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Dec 11 2017

Mika Brzezinski Denounces Al Franken’s First Accuser

Mika Brzezinski actually has a point. As the storm of sexual misconduct allegations gathers force, inevitably false allegations will be made against innocent individuals. If we can’t tell the difference between being accused and being guilty, we are in the early stages of a witch hunt that will spiral out of control. Unfortunately, she made this point in the dumbest possible way, by attacking Leeann Tweeden while lamenting the resignation of the odious Al Franken:

“We’ve never really talked about the woman who first came out against Al Franken,” she said, before questioning the “Playboy model who goes on Hannity, voted for Trump.”

Come on, Mika. We have all seen the photo (as well as many Photoshop variations). Even Playboy models, Hannity guests, and Trump voters have a right not to be molested by creeps like Franken as they sleep.

On a tip from TCS III.

6 Responses to “Mika Brzezinski Denounces Al Franken’s First Accuser”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    ” odious. : arousing or deserving hatred or repugnance : hateful. an odious crime.”

    Finally, a single word that describes Frankin.

  2. saturn says:

    Did Mika really think that Leeann would vote for the woman who enabled Slick Willie?

  3. ComradeJ says:

    It’s our [media’s] job to control people telling what to think, therefore you must think what I tell you!!!! (slight paraphrase… LOLz)
    – Mica

  4. richard says:

    So, if you”re a Hannity guest, a Playboy model or voted for Trump, you are fair game to be groped.

  5. StephaneDumas says:

    And they continue to be so dumb and dumber.

  6. DM says:

    This is not in defense of either Democrats or Republicans. All these sexual harassment allegations are just that allegations. Our system of justice is based on the principle of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law with judge & jury. And that is only if there has been a crime. There are statutes of limitation on most crimes and there is a reason for that. EVIDENCE may no longer be available and witnesses’ memories fade &/or change.
    As for all the hoopla over older men chatting up younger women or asking them on dates or even dating them JMO but so what. Young men and older men have been chatting up women of all ages in gathering places since time began, they will “cop a feel” if the opportunity presents. In this day and age women can move on if they are not interested. Yes of course there are some situations that are or become threatening or dangerous that is when the line is crossed to criminal behavior. Still need to report at once and prove in court if a crime has been committed.
    What man has not been flattered if some attractive female appears to notice him and he tries to move in. Now this is considered harassment. As a female I have never been able to figure out why others are so offended by “wolf whistles”. As long as it is not overt action or foul language who cares. For most of history it has been sort of on the male to profess interest and pursue the female and for the female to rebuff unwanted attention. Of course when this is carried too far it is repugnant and may even be criminal but to wait for years then pounce is ridiculous.
    As for the recording of Trump bragging about his conquests and the willingness of women to be felt up because he is rich and powerful may not be in good taste but he is in deed speaking the truth. There are certain women who will put themselves in the way of the rich/powerful just for the thrill of it all. We used to call them groupies. If it is done for profit of one sort or another (job advancement) it used to be considered prostitution.

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