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Jul 30 2013

Mayors Bail Out of Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Gang

Wannabe dictator Michael Bloomberg’s national campaign against our precious constitutional right to bear arms appears to be encountering resistance from within:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is losing part of his arsenal of local leaders as more and more long-time members of his gun-control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns say they aren’t happy with the coalition’s trajectory and want out.

While the group apparently is growing in membership overall amid an effort to assume a larger profile in the national gun debate, it’s turning some members off. In the past five months, 50 members of the group have quit. Many say they did so because the organization abandoned its mission statement of going after illegal guns, and instead used its political clout to go after lawmakers who supported gun rights.

Most recently, the mayors of Rockford, Ill., and Nashua, N.H., dropped out after saying they felt misled by Bloomberg.

Even the Mephistophelean Chuck U. Schumer has qualms about Bloomberg’s ham-fisted tactics.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., also questioned MAIG’s motives and political strategy after the group spent money targeting vulnerable Senate Democrats in conservative states who didn’t back the bill to expand background checks.

“The mayor of New York City putting ads against people in red states is not going to be effective,” Schumer said.

If only this would teach Bloomberg to confine his authoritarianism to his own jurisdiction. However, NYC will be rid of him soon; then he will be in the rest of country’s hair more than ever. He has a $27 billion fortune to back up his despotic political objectives.

MAIG is registered as a 501(c)(4) non-profit. But don’t expect Bloomberg to get into trouble with the IRS, despite his hosting the group’s site on NYC servers. As a rule, only patriotic groups are found to be political outfits.

Not likely to go away.

On a tip from Dr. 9.

10 Responses to “Mayors Bail Out of Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Gang”

  1. Name one example of where strict gun control has reduced violent crimes. Just like everything else the liberal do, they base their policy on their philosophies-not facts. The fact is criminals will get guns no matter what. The fact is honest Americans will be left undefended against these criminals or an oversees attack.

  2. anon says:

    “Not likely to go away.” Nope. But without the protection of qualified immunity while being an elected official, the arrogant prick and his operatives might just find themselves behind bars. After the straw purchases in VA a few years back, they were lucky to make it out of the state.

  3. Weiner Spitzers and Caesar Doomberg says:

    Off topic, a republican wins senate seat in Kalifornia:,0,5298175.story

  4. StanInTexas says:

    Tired, I have asked the same question a slightly different way…

    Name for me ONE policy or gun-control suggestion that targets criminals and not citizens.

    So far, NO TAKERS!

  5. ThisObamaNation says:

    Notice the bait and switch?

    First they said they were going after “illegal guns”.

    But what they really wanted to do is take away our 2nd Amendment rights.

  6. KHarn says:

    =…the organization abandoned its mission statement of going after illegal guns, and instead used its political clout to go after lawmakers who supported gun rights.=

    Because people with ILLEGAL guns tend to SHOOT AT people who try to disarm them. Law-abiding people tend to be more peaceful.

  7. Rochelle says:

    This is the actual true story told to me by my sister-in-law.
    My sister-in-law, 23, was working in a convenience store, filling in for a friend who called off sick.

    Around 3:00 am, a man 6’4″ robbed her by knife point, then she was taken from the store in his car. He ordered her to undress, as he drove to a deserted place. He raped her in the car, thousands of cuts to her face, while he forced her to give him oral sex.
    He drove to another spot, thousands of cuts on her rear end while raping her anally.
    He drove to another spot, bit her nipples off while raping her vaginally.
    He never climaxed.

    The last stop was at a tire store. It was snowing, 8 degrees below zero, she had no clothes on, he ordered her to get out & lay in the snow behind his car, she begged for her clothes. He threw her shirt at her & ordered “go”. She did as he said, but he came behind her & shoved her down & started stabbing her over & over. She tried to grab the knife & almost lost her fingers. She knew he was going to kill her. She took in a deep breath, held her breath & relaxed her body like she died.

    It worked! He panicked & drove away. She laid there in the snow what seemed like forever, in case he could still somehow see her. She got up, all bloody, walking around the building that was closed at 7:00 am. She started banging on the glass door, not knowing she set off the silent alarm.

    She turns around & sees him coming back. With only a shirt on, she runs to the side of the highway, waving & screaming at all the cars passing. No one stopped.

    A convenience store delivery truck saw her, pulled in the driveway around back, while the rapist pulls in front & gets out, but sees the truck; jumps back into his car, reverses out of driveway. The driver was unable to get rapist’s plate #.

    Police came looking for a break-in & find her, immediately they take her to the hospital. We are called. (I am skipping over our time together.)

    Four days later, she dies drowning on her own blood. You see, the stab wombs punctured her stomach lining which an infection set in & she started vomiting blood till she tried to breath & drowned on her own blood.

    While making funeral arrangements, the rapist/murderer showed up in our driveway, but it was too late, we couldn’t catch him nor the police. I was 8 mos. pregnant & this was all was so difficult!

    We made a plea on TV to anyone who saw her or had info on the him. She did do a sketch of him before she died. There were over 600 calls in response. One of those calls led to the arrest of rapist/murderer.

    The prosecutor asked that we be in the courtroom, so the jury can put a face on ‘the victim’, since they don’t use her name. It was terrible watching him sit there, not sorry for what he did, but only sorry he got caught.

    Yes, he was found guilty by 8 men & 4 women. Guilty for using vehicle during a crime, guilty of rape, guilty of using a weapon, guilty of sexual deviancy, guilty of murder. They deliberated for the death penalty or life in prison. The 4 women felt bad for his wife & child. Those 4 women convinced 8 men to give him life in prison! Something Sally would never know, life.

    After the jury gave their verdict, the judge told them not to feel bad about their decision. He is going to be standing trial in another rape case from a girl that lived. Also, when they searched his house, they found photos of him raping animals.

    So, does he have a right to eat, watch TV, exercise in a gym, see his family on visits? What does Sally get? No family, no children, no life!

    What do you think is fair? I think we could save a lot of money if they would give him to us. Why should the taxpayers have to pay for him? Give him to us.

    Give every criminal to the victims families. That would stop crimes in their tracks & save taxpayers a lot of money. The only prisoners held in prison are ones the families don’t want.

    When you know that this is the person through absolute proof, is quick death too easy? Or is there a chance he can be patrolled with good behavior & move next door to you! Wouldn’t you want a way to protect yourself from this rapist/murderer.

    Bloomberg doesn’t have to worry, he’s a man. Although, the news media rarely covers men-on-man rape, they don’t want copycats!

    God bless our United States of America!

    Sorry this was so long.

  8. Flu-Bird says:

    Like all liberal eletists Bloomberg rejects the U.S. CONSTITUTION and frankly all memebrs of his leftists MAYORS AGAINST ILLEGAL GUNS should quit using the RED.WHITE & BLUE in their logo and start using Red & Yellow showing the hammer & pscycle and red star

  9. Ginsengbull says:

    We already HAVE laws against ILLEGAL guns.

    That’s why they are ILLEGAL.

    Those SOB’s want to make ALL guns illegal, or else they want to redefine them as “undocumented” guns.

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