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Feb 14 2013

Missouri Dems Push for Gun Confiscation

The frenzy of anti–Second Amendment propaganda the statist media exploited Newtown as a pretext to unleash has died down slightly, but that is no reason for patriots to drop their guard. David Gregory, Piers Morgan, et al. are the Luftwaffe, softening up the victim with intensive rhetorical bombing. The next phase in the progressive blitzkrieg is ground troops, in the form of authoritarian bureaucrats. Not all of them attack our precious liberties at the federal level. Democrats in Missouri are pushing a bill that would give citizens subjects 90 days to turn in their “assault weapons” or face arrest.

The absurdly broad definition of “assault weapon” includes a significant percentage of modern firearms, including any semiautomatic rifle or shotgun with a pistol grip or folding stock, among a long list of other common features.

Forbidden guns would not be grandfathered. Mere possession of one would be a felony.

If the law is imposed without significant bloodshed, the list of forbidden guns will of course be expanded until it includes anything that even reminds liberal tyrants of the capacity of individuals to exercise the God-given right of self-defense.

We will very soon face a choice between applying the Second Amendment as it was intended or abdicating any right to call ourselves Americans.

thomas jefferson second amendment
Jefferson would not have submitted to modern Democrats.

On tips from Wilberforce and StanInTexas. Hat tips: Dana Loesch, Gateway Pundit.

28 Responses to “Missouri Dems Push for Gun Confiscation”

  1. Tax Slave says:

    When the troops come to take the guns, they should all be wearing red coats.

  2. Tax Slave says:

    Speaking of such things, exactly how many UNARMED innocent bystanders where shot by trigger-happy LAPD trying to find that LL Cool J look-alike Dorner?

    Also, have these Keystone Kops found any remains in the burned-out cabin? Have they done DNA analysis to see if it really is Dorner? I think the psycho IS STILL ALIVE.

  3. Dr. 9 says:


    “You should view these politicians with the deepest contempt you can possibly imagine. What they are doing to this country, what they are doing to our finances – there is not a criminal in any federal prison, state prison, city or county jail, with respect to financial crimes of any sort who collectively could have done the kind of damage that Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and YES, willing, timid, gutless Republicans have done to this country! To your future, to your children and your grandchildren! What they are doing is with malice and with forethought… What the hell does the Democrat party stand for today? The destruction of America? And what the hell does the Republican party stand for today? To sit there with their thumbs in their mouths while it’s going on? Any politician with an ounce of common sense should be getting on any soap box imaginable and screaming from the top of their lungs that these policies are destroying America!…” – Mark Levin

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Tax Slave
    Either way, the left is turning him into a martyr

  5. Spider says:

    The tree of liberty desperately needs to be refreshed. Or, will we wait until it’s dead.

  6. Tax Slave says:

    Dorner was just another incompetent hired to a job to which he wasn’t suited, just because of his race…

    Just like 0’Bama

  7. Henry says:

    μολὼν λαβέ

  8. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Tax Slave
    So the left holds Dorner up as the poster boy in their cause of ending police brutality.
    Dorner, a former policeman declares himself judge, jury, and executioner and commits the most heinous brutalities as a former cop
    And remember, these are the same buffoons who would readily support local police (as being most accountable) replaced with some Federal police force, or better yet an unelected UN force

  9. Skyfall says:

    I wondered how long it would take before the “Dormer wasn’t in the cabin at all” crowd got started. That psycho white-hating monster is, on cue, now a leftist hero (and no doubt being held in the underground detention camp at Denver airport by the Illuminati).

    It’s about our right to bear arms in order to stave off tyrants…and we are losing.

  10. rex freeway says:

    I live in the state. I can tell you that the ones who want to take firearms are from Kansas city and St.Louis. The two cities that have one thing in common. Sizable populations on Negros. But the surprising thing is the violent crimes committed by Negros are done almost exclusively with stolen pistols. Rare is the “assault rifle”(liberal speak for any gun they deem evil)ever used in a crime. Remove guns from Negro hands and gun violence goes away overnight. But knives will be their next mode of violence. The only true way to end the majority of violent crime in America, the world for that matter is to remove the Negro.

  11. Sam Adams says:

    Curious that the left has problems calling folks who don’t obey the laws when coming into this country “illegal” but they are more than happy to do all in their power to turn citizens who lawfully own guns into “illegals.”

  12. dan says:

    …of course you might have an increase in arson….
    as it appears that the match and gas is the preferred equalizer of LAPD

  13. Flu-Bird says:

    They need a tornado in the SHOW ME state to clean up all the demacratic trash and deposit it back in the toxic waste dump they came from WASHINGTON D.C.(DICTRICT OF COMMUNISTS) then turn the area into a PENAL COLONY Its already full of crinimals and threats to AMERICA

  14. Bill T says:

    Congress thing louise Gutter-ass jumps on board at the national level.
    Gun Nuts Really Need To Get In The Immigration Fight, Because Immigrants Don’t Believe In The Second Amendment

  15. DJ says:

    dan says:

    February 14, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    …of course you might have an increase in arson….
    as it appears that the match and gas is the preferred equalizer of LAPD


    Nice try, dan, but we all know arson and burning buildings down is one of the few “talents” blacks posses … it becomes especially evident when things don’t go their way.

  16. Lisa Daschle says:

    get ready it is coming!@ Read on the internet the very topical missive “Battle of Jakes”.

  17. Clingtomyguns says:

    rex freeway says:
    February 14, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    The only true way to end the majority of violent crime in America, the world for that matter is to remove the Negro.

    Freeway, that won’t happen, and we already incarcerate 30% of all Black men. We can’t afford to incarcerate the other % who commit the majority of all violent crimes. But, since this is true:

    here’s an idea plucked from the liberal’s cherished religion of peace for a creative punishment for the large urban cities with high crime like Chicago and St. Louis.

    I am warming to the idea of conservatives compromising with Obama if he can reach this point. Since he and liberals embrace Islam and many liberals don’t mind Sharia law, let’s test the waters, instead of banning guns, let’s ban criminal’s hands by cutting them off, after all its been quite a success in the Islamic world to stem crime:

    Imam Mohamed El Sadi, the Muslim leader in Malta, believes chopping off the hands of thieves is a “deserving punishment”.

    I’m also interested in Imam Obama’s willingness to also compromise, lest he insult Islam and fellow Imams, on the propriety of handling same-sex marriages and pedophiles the way they do:

    “Are same-sex marriages a value? What is this value? If in the future the majority of people want the right for men to marry cats, dogs or horses, will we make a law to fulfil these wishes,” Mr El Sadi asked.

    Contacted yesterday, Mr El Sadi stood by his comments and added the world was incurring the “wrath of God” through its permissiveness and destruction of spiritual and moral values, namely through the acceptance of “same-sex marriages, homosexuality, adultery and abortion”.

    Under Sharia law, such things are considered crimes that may even be punishable by death. When asked if the he agreed with such punishments he said: “Yes, of course. I agree with everything Islamic.”

  18. Sweep the leg says:

    @ rex freeway

    Because what you said is fact, and is therefore, 100% irrefutable, it is hereby classified as “rayciss”.

    You need a time out, Mr…

  19. jtb01328401 says:

    “The only true way to end the majority of violent crime in America, the world for that matter is to remove the Negro.”

    Don’t worry the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will take care of that like He did in past history when God supernaturally intervened on Moses and the Jews to enforce Noah’s prophecy (Gen 9). Its coming again but not before the Hamites get the upper hand like they did to Moses and the Jews via Pharaoh the North African Egyptian Hamite.

  20. jtb01328401 says:

    Then they will drown in the Red Sea again! The Bible is a circle.

  21. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Wait, were the Egyptians actually Hamites, or were they Shemites? King Tut don’t look like no nigra ta me. Besides, they built cities, civilization, art etc, which the sub Saharans are consistently incapable of doing. I think a good portion of the ones that confront us will be incapable of acting in a coordinated manner, and the few survivors that make it to the suburbs will be easily finished off.

  22. Glorious Socialist Utopia says:

    Comrades China wants a peaceful disarmed populace when they start to scoop up realty to pay off the 17 trillion$.
    Dear Leader the Christ Messiah will keep you safe so there is no need for guns.

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  24. Flu-Bird says:

    The Demacrat party the Tory Party

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