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Dec 07 2012

Lord Monckton Ejected From UN Climate Conference

The moonbat authoritarians who have gathered in Qatar to scheme ways to steal our property and curtail even our most basic liberties in the name of a discredited hoax were last seen wearing CO2 capture masks that pranksters from CFACT duped them into wearing. Apparently this incident left them in a humorless mood, because their reception of the great countermoonbat Lord Christopher Monckton was not warm. The trouble began when Monckton found access to a microphone at a conference of United Nations bureauweenies:

“In the 16 years we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming,” Monckton said as confused murmurs filled the hall and then turned into a chorus of boos.

The stunt infuriated negotiators and activists here who gather every year to address what they believe is one of the world’s top threats, the steady rise of man-made global warming.

Monckton is correct; there has been no global warming for the past 16 years. The “steady rise” is not just liberal delusion, but a brazen lie.

Monckton’s visa to stay in Qatar has been revoked. Authorities will do whatever is needed to maintain the “consensus.”

Imagine if Monckton had showed up dressed like this.

On tips from Bob Roberts, Patrick, and TheWrightWing.

10 Responses to “Lord Monckton Ejected From UN Climate Conference”

  1. Clingtomyguns says:

    That is heresy to the eco-Pharisees in this menagerie of UN moonbats. Those who blaspheme Gaia and our sacrament of man-made global warming as a ruse to redistribute wealth shall be stoned to death, I am sure was going through their evil, small minds.

  2. Come on everybody get with the programme, the phrase ‘Man Made Global Warming’ is out of fashion.

    The moronic hippies in Qatar are spending all your taxpayer money ‘Combating Climate Change’. They are doing such a great job they must be in line for the next Nobel Piss Prize.

  3. Sweep the leg says:

    Even though there has been no global warming of any kind for the last 16 years, it WAS kind of hot here in Phoenix for a few days last summer (come to think of it, that happens here EVERY summer…). So SOMETHING is going on…

  4. Major Kong says:

    Monckton is a heretic to the global warming druids. By the way what do we do about those pesky volcanoes?

  5. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Consensus is a bitch, isn’t it libs ?

  6. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Interesting isn’t it, how in the midst of a rising tide of mindless conformity, there is always one man who will stand athwart history to yell stop.

  7. Sam Adams says:

    Apparently liberals are disturbed by facts. They hate any science that conflicts with their world view.

    Problem is truth has no agenda; it is simply the truth. Do the climate NAZIs want to embrace truth or their agenda?

  8. A. Levy says:

    Make no mistake. All this climate nonsense is not about the climate at all. What it is about is, CONTROL. Having the power and authority to control every single aspect of our daily lives. Control is, and has always been, the Left’s #1 priority.

  9. Bloodless Coup says:

    It never ceases to amaze me just how much the far left HATES free speech.

  10. Kevin R. says:

    Every single thing collectivists profess to believe are nothing but rationalizations for power.

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