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Mar 03 2017

Mom Demands Disciplinary Action After Teacher Agrees With Trump on Immigration

Here is how crybullies respond to the suggestion that immigration law should be enforced:

Nevada mother Laura Llamas is calling for immediate disciplinary action to be taken against a teacher for expressing her support of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, allegedly making two middle school students in Clark County cry.

Yelped Llamas:

“We have to stop this. This can’t happen in our district at all.”

Even enforcing the law at Obama’s lax level will result in moonbats shrieking hysterically and tearing out clots of hair. We have nothing to lose. We may as well set up catapults at the border to send illegals home, and a minefield to prevent them from returning.

Maybe Llamas would like a catapult ride.

Hat tip: New Americana.

14 Responses to “Mom Demands Disciplinary Action After Teacher Agrees With Trump on Immigration”

  1. mas2 says:

    The money quote from the linked article (emphasis mine):

    “However, political speech from teachers is apparently a commonality at
    the school, though the speech typically aligns with the political left.

    Gee, whoda thunk it?

  2. Americangirl5 says:

    Guess Ms. Llamas will have to begin homeschooling so she can push her own agenda.

  3. Hungjumper says:

    I’m thinking ICE might wanna check on Ms. Llama’s citizenship status.

  4. MAS says:

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t…so full speed ahead. What do we have to lose but our nation if we don’t?

  5. Mr. Freemarket says:

    This is the reason that Harry Reid won re-election so many times.

  6. Steve2 says:

    The teacher would probably get less complaining for supporting isis than the president of our own country.

  7. SNuss says:

    Do you mean that the teacher proposed actually enforcing/obeying the law? Where do these people get these radical ideas? sarc/off

  8. Artfuldgr says:

    Perhaps she doesnt know that freedom of speech and freedom of belief and all that is why people come here, because that is what allows for the money they want. but if your so used to stalin that you want the same hard life you fled just to feel comfortable, dont be surprised if you end up forever on the bottom with a heel on your neck… and those are the lucky ones, the others are death by not nice means usually…

  9. ICEvictim says:

    yep! I had exactly the same reaction Hungjumper.

  10. ICEvictim says:

    well she can push it all the way back to Mexico

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  12. BiffWellington says:

    Wonder how fat she was when she wiggled under the fence?

  13. JustAl says:

    Another case of artificial insemination gone wrong.

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