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Mar 16 2017

Mohamed Mohamed Repeatedly Calls 911 to Harass the Infidel

His parents revered the Dark Ages brigand and cult leader Mohammad so much, they named their son after him twice. Unsurprisingly, Mohamed Mohamed is devoted to the Islamic State. He has developed his own strategy to terrorize or at least annoy the infidel on its behalf:

A Grand Forks [North Dakota] man has been charged with harassment after police said he called dispatchers almost 50 times to say he supported ISIS.

Mohamed Aweis Mohamed, 30, was booked Thursday into the Grand Forks County Correctional Center after 911 dispatchers said they received 47 calls from him in less than a week in early February. …

Court documents detail conversations between Mohamed and dispatchers, including his claims that Trump fueled “morale” of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Mohamed reportedly said he felt he had no freedom in the U.S. and that he wanted to go “home” or to Canada. He also allegedly said he supported ISIS and “dislikes” women.

Chances are good that women don’t like him much either. The frustration this causes has been fueling Islam for centuries.

The police say there is no evidence that he is a threat to the public. If only that could be said for every sociopathic loser inspired by ISIS.

Mo-Mo loves ISIS, dislikes women.

On a tip from Lyle.

32 Responses to “Mohamed Mohamed Repeatedly Calls 911 to Harass the Infidel”

  1. two_amber_lamps says:

    I don’t ordinarily resort to simple ad hominem but that has got to be one of the most hideous visages I’ve had the misfortune to behold.

  2. Andrew Pearce says:

    Got that right. My comment was going to be “inbred much?” but you beat me to it.

  3. MAS says:

    Tribal cultures tend to breed within family lines for generations and so I present to y’all Mo Mo.

  4. Ron Noyfb says:

    Probably a lesbo breed by her brother.

  5. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Can’t we do the Christian thing, take up a collection and send him back home to some middle eastern country where he might be happier?

  6. Gene says:

    No wonder he doesn’t like women. When you are that ugly its really hard to get a date. I think he’ll even have problems with his 72 virgins. Of course maybe that’s way they will be virgins.

    To be fair to MoMo, he probably thought he was calling a phone sex line. Those 900 numbers all look the same when you can’t count past four.

  7. itsatax says:

    Rapey low-IQ ISIS wannabes. Let’s import more of these guys!

  8. Rotohammer says:

    He didn’t mention matriculating to the University of Hawaii or the University of Oregon. The application forms at those schools have a big checkbox for him to check off.

  9. TED says:

    HE (it) LOOKS like he DISLIKES women, needs Barry to hook him up to one of those BATH HOUSES he use to frequent!!!

  10. Tetzman says:

    I’m sure he’s into goats though….

  11. jeffunde says:

    “Grand Forks Police Lt. Derik Zimmel said there is no evidence at this time to indicate Mohamed is a threat to the public.”

    With the name Mohamed Mohamed and looking like Sloth from the Goonies, he is a “lone wolf” waiting to happen.

  12. Agrippa says:

    Why are you still here (in the USA), MM? Head for Syria to join up, fuck-head! No doubt you’ll be dead within a week, either via a suicide bombing or just because you’re such a PoS the Jihadis will terminate you on principle’s sake.

  13. MAS says:

    More of the best and brightest brought to you from the Middle East and Islam. It’s not like we get enough uneducated cretins from Mexico, nooo we have to bring more in from the Middle East cesspool…

  14. Mike_W20 says:

    Another bloody Somali by the look of him.
    That place is nothing but trouble; someone should build a wall around it.
    Leftists just love importing Somalis into the West, in bulk.

  15. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    Bullet to the head..

  16. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    They are sub-IQ scum.

  17. two_amber_lamps says:

    The family tree probably resembles something akin to an asparagus stalk.

  18. rex freeway says:

    If he went to Syria, a sniper would set a record for the longest shot. That loser has enough forehead for four heads. No way they could miss. lol

  19. rex freeway says:

    Someone should sneak him on to a golf course Obama is playing on. That’s a win/win situation.

  20. Bodhisattva says:

    Hey I saw this guy in a movie recently… well the movie was apparently from 1985 but his character’s name was “CHUNK” and he shows up at about the 24 second point in this trailer on this page here:

  21. sandyaz says:

    So he doesn’t like women, is he into men or goats?

  22. 762x51 says:

    Walls are expensive and time consuming to build plus they have to be maintained and guarded 24/7 to be effective.

    An air strike, while still expensive, takes only minutes and never needs to be maintained or guarded.

    Just sayin . . .

  23. Area man says:

    Wonder if he plays the banjo?

  24. 762x51 says:

    Which is why consanguineous marriage is the rule, not the exception, in the Islamic world. consanguineous marriage rates in countries with high numbers of Muslims like Lybia run around 20 – 50% while exclusively Muslim countries in the Middle East and West Asia, such as Syria and Pakistan, the rate is 70% of all marriages. Apparent;y 30% of the population in those countries are “deviants” or marry their goat.

    Muslims are literally what you get when cousins marry.

    Most US states prohibit consanguineous marriage except the usual suspect states like NY, CA, MA, etc., where first cousin marriage is legal. You know that at some point the Progressives will take up this cause to force states who ban cousins from marrying for good reason to accept it, all in the name of “equality”.

  25. Reneeablack says:

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  26. Yukari Sendo says:

    He’s proof that Neanderthals did not disappear. They appear live and well in Northern Africa. To think the Middle East was once the bastion of civilization. I think it has actually regressed. Since Islam, has their society made any science discovery, medical advancement, or even a kitchen appliance invention?

  27. Frank says:

    “The police say there is no evidence that he is a threat to the public.”
    I’m thinking we should shoot him anyway, just in case. Cuz this batsh1t loser is bound to hurt someone eventually.

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