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Apr 23 2018

Moonbat Churches Divest from the Police

There are churches that worship moonbattery rather than God. Many are Unitarian, but some are nominally Christian. They push liberal ideology to extremes best described as insane. For example, some divest from the police:

First Congregational Church of Oakland … has joined a small handful of like-minded congregations with a radical goal: to stop calling the police. Not for mental health crises, not for graffiti on their buildings, not even for acts of violence. These churches believe the American police system, criticized for its impact especially on people of color, is such a problem that they should wash their hands of it entirely.

The reason policing has a disproportionate impact on persons of politically preferred pigmentation is that they are vastly more likely to commit crimes. Consequently, they are also more likely to be the victim of crimes. If you wished them well, you would help the police maintain order in their communities. But moonbats who have hollowed out Christianity and replaced the content with moonbattery are more interested in ludicrous pseudo-moral posturing.

To support their hysterically anti–law & order Black Lives Matter rhetoric, the four churches that have adopted the no-police pose would rather let criminals rob the place, cover it in graffiti, or even burn it down than fall back upon civilization.

Using weapons for self-defense is also off limits. They even encourage parishioners to eschew police in their private lives.

The churches call their drastic approach “divesting” from policing.

Divesting from South Africa worked wonders in terms of helping savagery advance at the expense of civilization. The same strategy has been applied to Israel. It was only a matter of time before militant moonbats tried it on their own country.

On a tip from Jester.

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