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Mar 29 2012

Moonbat Tech: Poop-Powered Rickshaw

Despite gargantuan subsidies and Comrade Obama’s salesmanship, the Chevy Volt didn’t work out so well. Maybe Government Motors would have better luck with something along the lines of the Denver Zoo’s poop-powered rickshaw:

The three-wheeled motorized rickshaw — believed to be the first hybrid-electric gasified tuk tuk — is designed to showcase the innovative energy system that will fuel the Toyota Elephant Passage exhibit, which opens June 1. …

The tuk tuk was purchased from Thailand and then re-engineered to run on gasified pellets made from animal droppings and trash generated by the zoo’s human visitors and employees.

Even some environmentalists might be bright enough to figure out that the electricity to run a Volt has to come from somewhere — namely coal, a power source the Obama Regime is aggressively shutting down. But so long as Democrats are in charge, we will never run out of fuel for vehicles that can run on BS.

The vehicle that unlike our economy can run on liberal ideology.

On a tip from AC.

26 Responses to “Moonbat Tech: Poop-Powered Rickshaw”

  1. dan says:

    If Air Force One were poop powered POTUS would finally earn his keep.

  2. Drury says:

    “…the innovative energy system that will fuel the Toyota Elephant Passage…”

    And it’s fueled *by* the passages of elephants… just can’t make this sh!t up….

  3. big-pete says:

    The Zoo’s mechanical engineers take waste — of both the animal and dumpster variety – and compresses it into hard pellets. The pellets are then added to a special engine…where they are subjected to high heat without any oxygen present. This super heating creates something called syngas — which contains carbon dioxide and hydrogen. These gasses are burned and that creates energy. That energy is stored in a generator and ultimately powers the batteries that make the little electric vehicle go.

    It doesn’t say how much energy is required to convert poop into gasified pellets, where the energy (and how much) comes from to heat those pellets, nor what sort of energy is lost during the transfer to/from the batteries. I’m betting, like most moonbat power schemes, it’s a big net energy loser.

  4. dmgore says:

    what is it with liberals and poop?

  5. blue says:

    where do I send my poop?

  6. cmon people says:

    Just don;’t get it. You people are so agressively negative… how do you not see that thing and think “…cool”? A strange idea, working. Is there not a single engineer among the lunatic fringe that just enjoys an interesting toy for its own sake?

    Nope… all part of the imaginary, sinister, master plot to destroy the universe. Of course.

    Humorless, angry people. Ask yourselves why.

  7. SNuss says:

    The manure-burning technology is interesting, but hardly modern, nor innovative.

    Why not make it a self-sustaining? Attach a trailer with a treadmill/generator behind it, put an elephant on the treadmill to generate electricity to power the “tuk tuk”, and then use the elephant’s manure to run it when the elephant gets tired.
    That idea should be good for at least a $500 million Obama grant.

  8. big-pete says:

    cmon people says: Humorless, angry people. Ask yourselves why.

    I’ll TELL you why. It’s because moonbats constantly try to shove such “cool” ideas down our throats. Who cares if it’s impracticable? Who cares if it’s unworkable? Who cares if it costs 10x as much? We’re saving polar bears here so if you don’t buy it, we’ll legislate it so you have no choice. Ha Ha Ha.

  9. cmon people says:

    Remind me what exactly has been legislated that prevents you from driving anything you like? Did we outlaw gas since I filled up this morning? Did someone come to your house and replace your truck with a rickshaw while you slept?

    Oh riiiight… nothing. That was it. Nothing. You are angry over nothing. Hence my point.

  10. KHarn says:

    “cmon people says:March 29, 2012 at 12:01 pm”

    Why are you regressives so ANTI-SCIENCE that you are against ideas that are PROVEN? Why do you embrace ideas that are expensive, clumsey, impractical but MIGHT be perfected a hundred years from now?

    But your kind still thinks communism (Or “socialism” or “progressivism” or “humanism” or whatever the cover-up term is currently) is the way of the future even though it’s a NINETEENTH century idea that has FAILED everwhere and every time it has been tried INCLUDING in the United States.

  11. cmon people says:

    Kharn – time for a meds check, bud. Not sure what that was, but not helping the ‘we aren’t all insane angry people’ cause one bit…

  12. KHarn says:

    “cmon people says:March 29, 2012 at 1:08 pm”

    Why do you idiots deal only in EXTREMES?

    Do you know what happened to the cars from the “cash for clunkers” program? They were DESTROYED. Their engiones were filled with some sort of crap to keep the parts off the market, driving up the cost of used cars and the cost of repairs.

    How’s that for “no one’s forceing you”?

  13. AC says:

    Do you know what happened to the cars from the “cash for clunkers” program? They were DESTROYED. Their engiones were filled with some sort of crap to keep the parts off the market, driving up the cost of used cars and the cost of repairs.

    They deliberately did this to drive up the cost of used vehicles. This forces the poor into the mugging zones on buses and light rail boondoggles.

  14. KHarn says:

    “cmon people says:March 29, 2012 at 1:13 pm”

    Oh, you don’t like that? Fine, let’s try this little exercise:

    It had been suggested, even DEMANDED by you socialists that the price of gas be drive through the roof to FORCE “fuel efficent” development.

    Did it happen?

    Let’s suppose that there ARE super-efficent engines kept hifdden by the EEEVIL corperations. Let’s say that you get your wish and these designs are released TODAY.

    How long untill the factorys are re-tooled to make them?

    How long untill production starts?

    How long untill they are put om the market?

    How long untill people can save enough money to buy them?

    And most important:

    what do we do for transportation untill then?

    Consider this too:

    Your tin god dumped billions into electric cars (that catch fire) but is currently shutting down electric plants.

    And you call US insane?

    PS: Average IQ of 132 from three tests.

  15. cmon people says:

    ???? AC, do you believe your own shtick? Go to right now. I’ll wait.

    Type in an arbitrary low price for a car. $2500? There are 7,639 to choose from. All over America.

    Yep. Guess that was a “real” issue to be angry about. Not a single cheap car anyplace. Obama personally stole any chance you would ever have to own a car.

    Makes sense to me… riiight.

    Humorless, angry people.

  16. cmon people says:

    KH – Look at your post, guy. You come across like a tinfoil-hat wearing lunatic. Angry and stupid. I suggested that the post topic (a tuk tuk) was a cool toy. Interesting from an intellectual standpoint. And that you and your ilk are excessively negative/angry.

    And look at what you did! Couldn’t have scripted it better. You appear, rant nonsense, in no way think it is cool or fun, and are clearly both angry and humorless! Ahhh… sometimes being right is its own reward.

  17. AC says:

    cmon people says:

    690,114 vehicles were put to waste under Cash for Clunkers. Were you stoned out of your mind on the day they taught supply and demand?

    Cash for Clunkers vehicles were required to be operable, and since it was a trade-in subsidy, most of these were useful vehicles used as daily drivers. Only a small number of purchasers liquidated an unused and barely drivable piece of crap they had sitting around.

    What is on the market is more expensive and of lower quality than had CFC not existed.

  18. cmon people says:

    … and yet, your life was unaffected. Cars still available? Check. (Original post about a novel tuk tuk completely ignored in favor of additional angry rant? Also Check.)

    … anyone else want to try and shut this guy up (or feed him whatever meds he should be taking)? He’s making the rest of you look bad by proxy.

  19. AC says:

    Yes, my life was unaffected. I’m not poor. I wouldn’t have been in the market for the 690,114 perfectly good vehicles put to waste by the order of statist bureaucrats.

  20. KHarn says:


    “cmon people says: March 29, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    “Wait… is there not a single sane person among you?

    “This post says, and each and every one of you appears to believe, the statement “Carbon dioxide… has never been proven to be in any way harmful…“.

    “Go to the Wikipedia page for the planet Venus. I’ll wait.

    “There you see an example, that you can see with your very own eyes (and a telescope), of the effect of ‘greenhouse effect’ CO2 being… harmful. 900 degrees is hot enough to melt lead. Hotter than Mercury (the one right next to the sun…). Any of that seem like it might qualify as “harmful”?

    “If you want to talk about emissions sources (obviously there are no humans on Venus), that is a conversation… but humans do add CO2 to the atmosphere (fact), and there is a very obvious example of what happens after some tipping point – toast. (fact). We do not know what that point might be, but it exists. 100% for certain.

    “Again, you (well, not you, but people with means and training) can literally observe this in real time. It is not ‘imagined by the left’ (again… no humans on Venus, hence to ‘leftists’ to have caused it), and it is not ‘harmless’…

    “So in summary… 100% of the readers above me are too stupid/uninformaed to take offense at the blatant ignorance on display. Know why the ‘educated elite’ are called that? We are educated. Which apparently does make us elite.

    “Come on by and apologize, folks. Now you know (“and knowing is half the battle!”). I trust that you will now educate your fellow red-staters on the factual basis of reality, and you will take offense when people assume you are too stupid to know these things. Right?”

    >The atmosphere of Venus is composed of about 96% carbon dioxide, with most of the remainder being nitrogen.<

    Let the derisive laughter begin.

  21. cmon people says:

    What part of that post did you not understand, buddy? I can try to explain it in smaller words, if you think it will help… but at this point I think you are playing the part of ‘lost cause’.

    Here we go:

    If the Venusian atmosphere has 96% CO2, and is doomed… and we have less than 96%, then we are not yet doomed. But (and here is the leap that you might not be capable of…) there is clearly some value at which atmospheric CO2 becomes self-sustaining, and eventually catastrophic.

    We do not know what that value is. But it is obviously not ‘imagined by the left’. It is simple empirical data.

    Are we learning yet? Did I manage to teach the cat to snorkel?

  22. AC says:

    What do you drive?

  23. cmon people says:

    AC – 5 series. Why? It wasn’t taken in my sleep and replaced with a rickshaw, either…

  24. AC says:

    The BMW 5 series isn’t very fuel efficient. Your lifestyle choice is driving unnecessary oil dependency and CO2 emissions. Next time you want to lecture us about climate change and government efficiency programs, try not to do it from behind the wheel of a gas guzzler.

  25. big-pete says:

    cmon people says: You are angry over nothing. Hence my point.

    Nothing, huh? $50 dollar light bulbs are nothing? (ONLY sidestepped because of “angry” idiots like me but they’ll be back I’m sure)

    You want more, smartass?

  26. Momster says:

    Why ARE liberals/commies/progs so interested in poop? It could explain the output of the National Endowment for the Arts. (Poop on Virgin Mary, Crucifix in urine, etc.)

    I wonder how many chili-dogs and milk shakes it would take me to drive a poop-mobile from Mass. to Las Vegas. Hmmmm. It would be yummy to try.

    –OR– do you get more mileage from lib/com/prog poo?

    Hmmmmm–chilidog/milkshake poop versus sprout/whole wheat/free range chicken/fair trade coffee poop.

    Want to see the cost analysis on that before I make up my mind.

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