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Apr 19 2018

Mark Dice: Idiocracy at Starbucks

Anyone who takes the moonbat point of view even half seriously must have missed the Starbucks spectacle. Black power militants and their self-hating, pale-skinned fellow travelers boil over with rage because a store manager (who appears to be a moonbat herself) had to call the police to get a pair of black troublemakers to stop loitering in a Philadelphia cafe. In response, the belly-crawling suits at Starbucks grovel for forgiveness. Mark Dice weighs in on the idiocracy at Starbucks:

Some shops really will honor the phony free coffee coupons. We already saw someone get a free coffee just by presenting his race card.

What porn-watching homeless people did to public libraries, shiftless losers blessed with black skin will now do to Starbucks. No doubt all employees have been told that not letting blacks do whatever they please without buying anything is a firing offense. The resulting environment will drive out paying customers. Adios to the insufferable Starbucks phenomenon.

On a tip from StephaneDumas.

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