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Dec 07 2017

Moonbats Screech That Bitcoin Is a Menace to the Climate

Bitcoin seemed like a good idea at first. But the concept is too decentralized and nongovernmental to appeal to moonbats. Consequently, it has been found to cause global warming. From the environazis at Grist:

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been ignoring the bitcoin phenomenon for years — because it seemed too complex, far-fetched, or maybe even too libertarian. But if you have any interest in a future where the world moves beyond fossil fuels, you and I should both start paying attention now.

Computers must solve math problems to create more bitcoin. Computers use energy. Anything that uses energy is bad because generating energy makes if be too hot out, according to liberal dogma.

It turns out that Bitcoin is responsible for the inability of socialists to keep the lights on in oil-rich Chavismoland:

In Venezuela, where rampant hyperinflation and subsidized electricity has led to a boom in bitcoin mining, rogue operations are now occasionally causing blackouts across the country.

No more sniggering, here comes doom:

In just a few months from now, at bitcoin’s current growth rate, the electricity demanded by the cryptocurrency network will start to outstrip what’s available, requiring new energy-generating plants. And with the climate conscious racing to replace fossil fuel-base plants with renewable energy sources, new stress on the grid means more facilities using dirty technologies. By July 2019, the bitcoin network will require more electricity than the entire United States currently uses. By February 2020, it will use as much electricity as the entire world does today.

Generating this electricity will make it be too hot out, causing the seas to rise and polar bears to get miserably sweaty.

The New Republic and Vox have also been screeching about the menace Bitcoin poses to the climate. For whatever reason, they sure feel threatened.

On tips from KirklesWorth and Lyle. Hat tips: Right Wing News, Daily Caller.

16 Responses to “Moonbats Screech That Bitcoin Is a Menace to the Climate”

  1. bobdog19006 says:

    Uh, any estimate on how many terra-gigawatts that might be?

    How soon will this climate disaster befall us THIS time?

  2. Mack says:

    Magic beans.

  3. Eddie_Valiant says:

    So, I guess this life-ending drain on the electric pool means no electric cars. Anyone bother to tell Elon Musk about this?

    On a serious note, be aware that unscrupulous Bitcoin miners have started infecting insecure websites with a piece of Javascript ( a small program) that, when downloaded without your knowledge, could cause your desktop PC or Mac to run very slowly. The Javascript is utilizing your PC processor to munch on a small portion of the math problem and send the results back to the mothership, wherever that may be. Just be sure to keep your anti-virus up to date. All the major AV companies defend against this malware.

  4. Thomas Jefferson says:

    I love a warming climate, it means little dumb azz snowflakes will melt.. more CO2 means my garden grows like hell, I say someday we will have to start Killing these climate idiots, as they only want to destroy America and capitalism… they want a war they don’t have the balls to fight…Keep pushing, commies…you will get your civil war..

  5. Area man says:

    This morning it was 37 degrees, by this afternoon it was 73. By this time next week it will be 785.3 degrees!

  6. Mr. Freemarket says:

    You live in the tropics. Outside it is currently 14F.

  7. ramrodd says:

    Bitcoin is Paving the Way for a Global Cashless Society

    Bitcoin is driven by greed, it’s in no way a rational solution to our
    monetary problems. It’s global, scarce, cashless and soon the first banks will
    provide usurious lending.

    The lesson is: as long as we hope to breed money from money, not realizing
    it’s usually our own labor that breeds money for those holding a lot of it, we
    will be fooled by units like this.

    Money must be cheap (interest-free) and plentiful, but stable. Only then
    can it be a good medium of exchange, allowing the producers of society the
    benefits of their labor, instead of the providers of capital.

    Bitcoin offers none of these features.

    It has the Money Power’s fingerprints all over it.

  8. Thomas Jefferson says:

    I love COAL, I believe COAL MINERS should be paid more than anyone at GM, FORD, or GOOGLE. I LOVE the fact that I can flip a switch , and a light comes on…

  9. Thomas Jefferson says:

    If you encounter one of these little ignorant feqs, ask them if hey are willing to die for their cause….

  10. BiffWellington says:

    1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!

  11. Silence Dogood says:

    Yeah, a digital and fake currency is a threat to the climate. Rrrriiiggghhhtttttt…..

  12. ICEvictim says:

    put them through a chipper and use the output as fertilizer

  13. ICEvictim says:

    when all their BS predictions keep failing to come true they just keep reaching further and further into Ludicrous Speed for a reason to keep the scam going.

  14. Allan says:

    Morons, all of them

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