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Oct 25 2013

More Australian Geography From Our Liberal Media Overlords

Don’t be too hard on the boobs at NBC News, who recently published a map showing nonexistent wildfires blossoming all across Australia. Given that the priority is to advance left-wing ideology, not to reflect factual reality, gross cluelessness is the norm in the media establishment. Consider the odious dentist’s office standby Slime:

On Wednesday, Time published a story with the following rather provocative headline: Climate Change Affects Australia’s Epic Wildfires – No Matter What Prime Minister Says.

That is not only a lie but a preposterous lie, in light of the warming trend having ended over a decade ago. But to continue…

What’s worth mentioning here is that Time magazine mentioned in an earlier version of its story that New South Wales was in southwestern Australia.

Hey, you only missed by 3000km or so guys. That’s like putting Washington DC in San Diego. No biggie.

Other errors in this particular Slime article include calling UN climate clown (excuse me, I mean Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Chistiana Figueres “Christina,” and the former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard “Gilliard.”

Yet this is the media we allow to choose our government for us.

Grownups interested in the real reasons Australia’s bushfires have been severe are directed to JoNova, rather than the lying left-wing bunglers at Slime.

australia brushfires
Australia all ablaze in the imaginary world of NBC News.

On tips from Andrew in Australia and Python.

5 Responses to “More Australian Geography From Our Liberal Media Overlords”

  1. RICH says:

    With moonbattery firmly ensconced around the globe, that map of Australia on fire is very fitting. The planet (as according to plan) is turning into hell.

  2. 57 states says:

    Do they speak Austrian there?

  3. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Obviously they deserve a “GOOD JOB!” sticker for at least guessing the right continent, and a “Stays on task” for placing so many flame icons without having brushfires in the ocean. Hey, took them a while to master coloring inside the lines.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    SLIME magazine is a leftists liberal rag this is the same slimeball rag that recently did a big time article gushing for that no good little reptile MICHEAL BLOOMBERG Frankly it needs to go the same way as NEWSREEK did

  5. grayjohn says:

    Stop Global Hoaxing.

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