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May 19 2017

Little Girl May Have Paid a Price for Multiculturalism

Worldwide, liberals were willing to pay any price to abruptly end Apartheid — so long as someone else paid it:

Three grade seven pupils allegedly raped a Grade 2 girl at a primary school in Randburg. The incident occurred on school grounds. …

[T]he names, and even more importantly, the ages of the boys were not stated. …

[M]any grade 7 children are no longer 12 or 13 years old, but often much older.

Educators point out that this is the result of the integrated education system where different cultures with different values are mixed together in the same school.

Whether assimilation is good or terrible depends on which culture is being assimilated.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

6 Responses to “Little Girl May Have Paid a Price for Multiculturalism”

  1. ICEvictim says:

    yep, here’s exactly the kind of “children” I want in my grandkids’ class

  2. Maurice Miner says:

    Well, they do have a different culture with different values, so I guess that assimilation into the primary school system would be OK, given the need for equality of I.Q. input and outcomes, and ensuring those of different culture and values do not feel oppressed by expected outcome performance. Maybe some “Do Not Rape” wristbands could be distributed among the female Year 2 pupils.

    Or, at least, those who identify as female. Sorry that my above comment may have been cross/trans/uncertain gender insensitive.

    I’ll just shut up now.

  3. Ednajartis says:

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  4. Valkyrie Ziege says:

    ; The upside of this is that people no longer question why my husband, and I don’t have children, because we saw this anti-civilization movement coming in the 1960s. We went from being accused of being ”Chicken Littles” to being envied.

  5. DM says:

    Crime is everywhere.
    Diversity is a problem everywhere. The more homogeneous a society is, not talking about race or religion, but about central values and mores the less crime there is. Look at Japan. Not saying there is no crime in a homogeneous society but there is less. There are always those who are going to go against society for their own gains.

  6. BiffWellington says:

    She must have been wearing something provocative….like clothes.

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