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Sep 20 2011

More Comic Book Brainwashing

The comic book proselytizing on behalf of moonbattery never stops. The push to get little kids to approve of homosexuality will be combined with hispandering this fall when DC Comics introduces to the Teen Titans a gay Mexican superhero named Bunker. Creator Scott Lobdell describes the new hero:

His real name is Miguel Jose Barragan. He was raised in a very small Mexican village called El Chilar. He was very loved by his family and the village as well — and they were as accepting of his homosexuality as they were to his super powers when they first manifested. To that end he grew up in an angst-free environment. He was born out of the closet and so he has a very refreshing outlook on life.

I think I see where this is going: But then Miguel came to America, land of the evil Gringo racist homophobes, et cetera, et cetera.

Generations who grew up on relatively wholesome comics that presented America as good and did not try to corrupt children with pervert role models went on to elect Barack Hussein Obama president. Who knows — maybe the constant diet of moonbat degeneracy fed to kids now will result in a rebirth of traditional values.

Bunker the pink-shirted gay Mexican teen superhero.

On a tip from Karpet. Hat tip: The Daily What.

32 Responses to “More Comic Book Brainwashing”

  1. Mickey Shea says:

    So he’s an ILLEGAL gay Mexican superhero?

  2. blue says:

    & her superpowers are what, exactly?

  3. GoY says:

    The History of Gay Comic Book Characters is not promising.

    Rawhide Kid was every negative, damaging gay stereotype dressed in a cowboy hat. Sure, he was still a good fighter and a great shooter, but he was also a nancing, effeminate goon and the exact kind of character people didn’t need to identify the gay movement with. He’s the title character, but he’s still the butt of the joke. Additionally, his antics made him, and we say this respectfully, annoying as sh-t. He says things like “toodles” and calls out “meow” when he’s being bitchy. He gives out douchey fashion advice.</blockquote


    First they came out witht these two gay super freaks APPOLO and MIDNIGHTER now its this weirdo ANYONE FOR A PAPER RECYCLING DRIVE?

  5. Dr. 9 says:

    Fear not, AIDS will save us.

  6. OMG says:

    I thought those pics of gay obama you posted the other day showed he was the first gay mexican super hero president?

  7. chuck in st paul says:

    that was from The Onion, right…??

  8. big-pete says:

    Bunker likes it in the bunker.

  9. AC says:

    Perhaps Miguel will use his superpowers to prevent his homeland from vomiting trucks full of drugs and welfare-dependent immigrants across our woefully undefended southern border.

    Just kidding, he won’t. If his superpower is homosexuality then he’ll smuggle 100 keys up his superass and donate the money to La Raza for the reconquista.

  10. AC says:

    Faster than a speeding Lobo! Able to jump tall fences in a single bound!

  11. bjd says:

    “…faster than a senator at an airport bathroom,
    more powerful than a hungry rosie o’donnell,
    able to match curtains with any slip covers
    listen, up in the sky. . .
    it’s the whistling sound of
    the illegal alien gay superhero.”
    bunker, with powers above and beyond mortal gay men disguised as a mild mannered elementary school bus driver, fights a never ending battle for: fashion sense, the bathroom bill, and the destruction of the American military.

  12. ThatDorkEricDraven says:

    Hey guys, what is an IP proxy?

    Gunther won’t tell me.

  13. Henry says:

    The sweater vest and hair product completes the picture…

  14. EP says:

    great, a super hero who can smuggle drugs and illegal aliens up his ass!

  15. Roflcoper down says:

    You bigots are ignorant and full of hate for gays because you don’t understand them.

    Nobody is trying to subvert your culture by aiming this right at your kids!

  16. Hot Tips 2011 says:

    His only known superpower is sounding like leaking
    steam when he whines……

  17. Adam says:

    Ugh. Eric/Logan’s only been banned a couple weeks, and already someting else comes along that makes me feel embarassed to be a comic fan (Though I rarely read DC, who published Teen Titans; I usually stick to Marvel).
    The writers I guess just figured that a character who represents two different minorities (Even if they are two who aren’t exactly sympathetic to each other, as I’ll explain below), might attract them a little attention, and wanted another excuse to demonize conservatives who will undoubtedly be portrayed as villains in any storylines that feature Bunker. While I’d imagine the gays will be excited by this, I’d imagine the vast majority of Latino comic fans like my best friend Jon won’t like Bunker at all, for a couple reasons:
    1. On the whole, Latinos are REALLY not big fans of gays. When Prop 8 was on the ballot in 2008, the only racial group that voted more heavily in favor of it than Latinos were blacks. This in turn makes it all the moe ridiculous that, according to the article, Bunker’s family and community would all supposedly be instantly accepting of his sexuality, let alone his powers(Especially considering it’s described that he came from a very small, isolated village). Yeah, right. Even for a comic book, that’s pretty farfetched.
    2. Kind of going along with reason #1, there aren’t a whole lot of Latino heroes in comics (A couple notable exceptions are Victor Mancha from ‘Runaways’ and Reptil from ‘Avengers Academy’), so to have one of the few new ones to come along and attract attention turn out to not only be gay, but an ultra- stereotypical wimpy, effeminate- looking gay guy like Bunker, will probably not be something that Latino comic fans will react very favorably to.
    In plain English, the writers are alienating the very demographic they had clearly been hoping to appeal to by creating Bunker. Hopefully he’ll be a major flop and get killed off in less than a year.

  18. The Watcher says:

    So…if you’re in El Paso and you can’t decide whether to paint the bedroom ecru or soft ivory, you call on Bunker to save the day?

  19. John Lewis says:

    I somehow doubt that a very small rural Mexican village
    would be accepting of homosexuality.

  20. Sinister66 says:

    The Watcher

    I think if you know what the color ecru looks like, you might be Binkers sidekick.

  21. Bob Roberts says:

    Wrong on so many levels – first, you’re not “born gay”, you choose that lifestyle at some point, based on a variety of influences. Second, an openly gay person in Mexico would not fare so well – their culture is even less accepting of such things than ours is. But Dave’s comment is right on – just as the excesses of the Democrats in Congress and Obama have fueled a backlash (time will tell if it is too extreme or not), this sort of nonsense will likely end up hurting, not helping, the causes of the LGBT crowd.

  22. Bob Roberts says:

    Ecru describes the shade greyish-pale yellow or a light greyish-yellowish brown. It is often used to describe such fabrics as silk and linen in their unbleached state.

    OK so which is it? Greyish pale yellow or light greyish yellow brown? Once again they can’t seem to make up their minds and actually pick!

  23. Bob Roberts says:

    And no, Sinister 66, I’m NOT applying to be Binkers’ sidekick!

  24. GoY says:

    I somehow doubt that a very small rural Mexican village would be accepting of homosexuality.

    There is a misguided progressive faith in the tolerance of third worlders that is seldom borne out in reality.

  25. son of a preacher man says:

    It is just another take on the noble savage myth.

  26. whotothewhat says:

    Whats Bunkers Life Partners’s Name? could it be Buster.


    If he is into pink then maybe he is vulndtible to blue lets exposes him to some bluebirds and watch him strink intoa worm which the birds will eat

  28. KHarn says:


  29. Right Reason says:

    The comic book is directed at the Hispanic, small-village, gay, comic-book reading fans.

    Of course, that population is maybe two guys and a goat. Does not bode well for sales. And guess what, DC? The point is to sell the magazine, not print crap to make yourself feel “progressive.”

    So let me guess how this will work. DC will use the profits from its popular comic books (Batman, Superman) to pay the costs for unwanted, unprofitable and worthless schlock. Sounds a lot like the Democratic economic plan.

  30. Cameraman says:

    So whats his Superpower? Making Mocho Grande Burritos disappear up his Butt! What a sick concept! God I know its a sin to HATE but could you make and exception For Liberals?


    The INFERIOR FIVE could kick his prissy little pink butthole

  32. TWS says:

    The comics are not looking for a new readers. That ship has sailed. The price of comics and the small rack space makes it an ever shrinking pool of readers. Comics companies are looking for marketable products for movies television, etc.

    A gay character is pure inside baseball. They want to look ‘significant’ and ‘daring’ for investors. They want the controversy so that when Joe Executive’s gay assistant is looking for a new property they’ll pick something from DC. Not ‘El Flaming Blade’ of course, that would be monetary suicide, but maybe one of their other thirty thousand non-gay characters.

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