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Nov 28 2017

Moonbatty Portland Is Becoming Unlivable

Portland may be trendy among hipsters, but businesses find that it is becoming uninhabitable:

Columbia Sportswear may be the next business to flee downtown Portland after a series of frightening encounters with the city’s homeless population, including car break-ins, human waste dumped by the office’s front door and threats to its employees.

So many employee cars have been broken into that parking downtown is referred to as the “laptop donor program.” Columbia CEO Tim Boyle calls the situation in Portland “outrageous and unacceptable.”

Boyle isn’t alone:

Judith Arnell told FOX12 Oregon earlier this month the decision to close her business, Judith Arnell Jewelers, came from a mix of panhandling and concerns over the safety of her employees and clients. …

Another owner of a boutique in the Pearl District near downtown said a man threatened her life when she confronted him as he stole items from a clothing rack outside.

He came back later to threaten her life some more.

Arnell says her customers are afraid to come to her store. Increasingly, sane people are afraid to come near Portland period. The place is so rotten through with moonbattery that Antifa militants managed to nix the Rose Festival parade by threatening violence if Republicans were allowed to participate.

As San Francisco has been demonstrating since the 1960s, prevalent moonbattery draws wackos from across the nation who are too dysfunctional to keep a roof above their heads. They are best known for drug use, psychosis, defecation in doorways, and menacing behavior. Those who want to engage in productive activities are advised to avoid cities where moonbattery has taken firm root.

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15 Responses to “Moonbatty Portland Is Becoming Unlivable”


    They never try this with islam.. but it would be a perfect fit for Portland:

    ‘Gaytivity’: Twitter Users Celebrate Gay Nativity Scene

  2. Frank says:

    The Portland city government is driving out businesses and relatively well off citizens with a plague of excessive taxes. WILL THE LAST TAXPAYER PLEASE TURN OFF THE LIGHTS ON YOUR WAY TO LIVE IN AMERICA.

  3. Frank says:

    Maybe the homeowner (homo-owner) got a two-fer on the Joseph statues.

  4. kurt9 says:

    I live in Vancouver, across the river from Portland and part of the Portland metro area. I can tell you the homeless problem in downtown Portland has definitely worsened over the past 10 years. There are a lot more of them. They used to mostly stay in “Old Town”, but are now spreading out into parts of the Pearl as well as the shopping areas (Pioneer Square area). The lefty moonbats started with the “Occupy” protests in 2011 and have worsened as well. However, most of the moonbats actually do make an effort to keep things clean and not to hassle people who want nothing to do with them. This is because they want to keep Portland “livable”. One of my suppliers has their office in Northtown, but are also talking about relocating, partly due to the homeless problem and partly due to the insane taxes of both Portland and Multnomah county (Portland is in this county).

    The next shoe to fall for the downtown Portland retailers is when regular outbreaks of Hep A and the like start to occur, like those of the homeless camps in San Diego and LA. Such outbreaks will not be good for the restaurants in downtown Portland.

  5. JamesMacArthur says:

    “Moonbatty Portland Is Becoming Unlivable”
    —why pick on just leftist Portland?

  6. DM says:

    Portland used to be so beautiful, always loved visiting. It just makes me want to cry.

  7. subotaibahadur says:

    Long before the strip of cities along the Pacific coast decided that they would functionally secede from the United States [and they have, including claiming the power to nullify Federal laws and the Constitution at will] I considered retiring to Vancouver, Washington across the river from Portland. But now, they are a hostile foreign country and we are going to have to deal with them. They will have to be either separated permanently and cut off, or forced to submit and and Reconstructed like the South. I’m glad I stayed in Colorado.

    Subotai Bahadur

  8. littlefish says:

    yah you don’t want to go there . they allow the homeless to build camps in peoples back yards . can’t hardly drive on the roads their so rough from lack of maintenance. sad once a real nice city

  9. Mo Hammed says:

    Shoot them. Shoot them dead as the threat to your life they so obviouslypresent makes clear. Rinse and repeat ad lib. Problem will be self resolving after that.

  10. Callawyn says:

    Does poverty result in higher crime rates, or does crime in a neighborhood result in poverty?

    Interesting question.

    Seems both are true, but not to the same extent.

    Studied FBI crime stats: For each racial group in the US, those living below the poverty line are roughly 10% more likely to commit crimes than the overall population of that racial group.

    On the other hand, constant low-level crimes of the type described in the article above have a devastating effect on a community. Businesses that don’t need to be located there leave and never return. The result is decades, sometimes centuries, of poverty and blight.

  11. Franklyfrank says:

    Seems Leftism is reaping what it’s sown. Fools all in the city government and who do they think will support the homeless after all the businesses have left?

  12. magic1114 says:

    They need to leave their voting habits behind if moving to a conservative state…

  13. Richard Daniels says:

    They will try to find a way to tax the suburbs. It has been tried in Atlanta and Birmingham.

  14. Frank says:

    Unfortunately, liberals take their voting habits with them the same way muslims take islam with them when they infest new areas. The process is called metastasization.

  15. Jester says:

    “They are best known for drug use, psychosis, defecation in doorways,”

    and for voting Democrat.

    Which is their sole reason for being allowed and encouraged to thrive and flourish, which will continue indefinitely as long as leftist politicians continue to need votes.

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