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Dec 06 2012

Militant Homosexuals Try to Force Christian Company to Produce Their Propaganda

In a free country, economic activity is driven by voluntary exchanges of value for value. In a communist country, all economic activity is carried out by the government on a coercive basis. Fascism can superficially resemble the former, but is actually closer to the latter. Under fascism (or as some now call it, “Obamunism”), you can own your own business, but a large percentage of your profits will be confiscated for redistribution. You do not choose how you conduct your business, or even who you do business with; all that is determined by bureaucrats, who in fact are the real owners of “your” business. Consequently, the pink Nazis of GLSO are likely to win this suit:

A Kentucky commission has announced its support of a gay and lesbian group suing a T-shirt company owned by a Christian man who declined to print the group’s shirts because the message, he said, violates his faith.

Blaine Adamson, who owns Hands On Originals (HOO) in Lexington, Ky., refused to print T-shirts for the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO) in early March, because he disagreed with the “gay pride” message the group wanted printed on the shirts.

“I want the truth to come out — it’s not that we have a sign on the front door that says, ‘No Gays Allowed,’” Adamson said in a video posted on ADF’s website. “We’ll work with anybody. But if there’s a specific message that conflicts with my convictions, then I can’t promote that.”

The text on the shirts would have read: “Lexington Gay Pride,” and would include a list of sponsors of the event on the back of the shirt.

Adamson offered to direct GLSO to another business that could produce the shirts for the same price.

Instead, GLSO filed a complaint on March 28 against HOO with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission claiming that HOO violated a local ordinance based on sexual orientation.

The homosexuals could get their T-shirts made at any number of non-Christian businesses. But the point is either to force decent people to kneel before the liberal god Depravity, or to drive them out of business with punitive lawsuits.

By now it should be obvious that “nondiscrimination” laws are pure thuggery.

Naturally these laws are selectively applied. Imagine going into a black-owned T-shirt shop and demanding that they print up shirts endorsing the Ku Klux Klan, then trying to sue after you are politely refused. You would deservedly be laughed out of court.

Since homosexuals are a privileged group, smiled upon by our liberal rulers, this suit is no laughing matter. A business owner will be forced by thugs to choose between his morals and his livelihood. That would not happen if this were still America.

Hands on Originals deserves your business; they’ll need it to pay for lawyers.

On a tip from Artfldgr.

18 Responses to “Militant Homosexuals Try to Force Christian Company to Produce Their Propaganda”

  1. Henry says:

    You’d think these Christian business owners would have learned to just keep their mouths shut. Yes, I know he wants people to know that it went against his convictions, but is it worth risking your business and livelihood over? You only need to say “no”, no reason is necessary.

  2. Comrade J says:

    Gay-stapo reveals its ugly hatred once again.

  3. victoria in san diego says:


    yes it is worth risking your business and livelihood.
    this owner understands that his immortal soul is what is at risk. not caesar’s plunder.

  4. Sam Adams says:

    Henry says:
    December 6, 2012 at 10:35 am

    You’d think these Christian business owners would have learned to just keep their mouths shut. Yes, I know he wants people to know that it went against his convictions, but is it worth risking your business and livelihood over? You only need to say “no”, no reason is necessary.

    They will always want a reason. Possible reasons are “our shirt supplier is backordered.”
    “We have too much business to serve you in the schedule you require.”
    “Prices on our China-produced shirts went up; I can’t supply you at the price I though I could. It will cost $200 per shirt.”

    Same thing with “people with disabilities act.”

    “Our funding has been cut”
    “Your job has been obsoleted”
    “I am being forced to give your job to a hispanic, lesbian woman with a disability”

  5. Comrade J says:

    You are missing the point gents Mark 8:37-38

  6. IslandLifer says:

    How about just marking the price up around 10,000%? Silly faggots, dix r 4 chix.

  7. Louisiana Steve says:

    It’s just a matter of time before the gay movement becomes a religion and applies for tax exempt status.

  8. SR says:

    Berkeley students seek ban on Salvation Army bell ringers…

  9. Spider says:

    Since the American people have seen fit to return the Marxist-in-Chief to the WH, the cretins of the Left and radical Left realize this is their time. They may never again have the power they have now, which is why we’re seeing them attack everything they dislike or disagree with, from every angle, and all at the same time. Their onslaught seems to be endless. Atheists, communists, Occupy dolts, gays, blacks, etc., and all the other miscreants of the Left are going for broke. And, thanks to a republican party that has now become the symbol of weakness and impotency, they have no political opposition to fear.

    What does this mean to the rest of us? It means they’re destroying our religions, our firmly-held beliefs, our values, traditions, history, etc. All the things America used to stand for. And apparently, the American sheeple are tolerating it.

  10. Son of Sam says:

    I’ll print your shirts using environmentally friendly cotton with a zero carbon footprint, picked by union workers, woven in to cloth with a zero carbon footprint, by union workers and shipped from California by bicycle delivery persons with a zero carbon footprint and printed by union workers for the low, low price 785.99 each!!

  11. We all lost that fight back in 64. Or did you really thing that the civil rights act was just about making people serve andwiches to black people? That’s not private property. It’s a public acommodation.

  12. Henry says:

    @victoria in san diego

    Saying nothing does not put your soul at risk – doing the job to save his business and livelihood would be putting his soul at risk.

    @Sam Adams

    You are correct – militant homos would accuse a lack of explanation as some kind of homophobic slur (psychic thought police); best to just say, “Sorry, too busy.” Although, SoS’s suggestion would be a really nice twist; if they complain, start shrieking, “YOU HATE POLAR BEARS!” lol

  13. Antisocialist says:

    Article well worth to read on the subject:

  14. building 5 says:

    this was probably a set-up.

  15. Belfast says:

    It’s an interesting point.
    He won’t do it because it is against his beliefs.
    But lawyers face this every day, defending rapists and paedophiles.
    OK leave that. It is suggested that he lie.
    But I assume most people feel that lying is betraying himself. He probably feels it is sinful.
    But lying is not always sinful. If the Gestapo came to the door and asked for Jews, it is not sinful to lie and say, “None here.” Support for Henry’s case here.
    In the end it is his conscience matter.
    But it needs to be an informed conscience.

  16. St. Gilbert says:

    How can this be? Liberalism has at its root the word “liberal” which is based on the word “liberty.” Liberty means being free from artificial restriction, unnatural interference, and unnecessary control. Yet, it sure seems that Liberalism is destroying liberty — everywhere. That can’t be right, can it? In America?

  17. grayjohn says:

    Fags have no honor.

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