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Dec 11 2012

Leanna Broderick: The Face of Britain’s Decline

Even as once great Britain’s eyes go dim, life is still good for the welfare parasites who are bleeding it to death:

While many families are worrying about how to afford Christmas this year, one jobless single mother has revealed she receives so much in benefits she has £2,000 to spend on designer gifts, clothes and partying.

Mother-of-two Leanna Broderick plans to buy 20 presents for each of her children, including Burberry and Ralph Lauren outfits, iPads and gold jewellery.

The 20-year-old, who has never worked, claims nearly £15,500 a year in state handouts.

Why would she work?

She claims she is better off on benefits and would not get a job unless she could continue her luxury lifestyle, which includes designer outfits, holidays abroad, clubbing, lunches out and expensive gifts for her daughters Zelekah, two, and Zakirah, one. …

She said there was ‘no point’ earning less in a minimum wage job and having to pay for childcare on top.

Leanna qualified for her cushy position by dropping out of school at 16 and becoming pregnant at 17, while taking advantage of government incentives to shun employment and marriage. Her plans for the future:

“I’ll stay on benefits and get as much as I can out of it.”

What other outcome could anyone possibly expect of liberal welfare policies?

If you pay taxes in Britain, you are this woman’s slave.

£15,480 = $24,935. Labour votes don’t come cheap.

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24 Responses to “Leanna Broderick: The Face of Britain’s Decline”

  1. fading banana republik says:

    What a glorious socialist utopia.

  2. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    You can’t really blame her.
    This is the market at work.
    You pay people to be useless breeding brood sows, and they will.

  3. Winston Smith says:

    And none of that is subject to income taxes either.

  4. Comrade Chairman Barack Obama, Hero of Socialist Labor says:

    Let me be clear: this woman would not have been punished with two babies if free birth control had been available through a national health insurance program.

  5. Jimbo says:

    This is very sad for many reasons. When the well runs dry (and it will) those beautiful little girls will be the ones who suffer the most.

  6. Doug says:

    And if you believe otherwise, comrade, repeat after me.

  7. IslandLifer says:

    Makes me want to quit my job and start homesteading. What matters most is that I can sleep at night knowing I have integrity and am responsible for my own well being. People like this leech will eventually feel the pain one day because they’ve never known what that feels like. Enjoy the free ride while it lasts, the end will be agonizing.

  8. -sepp says:

    Why is anyone shocked?
    She’d get even MORE if she moved to America.

    I have a friend who works for the welfare department in Toledo.
    Welfare recips here can get a one-time voucher of $1000 for auto repairs.
    When he went out to the parking lot to get the VIN number from the recip’s car, he saw a shopping bag on the front seat that was filled with sample packets of viagra!

    Everytime I see this guy, he has a new story to tell about “the poor” who seem to all own newer and nicer cars with all the gadgets, the latest cell phones, designer clothing and wearing more gold than mr T.

    How is that possible?

    Because liberals decided that welfare should put people on par with a middle class lifestyle so they need not “be embarrassed for being poor”.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure liberals are working on finding a way to pay them to “not be offended” anymore either.

  9. Spider says:

    You’re right Jimbo, but they’ll most likely be in prison, or on a street corner, by then.

  10. Bo-Jangles says:

    Here’s more proof that generally speaking, you can sell anything to the American people, so long as you’re a good liar and package it right.

  11. modd kenwood says:

    she’d be the Mayor of the 47% over here that Romney spoke of

  12. A. Levy says:

    It doesn’t really matter much. Between their importing (and welcoming) millions of radical Muslims, and their “severe” addiction to political correctness, Britain is clearly a dying nation.

  13. Clingtomyguns says:

    When the land formerly known as Great Britian runs too dry from these leeches or can’t keep printing money like Helicopter Ben is here, they can transplant their lazy butts over here in what is now Barackaclaus’s Collective States of Redistribution. These leeches are resourceful and know how to game the system. All they need to do to get on the dole here is to squeeze out another “whose yo daddy” anchor baby. It’s maddening, but not going to stop until it all comes crashing down … hopefully in the not too distant future, so that those resourceful enough to survive the anarchy will hopefully be able to annihilate the hordes of moochers and zombies looking for their free sh$t they’ve been hooked on (and ready to kill you and your family for it) once the gravy train stops, and then have the courage to fundamentally transform us back into a moral and religious based constitutional republic, as the founding fathers originally intended and established. The only thing separating these leeches from their bretheren in Zimbabwae and other hellholes in Africa, Central America and other hellholes is geography and somewhere along the way they got a meal ticket or illegally immigrated into the Western democracies.

  14. MissAnthropy says:

    It is so sad to see what has befallen a once great civilization. We may as well share an epitaph with Britain, our fate isn’t looking any different.

  15. Mr Evilwrench says:

    These are no longer people. They’re livestock, being raised for votes rather than milk meat or eggs.

  16. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Makes me want to quit my job and start homesteading.
    Only trust the rope you tied off yourself
    Remember that the Lightworker is a student of FDR
    When entitlements start cutting into the Democrapts cronyism funds and they have purchased a large enough base to guarantee an indefinite one party rule, those that have at one time voted R, or maybe gave money to the wrong candidate, attended a church, wrong skin color, ect or otherwise fail to meet loyalty criteria will be weeded out for work programs such as digging ditches or filling them back in.
    Here they built a wall out of field stones a couple miles long and four feet high around a National Guard base.
    These brood sows would die at the mere sight of this manual labor, and the machines we use today would prove too productive for our Marxist masters

  17. Rotohammer says:

    Stupid woman thinks she can afford all those presents? She has no concept of a budget (and why should she). I have many times her resources, but I won’t drop that kind of money on Christmas.

  18. Huh says:

    £15,480 = $24,935. Labour votes don’t come cheap.

    But it’s easy when it is Other People’s Money

  19. Bo-Jangles says:

    So, you don’t believe the once great britain is dying? See for yourself.

  20. Steven says:

    And here’s what’s not said: That money is tax free – meaning she’d have to earn almost 30,000 pounds to be taxed down to 15000 pounds.

    On top of that her housing is probably “Council” Housing (free housing).

  21. Tchhht!!! says:

    I once knew a man who took early retirement from Boeing. He promptly went to the Philippines and bought himself a young bride who he immediately knocked up. The last time I saw him, he was collecting his Boeing pension plus Social Security for himself and two children and boasting that he was making more money than he did when he was working.

  22. Shocked says:

    Wow. A black moocher. Shocking.

  23. Peter Nicholls says:

    This is just typical houding. Your all making out like she’s rich! the Daily Mail neglect to tell you that Leanna’s Child Benefit entitlement would still exist even if she was in work. The payment is not a reward for her not working, it is for the children’s well being. Even if Leanne took a Minimum Wage job then she would likely keep the vast chunk of her Child Tax Credit, or at least have it made up with Working Tax Credit. As for housing benefit, she doesn’t get those, the landlord does. And this is the free-market that’s priced most people out of property around the country.

    The real face or the decline is the bankers and financiers running our business and economy, and soon our schools and NHS too. They pushed wages as low as they can go, then sold us payday loans to help tide those whose wages don’t meet the cost of NORMAL everyday living even lower.

    Before you get all high and mighty, just think: what if you got ill and couldn’t carry on working? What if you were made unemployed? What if your husband walked out on you? Would you happily move 200 miles north just so the daily mail can say your spending less of “our money” on housing? Or would you be the first to go “I’ve paid in! I expect something back!”

    Well, we’ve not been told how much she’s paid in before, or her parents, but thats the deal with socially spread insurance. It’s there for all of us. Trouble is the realitly is a lot tighter than a lot ofyou lot want to even admit. Sure cast her on the street, cut her benefits, even the ones she’d get regardless of working or not, coz that’ll make her find a job at a time of still very high unemployment.

    I dispare.

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