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Jan 08 2018

Legal Setback for Antifa Thugette Yvette Felarca

The lawfare tactics of Yvette (actually Yvonne) Felarca, a public school teacher prominent in the Antifa movement, have blown up in her face. She has been ordered to pay $11,100 in damages to Troy Worden, former President of the Berkeley College Republicans:

The ruling, issued Wednesday, comes after a restraining order filed against Worden by Felarca was dropped in October, prompting Worden and his lawyer, Mark Meuser, to sue Felarca for damages and attorney fees, as Campus Reform first reported.

As Worden noted, “Felarca’s frivolous legal actions were meant to intimidate [him] and hinder [his] political activism.”

Harmeet Dhillon of the Dhillon Law Group, through which Meuser is representing Worden, said that Felarca has a history of “filing and dismissing utterly frivolous cases against innocent targets”…

The restraining order functioned as a gag order to prevent Worden from speaking on campus.

Felarca’s Antifa outfit calls itself By Any Means Necessary, so what do you expect?

On tips from TCS III and J.

8 Responses to “Legal Setback for Antifa Thugette Yvette Felarca”

  1. FromNJ says:

    No biggie. She’s got friends in high places. Someone will cut her a check.

  2. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Besides that, the judge disallowed $187,000 in attorney fees. That would have put a larger dent in her benefactor wallet.

  3. Eddie_Valiant says:

    The thug teacher has to pay $11K, while two hard-working Christians in Oregon have to pay a couple of carpet-munchers $135,000 for not baking a cake.

    No justice, no peace!

  4. Frank says:

    George Soros has pledged $18,000,000,000 to “liberal causes.” Pockets don’t get much deeper than his.

  5. Franklyfrank says:

    From now on, I am renaming Antifa: Profas

  6. Whoare"they"?✓Deplorable says:

    Now he just needs to collect, I wish him luck.

  7. Pork_Soda says:

    So this is just the cost of doing business for these creeps. That’s not even 10% of the legal fees this kid has got to pay and that’s the M.O. of BAMN and all other leftist lawfare organizations. They are IMMENSELY apt at using our courts as an offensive weapon. The Bezerkely USD couldn’t even get Y. Felarca fired after years of grinding legal procedures.

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