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Feb 13 2012

Multiculturalism Hits British Restrooms

One of the many benefits of multiculturalism is that it keeps janitors busy at Britain’s Swansea University, helping to ensure their employment. But apparently the janitors have been kept a little too busy:

Bosses at Swansea University have put up signs instructing students how to use the toilets properly after some were found in a mess. They show images of both the correct and incorrect ways to use the loos.

They have blamed “cultural differences” in the way that the toilets are used by foreign students.

A university spokeswoman said: “The posters were produced to help address cultural differences that were unfortunately causing damage and hygiene issues.

“Swansea University is a multi-cultural campus community and the informational posters were produced, for use in both male and female facilities.”

According to one student,

“Most of us found the posters quite funny until we realised it wasn’t meant as a joke.”

The same could be said for multiculturalism in general. Speaking of which, isn’t it ethnocentric to insist on Third World students using toilets according to Western conceptions of sanitation?

At least students are learning something in college.

On a tip from Air2air.

54 Responses to “Multiculturalism Hits British Restrooms”

  1. Mickey Shea says:

    Heh heh…jungle bunnies and sand spooks. Unbelievable.

  2. HTA! says:

    Remove the plate from your bottom lip, dont throw spears at the teacher and dont eat the pets.

    It’s 2011. Multiculturalism has failed because >50% of the world’s cultures are socialist shitholes run by kleptocrats. Stop importing them. Elect leaders that worship God-given freedom.

  3. HTA! says:

    WAS 2011.

  4. lao says:

    I wonder how many Americans visiting France thought bidets were water fountains?

  5. IslandLifer says:

    DONT use your left hand to wipe your ass, use the paper.

  6. StanInTexas says:

    Sure Lao, because SOOOOO many restrooms in America have water fountains right next to toilets.


  7. IslandLifer says:

    Lao, makes me wonder how many Canucks mistake our drinking/water fountains for bidets. Maybe that’s where our ecoli outbreaks are coming from. Only them Canadian bacon and French toast like water pressurized up their anus. Rather disgusting if you ask me.

  8. Captain Splatter says:

    So sue me.

  9. lao says:

    poor stanwee learned about bidets from Crocodile Dundee.

  10. Logic Mine says:


    You are supposedly smart enough to go to college but can’t figure out how to use a toilet properly when taking a SH** ?

    I’d say that should disqualify you right off the bat!

  11. nobarack08 says:

    Remember half the world [The part that Obama is used too – Kenya, Indonesia, etc] doesn’t even use toilet paper.

    So they need to remind them, to wipe with the left hand and shake with the right.

    Camels not included.

  12. Logic Mine says:

    ANSWER TO LAO’s QUESTION: “I wonder how many Americans visiting France thought bidets were water fountains?”

    Exactly the number of Democrats who have been there.

  13. StanInTexas says:

    Poor Lao, always excusing depravity.

  14. lao says:

    LOL!! poor stanwee is in for a terrible awakening if he ever visits the third world.

  15. StanInTexas says:

    Loa, you mean like Canada?

  16. Canis lupus says:

    Somalies think whites are dirty so they use the toilets by squatting on the seats, therefore cannot use a toilet seat properly.
    Yet some people tease Americans by stating they dont know what a bidet is.

  17. Logic Mine says:

    Well, I guess we can’t accuse the Solalies as SMART then can we?

  18. Bloodless Coup says:

    What good are written instuctions if you can’t read english?

    I guess the pictures help.

    Unless of course they think the illustrations depict a variety of different options or something.

    Or maybe they understand perfectly well. They just enjoy making extra work for the infidels.

  19. Beef says:

    Justice Breyer just had his own run in with multi-cultuarlism:

    If, as they say, a liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet, maybe this will help with the makeup of the court.

  20. KHarn says:

    The Mexicans at my work place would throw used toilet paper into the wastepaper basket.

    LAO is still an idiot. While you may think it’s “racist” to point out cultural diffrences, it’s just as “racist” to act like there ARE NO diffrences.

  21. Jimbo says:

    That is very racist of the Brits – expecting everyone to shat as they do. So, so racist. Hilariously disgusting.

    I have some friends who refitted a Japanese Oil Platform for the Cook Inlet oil fields – the first thing they did was replace the funky Japanese squat-toilets. Then the Japanese consultants showed up and didn’t know how to use them – so, just as the picture above, they’d squat-stand on the toilet seat. You can imagine – American roughnecks got a LOT of mileage out of that…

  22. Festivus says:

    “Like Canada?”


  23. lao says:

    khArn, throwing used toilet paper in the wastepaper basket provided, was standard procedure in Ecuador when I visited there ten years ago.

    As for the rest of your screed, it’s your usual straw man attack. I said NOTHING about racism.

  24. Lao in Space says:


  25. Logic Mine says:

    Sorry Lao,

    But did you just make an assumption that somehow 3rd world countries are somehow “more intelligent” or “better” than the United States of America and Great Britain ?

    I mean, is that your argument? No WAY IN HELL, is Somalia or any other 3rd world SH*THOLE better or smarter. And as far as Somalia, I still remember what they did to our fallen soldiers. Dragging them down the street for all the cameras to see.

    Somalia, your time is about up. If it were up to me, Somolia would be the WORLD’s distibutor in RADIOACTIVE GLASS.

  26. chuck in st paul says:

    Back in the 60’s when I was at Clark AFB in the PI we had exactly the same issue. It was never a surprise to see the dusty or muddy imprint of shower shoes on the toilet seat when you went into the john.

    I’m back in the PI right now on Negros Island. Pretty much none of the public johns have toilet paper because the locals empty the roll and take it home so you always carry your own. I will admit that in the big city you don’t see the footprints on the toilet seats these days. Progress, I guess.

  27. lao says:

    logic, you seem specialize in using none. I made no such assumption.

  28. Son of Taz says:

    If that happens here, it won’t be signage that gets put up. At state colleges, bids will be sought for building separate outdoor facilities. They will be built by union labor of course.

    Then, some Harvard-educated professor, overwrought with white guilt, will realize the state will have created “separate but equal” facilities. There will be protests where the state educated students will burn down the facilities. The college president will have to resign in disgrace.

    ahhhh…….it was all just a daydream….

  29. KHarn says:

    “lao says:February 13, 2012 at 4:29 pm”

    “Racist” is tatooed on your neo-commie “brain”, it’s the standard battle cry for idiots like you; I was just making it easy for you.

    You’re an idiot not only for your bewliefs (Which you NEVER defend), but for the fact you STUPIDLY thought Americans would mistake a bidet for a DRINKING FOUNTAIN! YOU must have done that and thought others were as stupid as yourself.

  30. Alan says:

    “What good are written instuctions if you can’t read [E]nglish?” Bingo. The signs need to be in Arabic. Yes, we’re talking to YOU.

    The story I heard was, Mexico City lies in a bowl depression between the mountains, and backed-up plumbing is a serious problem. It’s better for the pipes not to “flush” the paper, especially if said paper comes from a catalog or phone book. American toilet paper rots in the jungle humidity in about one day.

    And no, I didn’t know what a bidet was the first time I saw one. I still know how to use it, but if I were going to Europe or wherever I’D LEARN. News flash: WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO. Or stay home.

  31. Eric says:

    Wow, have I been living in a cave. Since when did tampons become “sanitary” waste? A few years ago, OSHA classified used band aids as bio-hazardous waste to be handled with extreme care. A little band aid with a dried up spot of blood and some anti-bodies/white blood cells is dangerous, but a blood soaked human egg filled diaper is sanitary? Might as well pee on the floor, at least urine is sterile.

  32. lao says:

    kharN I do enjoy your anger at my little bidet joke, at least you are finally responding to something I actually said.

  33. Henry says:

    lao’s just mad the muzzies aren’t shitting in his mouth…

  34. Simon says:

    Studies and anecdotal evidence show that minorities are less intelligent than white people. That’s probably why they can’t figure out how to use the loo.

  35. A. Levy says:

    Ahh, the wonders of diversity. I wonder if the Brits have finally figured out that they no longer have their own country. It’s not only the floors that are being crapped on, but the British people as well. Apparently, they don’t mind.

  36. For more info on muslim bathroom “etiquette” see the below link – interesting the new multicultural toilet looks & works somewhat like a bidet:

  37. TED says:

    Yep, full fleged liberals, have to be potty trained.

  38. Canis lupus says:

    If throwing used toilet paper in a wastepaper basket was standard operating procedure, that is very dangerous. Not only does it make the bathroom smell bad but promotes the spread of disease through feces and occult blood. Why toss soiled toilet paper in the trash when it could be easily flushed down the toilet AND prevent the spread of disease?

    I guess this makes me a racist.

  39. Bloodless Coup says:

    I know of a situation where a Muslim food service worker got in trouble for washing his feet in the sink before his frequent prayers. (5 times a day)

    When the public complained about this guy sticking his feet in the same sink where they washed their handsm ,the Muslim employee demanded that his employer install a foot bath as a “reasonable accomodation”.

    No, he didn’t get this foot bath installed, and he was told to never stick his filthy feet in the sink again, but he also did not get fired.

  40. Kevin says:

    Lao: Thanks to Liberals, we now know that one need not overtly SAY something or DO something racist to be labeled racist. Your intent is all that matters, and you intended to demean one group to make another group feel superior.

    You and your Libby friends made this bed, now shut up and go to sleep little one.

  41. lao says:

    canis, as has already been pointed out, the rationale behind putting used toilet paper in a disposal basket was because the plumbing system could not handle toilet paper without getting clogged. The baskets were lined with plastic bags and disposed of daily.

    Re Kevin @7:34 am: I love delusional far right mind-readers, particularly when they completely flip what has actually been said.

    Whose behavior, as exhibited in this thread, have blount and his far right parrots demeaned?

    Pardon my laughter.

  42. StanInTexas says:

    Well, Lao, since you asked…

    We have demeanded the behaviour of pathetic savages that treat an indoor room like a garbage dump, just becasue they are too stupid to act any different.

    We have demeanded the behaviour of the school officials that think putting up signs is the way to deal with people too savage and too stupid to be allowed to interact with civilized people.

    We have demeanded the behaviour of Liberals who support this savagery and criticize the individuals who do not like to have a room that they pay for trashed daily and left reeking of feces.

    And we have demeaned the behaviour of idiots like you that come on here and support this savagery, only because the rest of us are against it.

    You may go now.

  43. lao says:

    FYI stanwee, in Ecuador, there were instruction signs, in English, in washrooms, explaining what to do with toilet paper and why.

    Thanks for confirming my 8:00 am post by the way, your profound stupidity is always good for more laughs.

  44. StanInTexas says:

    And keep standing up for the savages that cannot even be in a civilized area without trashing it, Lao. They are your people, just like the OWS clowns that piss and crap wherever the want to.

    Your pathetic attempt to counter anything a Conservative says cements your standing as a impotent liberal hack.

  45. Canis lupus says:

    I have been posting on this site for quite a while. Sometimes I read your comments, sometimes I dont. This is because I am really so tired of being harrassed and annoyed because of my political beliefs. I dont wish you any ill will. I think I speak for everyone here when I say all I want is to be allowed to live a happy life. If a person wants to immigrate to a civilized western country, thats fine. But they have to live up to OUR standards. That includes using the bathroom in a manner that does not spread disease. Squatting on a toilet seat to deficate or urinate is not only dirty, but promotes illness. If the citizens of those western countries dislike the practices of some immigrants then that is not unreasonable. I cannot understand your seething hatred for us. All we want is to live a healthy happy life.

  46. Kevin says:

    “Re Kevin @7:34 am: I love delusional far right mind-readers, particularly when they completely flip what has actually been said.

    Whose behavior, as exhibited in this thread, have blount and his far right parrots demeaned?

    Pardon my laughter.”

    Lao, if I had a dollar for every Liberal talking point you’ve utilized in this thread I’d have enough to buy a bidet for my own toilet. It’s cute, how you think you’re soooooooo original in thought and sooooooo smart and sooooooo clever.

    And stop laughing. People are starting to stare.

  47. 762x51 says:

    lao says:
    February 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    LOL!! poor stanwee is in for a terrible awakening if he ever visits the third world.

    The only way most would want to “visit” the Third World asshole, is on the video screen of the UCAV we were going to use to incinerate their barbaric ass.

  48. lao says:

    Canis please! “seething hatred”???? Look over some of the comments directed at me to get a taste of that.

    I don’t “hate” anybody here, let alone the seething variety. The best example of that on this website would be jimbo.

    I do call out stupidity and lies on a regular basis.

    I don’t disagree that squatting on a toilet seat is dirty, but it’s based on those people simply not understanding how western plumbing works.

    These people come from countries where squatting over a hole is the norm. Do you expect their own countries are going to provide them with tips on what to do when they move to the first world? I doubt there are Lonely Planet guides for third worlders.

    I haven’t been for quite some time but when I flew in to Kathmandu I had to visit the facilities in the airport. I found a hole in a concrete floor and no toilet paper. Having prepared in advance, I had the former item with me.

    I’ve already pointed out the norm in Ecuador and that hotels in that country provided instructions in English for what was expected.

    The instructions noted in the thread header are no different. stanwee’s amazing denunciation of those people as “savages” demonstrates the bizarre chauvinism that some adopt. They figure people coming from completely different cultures will automatically understand how things are done here. They don’t.

    Americans overseas are certainly not immune from making cultural errors.

    Getting all bent out of shape because it may be necessary to provide instruction in something that seems obvious to us is particularly ignorant.

  49. lao says:

    And of course 38,862 is right up there with jimbo.

  50. Logic Mine says:


    You insinuating me of “not specializing in any logic” is like a drunk preaching about how to stay sober.

  51. lao says:

    Too funny logic. Your post @5:30 jumped to a conclusion that bore no relationship to reality. I’m used to straw man attacks though.

  52. JT says:

    Douchebag lAo LoL!

  53. Amalia says:

    LaoZee, you are a fucking idiot. And completely insane, as you keep coming here, thinking you’re shooting down “lies” and “stupidity” when it’s you spouting lies and stupidity.

    You might not have seething hatred for us (another lie), but I certainly have seething hatred for you, because I hate liberal, communist, uppity non-Americans. You cannot just go without insulting Americans in any way, can you? Face it, LaoZee – our plumbing is plain superior (and by ours I mean the West’s plumbing) and our method of shitting in a toilet is more sanitary, especially if one is using a Western-style toilet. You can bitch about Americans and bidets all you want, but the fact remains that apparently SOME non-Westerners in the UK are too fucking stupid to use a Western toilet properly, and have to be TOLD to use it properly in the form of the poster you see above. Americans and fucking bidets in fucking France have nothing to do with anything, especially since there’s actually NO evidence whatsoever that any American actually ever shat or pissed in a fucking bidet in goddamn fucking France, of all places.

    Note to the fucking idiot LaoZee – the best jokes have a grain of truth in them. Yours has none. Laugh at your own lies and stupidity all you want – you’ll be the only one laughing.

  54. Noelegy says:

    Lao, I have friends who have a bidet in their home. They live in Virginia. I did NOT think it was a water fountain when I visited.

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