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Jun 29 2012

NAACP Demands an End to Texas Lottery

Under rule by moonbats, everyone has to live in accordance with proscriptions that are only appropriate for the most resolutely irresponsible. For example,

The Dallas NAACP chapter wants the Texas lottery to close up shop.

Members of the nation’s oldest civil-rights group say they are frustrated by poor and minority Texans spending their money on tickets instead of necessities such as rent or health insurance…

Now do you understand why the government has to provide housing and medical care?

Bureaucrats who do not succumb to the NAACP’s demands risk accusations of racism, the cudgel that instills terror in every weakling’s heart.

At least the reasoning is consistent. If minorities spend their whole welfare check on lottery tickets, no one should be allowed to buy lottery tickets. Similarly, if minorities run wild in the streets shooting each other over trivial disagreements, no one should be allowed to exercise their right to bear arms.

If government dependency infantilizes blacks any further, they will forget how to use toilets. Then will come demands that we all be forced to wear diapers.

obama diapers

On tips from StanInTexas, Shawn, and Mickey Shea.

18 Responses to “NAACP Demands an End to Texas Lottery”

  1. WhereIsOurPinochet says:

    “they will forget how to use toilets”

    Uhmmm have you ever been to Africa?

    Jigs are so fucking stupid: let’s ban the lottery whose proceeds benefit us. Meanwhile all the other stupid crap we buy – KFC, McD’s, smokes, Air Jordans, malt liquor, chrome rims larger than 18 inches, iPhones, oversized baseball caps – dat all be whitey’s fault somehow. He keepin us down.

    The best way to ADVANCE colored people, if that is what the NAACP purports to support, is to send them back to Africa where they can live in mud huts and get back to hunting and gathering, far away from the white devil who has given them one of the most luxurious free rides in all of human history.

  2. Spider says:

    How typical. Rather than teach their people about self-control, self-respect, and personal responsibility, the always-racist naacp perfers to change the rules for everyone, other than their own people. I wonder if they gave any thought to the fact that state lotteries help pay for all those welfare checks, Medicaid, food stamps, etc.

  3. FrankW says:

    The naacp just made their most racist statement ever. They are calling all blacks stupid (or at least Texas blacks). After all the lottery is a tax on stupid people (and does not care about color).
    If they want to be non-racist all they have to do is illustrate the odds of winning a lottery are bigger than getting hit by lightning. And then tell their enablers not to buy tickets. After a while the lottery will go out of business.

  4. Henry says:

    The NAACP hates children.

    2/3 of net proceeds go to funding education. Frankly, they need to double or triple participation of the poor/groids – it’s just about the only way to get them to pay THEIR fair share.

  5. Pete says:

    Poor folk spend much more than the better off on lotteries. Poor folk get housing subsidies, food stamps. Maybe fewer foods stamps, etc. would be needed without the lotteries.

  6. LadyGun12 says:

    Back when getting a lottery in Texas was being debated, these folks were all for it, because it was supposed to be for the CHIDRUN. Now that they’ve realized the poorest among them cannot be trusted with the decision NOT to purchase a lottery ticket, suddenly it’s racist. I tell ya, I’m gonna pull a muscle with all the eye-rolling I’ve done lately.

  7. Mickey Shea says:

    Aren’t black folks lucky to have the NAACP to watch over them and their foolish ways?

  8. Jimbo says:

    Unfortunately, the majority of the blacks are uneducated and lazy, some are able to assimilate, but I honestly believe most don’t have the psychological make up to make the transition … they are vacuous in thier minds, they poison the minds and hearts of their offspring, they reproduce like animals, with about as much care and concern, and they live in their ghettos (they turn everything they are given into a ghetto, because this is a reflection of what’s in their hearts and minds – chaos), just like they do in Mozambique, and they hustle on a street level, they are not interested in education or advancement by legitimate “honest, worked for” means … why should we Americans have to put up with (coddle and carry) these people? I can understand why the so called black “leaders” want to attend to coddling this nest of vipers, but I don’t see any benefit to Americans .. Americans get the shaft for these lazy, selfish criminals. Do we have a responsibility to provide this level of cover for these miscreants? Free food, free housing, free education, free medical care (all paid for by hard working Americans) and now free cash cards they can use for booze, drugs, sex, gambling, whatever … Everything is predicated upon personal responsibility .. you don’t get anything except ‘a chance’ .. if you don’t pitch in and work … you get NOTHING!!! SCREW YOU!!! I have no interest in your whining… I’d rather see you shot.

    I’d like to see America split down the middle, the libs can have half and the conservatives can take the other half … I don’t even care which half … I like more moderate weather, since I live in California, but I’ll move to the mountains in Montana, that’s ok … just as long as I don’t have to put up with liberals … conservatives why are we playing nice with libs? Let’s call a spade a spade (go ahead and laugh).

  9. jerry says:

    these people get their brains from the same pile of shit that libs use. Fuck’em ill who do these jig asshole think they are. maybe the KKK was a good thing after all

  10. wingmann says:

    That diaper should be RED.

  11. Canis lupus says:

    In the comments regarding the article about the girl who was killed, someone actually blamed the NRA. Kinda consistent with the mentality of stopping the lottery in Texas.

  12. Vic Kelley says:

    A more just and reasonable decision would be to remove the food stamps, housing assistance, and welfare that these coloreds enjoy so that they HAVE to spend their other money on living necessities like many of us have to do. Let the NAACP campaign among their own kind on this issue, but if the rest of us want to participate in the lottery then we should be free to do so.

  13. WhereIsOurPinochet says:


    All responsible people need to understand that that situation will eventually arrive, involuntarily, when the financial system collapses. When that happens, you want to be wearing kevlar. These black mob attacks are only a hint of what’s to come. We have a population of millions of worthless illiterate black womb turds who refuse to integrate, abhor education and learning, have a <90 I.Q., have no work ethic or sense of decency or morals, and are therefore unable to work at anything not involving hustling, smack dealing, or pimping. These ANIMALS are utterly dependent on the system and when the system blows up, they will revert to their genetic predisposition of HUNTER-GATHERERS. As for what they will hunt, every person of every race needs to understand this very clearly:

    In a famine situation, FERAL BLACKS WILL EAT *YOU*.

  14. ego says:

    I actually agree with this.. not for the reasons they cited.. but on the fact that the lottery is mostly a sham tax anyway.

    Plus they aren’t wasting their money.. it’s our money they are giving then they go buy lottery tickets with it.

    Plus it would be nice not to have to stand behind them when i’m trying to pay for my gas to get to work while they scratch away. Nothing pisses me of more than when they win a free ticket so I get to sit through the whole shebang again while they use their free try.

    Screw the lotto. It’s just another tax that benefits nobody in the long run.

  15. ice eater says:

    Still solving problems by making everyone do somthing when some shold be stopped. Rules ruels rules on all when real penaltires on those doing the wrong are not in place or not enforced. How about a simple penaqlty – win over XX in the lottery and we deduct your food stamp and other govt benefits, how about get caught doing voter fraud and get serious jail time. Hoew about trun in a welfare cheat and get a % of the savings.

  16. Sgt Stadenko says:

    Simple solution: do not allow lottery tickets to be sold in predominately black neighborhoods.

    Watch the NAACP tie itself in knots.

  17. Adam says:

    I think we’re developing a minor Moby infestation.

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