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May 03 2012

Neurological Basis of Liberalism Discovered

To cure the degenerative disease that is destroying our civilization, first we must understand it. Fortunately, science is making progress in its investigation of the causes of liberalism:

Matthew Clark, 39, of Lincoln, England and his brother Michael Clark, 42, last year were diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder described as “terminal leukodystrophy,” causing them to lose the ability to think and behave as adults, The Telegraph reported.

After a phase of throwing temper tantrums and watching cartoons, the brothers have gradually lost the ability to talk and walk, leaving them crawling around their parents’ home, the U.K. tabloid Mirror reported.

If Keith Olbermann was fired from Current TV for having reached this phase, the Americans With Disabilities Act may help him win his lawsuit.

It’s tempting to ridicule liberals, but remember: you’re only a severe case of leukodystrophy away from sharing their views. What the hell, ridicule liberals anyway.

Another case of late stage terminal leukodystrophy.

On a tip from B1bbet.

7 Responses to “Neurological Basis of Liberalism Discovered”

  1. Momster says:

    Poor Chris–tingling legs AND a really bad hair day!

  2. Gunny G says:

    Chrissy would open his mouth and take in whatever Obama told him to. They both are sickening specimens of mankind. WHERE is Darwin when you need him!?

  3. james says:

    Chris just need a wonderful man to hold him tight, but Obama is already taken.

  4. Henry says:

    The word around Man’s Country is Chairman Obamao likes oral gratification from older, white men…

    I’m sure Tingles would be happy to open wide.

  5. Bob Roberts says:

    As annoying as our troll ALWAYS is, I think we should find the people best suited to treat this disorder and send him to them.

  6. travis wilde says:

    Great Grandma come from Italy at the turn of the last century (for OWS, that means around 1900) and settled on Mulberry Street – one block from Chinatown in NYC. Grandma and Mom were born and raised there and later moved to a tenement on Catherine Street.
    Can I claim Asian heritage? Oh, wait, Asians are not a protected group; never mind … I’ll have the chow fun.

  7. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    A tingling leg and slobber-flinging, hyperspeed word salad must be diagnostic symptoms of leukodystrophy.

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