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Oct 03 2012

Moonbat Prof Strips Naked, Denounces God During Math Class

Allowing moonbats total control of the education establishment has started to get a little out of hand:

A Michigan State University (MSU) professor [John David McCarthy] was taken into protective custody Monday after suffering an apparent nervous breakdown mid-class, stripping off his clothes and running around shouting obscenities.

An eyewitness reports:

I was in Calc 1 at Michigan State University, and my teacher was always pretty eccentric, but today he went overboard. Half way through class he started screaming at us, swearing left and right. He then started slamming his hands on the window and pressing his face against it, still screaming. Eventually he walked out and down the hallway to the end, all while screaming. He then came back into the classroom and took off his clothes, except for his socks. You know someones crazy when they leave their socks on lmao. At this point everyone in class ran out. We were literally scared for his life. The police took about 15 minutes to get here, and during this time he continued walking around screaming.

According to another eyewitness, the nutty professor screamed, “There is no f***ing God.”

He should have been teaching in the education department. No one would have noticed a problem.

Professor McCarthy delivers a lecture.

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23 Responses to “Moonbat Prof Strips Naked, Denounces God During Math Class”

  1. Henry says:

    “The police took about 15 minutes to get here, and during this time he continued walking around screaming produced a machete and began slaughtering students left and right.”

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    Silly math professor, bath salts are for groids…

  2. Nathaniel M says:

    Hey I do that all the time. Just its… you know… behind closed doors. Another professor 5150ed

  3. Nathaniel M says:

    “bath salts are for groids”


  4. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    You people are so cruel. Cut him some slack, I think he’s having a baby.

  5. IslandLifer says:

    Guess he’s trying to give Buddy Love a run for his money

  6. Jester says:

    Yeah, cut him some slack, you guys. He has a right to be distraught.


  7. But now he can count to 21

  8. Jeff says:

    Typical leftie Prof: Unhinged, screaming obscenities, anti-God, and feels the need to take his clothes off in public. Another example of higher education professionals in action.

  9. dan says:

    I haven’t met a sane math major yet….if you really want to torment them ask them if they’re 100% certain that they really exist.

  10. Joe says:

    I’m sure his promotion to a cushy department-head job is in the works. That’s how they deal with nuts like him. Move him up the ladder.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    BTW MNM, the baby joke was good!

  11. Mike P says:

    Another fine tale from Michigan. At least Jennifer Granholm didnt strip nekkid when she was delivering that chemically induced tirade on stage during the Democrap convention.

  12. Ummah Gummah says:


    Isn’t the DOJ looking for types just like this?


  13. GunnerJones says:

    Ya’ll need to check yourselves, he could of very easily mixed his meds or was having a stroke, I’ve seen one person at work act bizarre because his blood sugar got out of whack and another co worker just started going off on people, found out he was having a TIA.

  14. Finn says:

    Fulton Sheen observed the connection between the diabolic and (1) nudity (2) violence, aggressiveness, (3) split personality, no inner peace, disjointed minds. Cf.

  15. Cameraman says:

    No Gunner He was having a Liberal Tantrum..3yr Olds can relate!

  16. Sweep the leg says:

    Dam. Do a sit up or two…

  17. notPropertyOfTheState says:

    Amazing that everyone assumes he is a Lib without even checking for themselves. Must be ‘cuz the site here said he was.

    Not a dimes worth of difference between the sheeple here and The Daily K., start thinking for yerselves or expect to get sheared and turned into mutton just like the rest…

  18. Geeknerd says:

    Odd. Seeing the beauty of mathematics reinforces my belief in God, as the Author of all law, both mathematical and moral. Although the Mormons would disagree, 2+2=4 only because He has ordained it so.

  19. piston honda says:

    not property of the state.

    when you consider that he teaches at a public university and he hates God it is easy to go with the percentages on this one.

  20. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I’m sure his promotion to a cushy department-head job is in the works. That’s how they deal with nuts like him. Move him up the ladder.
    Thanks to the insanity of the Americans with Disabilities Act, he could have showed up for the interview with a hatchet and still get preferential treatment

  21. grayjohn says:

    “There is no Professor!”

  22. chuck in st paul says:

    Hey! I can commiserate with the guy. Those differntial equations exams are enough to make anyone go off the reality tour.

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