform at RNC

Sometimes the best thing someone can do for you is turn you down:

Pop superstar Lady Gaga rejected a $1 million offer to give presidential candidate Mitt Romney a big boost in the run-up to the election last year by performing at the Republican National Convention.

Lady Gaga, as grotesque Madonna knockoff Stefani Germanotta calls herself, is a loud advocate of the homosexual agenda, a fan of Obama, and known for attending baseball games in her underwear. A more pathetic attempt to pander to “youth” — or rather, to degenerates — would be difficult to imagine.

Nearly as inappropriate as giving Chris Christie the keynote.

On a tip from Chris.

20 Responses to “Lady Gaga Blew Off $1 Million Offer to Perform at RNC”

  1. Son of Taz says:

    If this creature had appeared at the Republican convention, the new third party would have been formed the next day, and probably had the winning candidate.

  2. modd kenwood says:

    Gaga makes Madonna seem ” Annette Funicello-ish” in comparison

  3. wildriver says:

    What SoT says, wrote big.

  4. GoinSane says:

    So that is how Republicans want to spend the money that hard working people donated to them? What idiot thought that was a good idea? Typical political P.O.S.

    Why would anybody want to be affiliated with the “new” Republican party when they already have the Demonkats, who are so much more filthy and disgusting.

    I wish the GOP would just go away and die.

  5. Garrard says:

    This has been debunked. GOP denies making the offer. Besides, who would actually think Gaga would be appreciated by convention attendees?

  6. wildriver says:

    …” GOP denies”… ;-), Well, that settles that!!!

  7. Clingtomyguns says:

    I wouldn’t have given it a dollar to see it slit it’s throat. I wouldn’t put it past the Grand Ole Patsies, about as good a move as having Mittens lead the charge and Krispie Creme Christi lead the keynote. If you want to win run conservatives like Cruz and Paul, and throw out the RINO trash.

  8. kevinh says:

    If this *was* true, man would I give the next “R”-something that calls me up for a donation an earful. But from MSN.COM? Just not sure…take with liberal grain of salt…and it does seem pretty far-fetched at that, the whole Gaga/Romney/Ryan thing…I just don’t know.

  9. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of a salt factory.
    I mean I realize the consultants employed by the GOP relate to voters about as well as if they commuted from Mars, but wow.

  10. Bo Jangles says:

    More like lady caca.

  11. Dr. 9 says:



    “Michelle and I send our thoughts to the Thatcher family and all the British people as we carry on the work to which she dedicated her life—free peoples standing together, determined to write our own destiny…” – Mullah Hussein Obama

  12. Conan says:

    Glad I stopped giving the RNC cash YEARS ago.

  13. #Faketwitterfolllowernumber19000000 says:

    Yankee fan Lady Gaga is “known for attending baseball games in her underwear” and drunkenly heckling an autistic child.

    You did not give her moonbattiness adequate attention.

  14. Chris says:

    Not to mention that this untalented, tranny stole her whole schtick from Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons).

  15. Jeff says:

    Her stage name alone tells me that she really is not that good, more hype than talent and substance. Just another Madonna wanna-be. By the way, why should I give a s–t about her or any thing she says or does to get attention?

  16. TED says:

    The RNC has gone completely Nuckin Futs! Why didn’t they just invite the Homo that thought Hell would be FABULOUS or equality repulsive mutant!

  17. Ummah Gummah says:


    Lady Gaga me with a Spoon.


  18. Ummah Gummah says:


    Actually, I think it’s far worse the RiNoC offered her a million dollars to “perform” than the fact that she turned it down.


  19. no talent hacks says:

    I thought this was an April Fools joke for 9 days now. Lady KaKa cancelled because it interfered with her important eat cookies and smoke dope schedule.

  20. jarhead says:

    Lady GAGA is a very SICK person!

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