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Nov 10 2017

Muslims Hijack Swedish Radio Station

The vast hordes of Muslims imported into Sweden recently are becoming part of the local culture faster than we realized. Already they have enriched the multicultural tapestry on Swedish airwaves:

One of Sweden’s largest radio stations played 30 minutes of Islamic State propaganda Friday after the airwaves were hijacked.

ISIS recruitment song “For the sake of Allah” suddenly started playing in the southern part of the country during a popular morning show on radio station Mix Megapol. The song is about three minutes long and played on repeat without interruption.

The lyrics of the track urges western sympathizers to join the terror group by promising maidens for them in paradise.

Apparently, a pirate transmitter was used to override the station’s frequency and bring Swedes tomorrow’s programming today.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

14 Responses to “Muslims Hijack Swedish Radio Station”

  1. Occam's Stubble says:

    The lyrics of the track urges western sympathizers to join the terror group by promising maidens for them in paradise.

    LOL. Do they really think that’s going to work on young men who, by comparison, already have easy access to “maidens” in the here and now?

    Remember Francis “Psycho” Sawyer from Stripes? “All I know is I finally get to kill someone.” That’s the only people they’ll be getting from the west.

  2. dds100 says:

    Research shows that mass immigration and diversity are destroying the social capital of Whites

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone IS White Genocide

    Its a crime, not a policy

  3. dds100 says:

    Took a second to get this…. !!! We’re all so naive about Islam and all the third world!!!

  4. Frank says:

    The jerks they’re trying to recruit aren’t necessarily westerners. Plenty of Impressionable, hormome-soaked young muslim bucks are ripe for the picking.

  5. NMS says:

    Shut the f-up loser. It is the degradation of western values that is destroying our nations you racist shit.

  6. Nick Testa says:

    Don’t worry snowflake SJW progressives will have you believe these are just “good people looking for a better life”.

    I honestly believe these SJW anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-west morons welcome these Muslim degenerates because the conservatives are opposed to opening the door and holding it for these radical Muslim degenerate conquerors. In short – they are wiling to destroy their own country, culture – risk their safety and allow their country to be conquered all because they don’t like conservatives, and they’re too stubborn to admit they’re wrong and the conservatives were right.

    When do you think these progressive SJW tyrants realize that they were wrong about these Muslims? because I just read a story about a progressive SJW Swede whom was gang raped by a bunch of Muslim ‘migrant’ conquerors, and her perception of Islam hasn’t changed – as a matter of fact she blamed herself for the rape in her own country none the less…

    Are these progressives really that brainwashed? they’re willing to be gang raped in the name of “tolerance”???

    If they’re that stupid they belong in a mental hospital or a camp because they’re just as dangerous as the gang rapists..

  7. Nick Testa says:


    No, it’s progressives and their tolerance for all things evil. Narcissistic sadistic progressives are destroying the United States due to their hatred of classical liberalism, Christianity and white people.. So they embrace anything that is anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-American because it’s their goal to destroy what they’ve been brainwashed to hate.

    And sorry diversity doesn’t work because diversity of ideas don’t work. Do I believe classical liberal/libertarian/conservative minorities could live in harmony with classical liberal/libertarian/conservative whites? absolutely and they do, however the problem is that MOST minorities are NOT classical liberal/libertarian/conservative – they’re progressive and progressives are degenerate Marxist narcissistic sadists that don’t give a shit about anything or anyone BUT themselves…

    In short, progressives militant hatred for anyone that doesn’t adhere to their batshit crazy politics causes problems because progressives are violent assholes that love to start shit and break shit which causes issues in sane communities.

  8. NMS says:

    I agree with what you are saying, diversity for diversity’s sake is nonsense. Importing people into the Western world who do not want to work, do not share our values, and do not really consider themselves as a member of the nation in which they live will only have negative consequences. However, I feel zero urge to protect my “race” only to protect a system worth buying into and making a meaningful contribution toward.

  9. Nick Testa says:

    I agree with you, I’m not racist however I am prejudiced against progressives/democrats, and most blacks are democrats and most democrats are total and complete degenerates…. You can go to any ghetto in this country and 99% of the people that live in that ghetto are democrats and their community is a ghetto because of democrats..

    I would have absolutely no problem with anyone from any race living in my community just as long as they share the same values as me and the rest of the community…

    I presently live in a diverse community, my neighborhood is like 30% Mexican, but you know what? they’re middle class Christian conservative Mexicans and they don’t tolerate ghetto gang nonsense just like I don’t… Now, on the other side of my town there are housing projects — guess who lives there? right, the blacks, and guess where the majority of crime in my community is committed? right, the projects, and guess who commits the majority of crime in my community? right, the blacks…… I’ve been where I’m at for around 10 years now. When I first moved in there wasn’t a whole lot of violent crime (or even crime in general) because the people that live in this community aren’t violent…. Fast forward 5 years, they built the housing projects and relocated project blacks from Chicago to this housing project…. Now, this year alone we’ve had 8 murders – all committed by blacks, armed robberies, assaults, break-ins etc……… Heck, the other day some black woman who’s from the projects beat her kid to death… She beat her 4 year-old to death….

    Oh and let me point out, these black project degenerates are EXTREMELY rude – they literally act as if they’re entitled – a few months back a black guy walks into this gas station, everyone is waiting in line and this guy literally walks right up to the cashier cutting in front of everyone and starts buying crap — these black degenerates have some of the most blunt anti-social behavior…….It’s disgusting. It’s like they have no morals or ethics .

    I suppose my point is, when 80% of a race are a bunch of anti-social degenerates they cannot coexist with a community that has morals and ethics…

    These blacks here walk around like they own everything and they can just take what they want when they want………I honestly hate them and I honestly don’t like blacks until I can confirm they’re OK people — and yes — there are plenty of decent black folks in my town too but they’re the exception to the rule.

    IMO, I think these black degenerates act this way because WHITE progressives have given them permission to act like a bunch of degenerate animals because you now “slavery” or “racism”…

    Oh and BTW, I could NOT blame anyone for being racist against blacks here after observing their degenerate behavior …..

    And this isn’t exclusive to my town, everywhere I’ve lived the people from the black community – which is the ghetto – have all behaved the same way……… This is cultural… And that culture cannot coexist with my (and millions of others) morals and ethics, and there is nothing racist about it… If they want to behave they’re welcome but the truth is the majority cant.

  10. NMS says:

    Dude that sucks that your neighborhood is like that. Just imagine for a second that perhaps this is learned behavior that has little to do with imprinted genetics and a whole lot to do with social engineering that democrats have relentlessly pushed on the black community for the last 50 odd years.

  11. Nick Testa says:

    It’s both a learned and tolerated behavior…. The behavior is perpetuated by progressives blaming their behavior on “racism” or in short: “it’s white peoples fault black males enjoy shooting other black males”.

  12. Saxon Warrior says:

    Some of them will finally admit that they are wrong only when terrorism becomes a permanent state of affairs to them.

    And there is nothing more permanent than the wailing and gnashing of teeth….

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