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Apr 27 2018

Man Identifying as Squirrel Elected to University of California, Berkeley Student Senate

Just how nutty is the University of California, Berkeley? A guy identifying as a squirrel has been elected to the student Senate:

The candidate for a seat in the UC Berkeley student Senate promised safe spaces for squirrels, better access to acorns and support groups for those experiencing habitat loss.

His name was Furry Boi, he campaigned in a squirrel suit and he attracted immediate attention.

His fellow students elected him to the horror of more serious moonbats:

“It’s a shocking display of privilege to vote for a squirrel over candidates who have actual plans to help students who need it,” the Daily Californian said. “Instead of electing qualified students who had real, tangible ideas … many of you (at least 538 strong) thought it might be a funny joke to have a man dressed up in a squirrel costume with no real platforms represent you at the administrative table.”

P.C. prigs may learn to like Furry Boi, who plans to “support students with disabilities, an interest stemming from his own battle with bipolar disorder.”

On a tip from Chronos Z. Wonderpig.

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