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May 07 2012

Moonbat Tech: Algae Lamp

People snickered when, after pushing the price of fossil fuels through the stratosphere as he promised he would, Obama proposed meeting our energy needs with algae. Now that moonbats have developed a light that actually runs on the gunk, the snickers have stopped — giving way to guffaws.

[Pierre] Calleja has developed a lighting system that requires no electricity for power. Instead it draws CO2 from the atmosphere and uses it to produce light as well as oxygen as a byproduct. The key ingredient to this eco-friendly light? Algae. …

Cajella’s lamps consist of algae-filled water along with a light and battery system. During the day the algae produce energy from sunlight that is then stored in the batteries. Then at night the energy is used to power the light. However, as the algae can also produce energy from carbon, sunlight isn’t required for the process to work. That means such lights can be placed where there is no natural light and the air will effectively be cleaned on a daily basis.

If the government runs out of ways to “stimulate” the economy by deliberately wasting money, it could try building pyramid-sized algae lamps throughout the country. A few hundred thousand of them ought to clean up all that nasty CO2 and save the polar bears from their imaginary plight.

A lava lamp for the era of ecomoonbattery.

On a tip from AC.

14 Responses to “Moonbat Tech: Algae Lamp”

  1. hiram says:

    Cool gadget. Not a game-changer, and certainly not efficient (yet), but I can see it’s usefulness in certain applications.

    Lighting in coal mines?

  2. AC says:

    Lighting in coal mines?

    The algae “charge” by exposure to sunlight, which is absent from a mine.

    This gimmick is basically a regressive version of chemical phosphors.

  3. dan says:

    skip the algae and just get water from Fukishima…
    it’ll be glowing for thousands of years.

  4. Alan says:

    The article doesn’t mention the energy return on investment (EROI). This makes corn ethanol look rational.

    If it’s not OK to eat plants, it’s not OK to enslave them, either. I want my electricity to come only from free range algae.

  5. beforethestorm says:

    Need to up the wattage…the thing doesn’t seem to give off much light. Ever try to read something with the light from a glow stick?

  6. ragingbullwinkle says:

    “come only from free range algae”

    That’s the ranch next to Alf’s free range boneless cats right? LOL good one

  7. Judith M. says:

    Don’t worry, those algae will be taken care of cradle to grave by our benevolent state–kinda like Julia.

  8. wingmann says:

    This is just sad.I can’t believe we would be so cruel to algea.
    Algea has feelings too….(weeping)

  9. Sinister66 says:

    If this was smaller they would make a cool looking “night” light for the house.

  10. frooloo says:

    Um, if this invention was the product of free-enterprise, what is the problem you people have? Why make fun of people’s early experiments. Most great inventions are evolutions of earlier ones that were not so on the mark. Edison worked for years to find the right filament for the lightbulb. He tried all kinds of crazy materials. So, if it doesn’t work, then fine. We learned something. Don’t bash people out there for thinking outside the box and trying crazy things.

  11. FrankW says:

    Might be cool markers to indicate the end of my driveway at night, if I can keep the 99% from stealing them. Or if I can keep st whoppers or st jolly ranchers (the colleagues of st skittles) from snagging them as well.

  12. Drury says:

    frooloo says:”…product of free enterprise…”

    Digging a little into this, it appears this was developed by a French biochemist who belongs to an organization called Shamengo. Not sure if they are a for-profit company, a research consortium, or some other business entity. However, they clearly tout themselves as a progressive group that has all the politically correct leftist buzzwords and phrases on their website such as:

    Caring for mind and body
    Creating with a conscience
    Preserving the environment
    Taking action to help others

    Not that there is anything inherently wrong with those ideals, but statists and leftists love more than anything else to advertise their good intentions. Whether they work in reality or not is irrelevant in their mind. Results don’t matter, it’s the effort that counts!

    Anyway, my gut feeling tells me this device was unlikely to have seen the light of day without funding from some (French) government agency, an NGO, or even some UN (meaning US) funding. If you can verify otherwise, please let us know. Until you do, I call this just another longshot wasted effort using OPM (aka Other People’s Money–taxpayers). In other words, true free enterprise/capitalism had very little to do with the creation of this device, because there is no profit in it. It purports to “scrub” the air of CO2, which means it was developed to attempt to rectify a problem (AGW/climate change) that does not exist.

  13. Judith M. says:

    I wonder what that tank smells like…

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