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Apr 21 2017

Muslims Exploit Israeli Humanitarianism for Terror Purposes

According to Islam, nothing is forbidden in the context of imposing Islam on others. Over the centuries, this has helped Islam to spread through violent means. It has also produced a culture with no meaningful concept of morality or even basic decency. This is what we are up against:

Israeli authorities on Wednesday morning intercepted material used to manufacture explosive devices hidden inside spools of medical material at the Erez Crossing, the Shin Bet announced in a statement.

According to the statement, the material was located during the security check at the crossing in the luggage of two sisters who are residents of the Gaza Strip. The two women had been approved to enter Israel for the purpose of receiving medical treatment for cancer, which one of the two sisters suffers from.

An initial Shin Bet investigation indicated that the explosives were sent by Hamas and that the group was planning to carry out terror attacks in Israel in the near future…

Muslims know their opponents are decent, so they make appeals to mercy. This mercy is exploited to create opportunities to murder the innocent on behalf of Islam.

According to a Shin Bet statement,

“The terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, including Hamas, continue to exploit the humanitarian and medical assistance provided by Israel to the residents of the Gaza Strip in order to perpetrate terrorist attacks in Israel.”

Meanwhile, we are told that all cultures are equal, except Western culture, which is less equal than the others.

Islam versus the West.

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5 Responses to “Muslims Exploit Israeli Humanitarianism for Terror Purposes”

  1. Azsteve53 says:

    The Israelis are on top of this kind if terorist shenanigans. I guess they trust no Arab, sick, well, young or old. All are up to something nefarious in the eyes of the IDF, an excellent way to do business

  2. Andrew Pearce says:

    Same old, same old. Been seeing this on the news and reading about it for more than 40 years. Ambulances full of bombs, mosques full of explosive, Palis saved by Israeli doctors who recover and come back with a bomb, international aid money used to buy guns and rockets, et al. Nothing new here.

  3. Wilberforce says:

    Having just returned from Israel, I can attest that Shin Bet are the best at what they do…

  4. 762x51 says:

    Meanwhile in related news, Paris has experienced more Islamic jihad outreach.

    By now you’ve read about the latest mass shooting of unarmed police in Paris yesterday, by someone named Muhammad, or Macmoud, or Abdullah, motives are unknown at this time. It turns out though that the muzzrat murderer “served nearly 15 years in prison after being convicted of three attempted murders, two against police officers, and was released on parole in 2015.”

    The attacker was shot dead by police in the

    Paris shooting: gunman served 15 years for attempted police murders

    Marine LePen may win in a landslide, assuming that the cowardly French have had enough and want to fight back instead of providing hajji with free “humanitarian aid”.

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