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Jan 02 2013

New French Tradition Continues: 1,200 Cars Torched

After liberals have eradicated our traditions, new traditions will be established. Progressive France provides a festive example. The hordes of Islamic welfare colonists who elected socialist president François Hollande make this colorful contribution to the multicultural tapestry of New France:

A New Year’s Eve tradition for some in France of torching empty, parked cars has continued into 2013.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Tuesday that 1,193 vehicles were burned overnight around the country, where the stunt began in the 1990s.

“In France’s rundown suburbs, it has become as much of a New Year tradition as champagne and fireworks in more affluent neighbourhoods,” the Agence France-Presse writes.

These “rundown suburbs” are Muslim colonies, where France’s left-wing rulers breed welfare recipients for votes the way a farmer might raise cows for milk. This festive new tradition is a byproduct.

Taxpayer-financed multiculturalism blooms.

On a tip from Wiggins.

19 Responses to “New French Tradition Continues: 1,200 Cars Torched”

  1. Mark formerly in Spokane,now in Sandy Ut says:

    New? They have had car-b-que’s for years.

  2. IslandLifer says:

    “For some, the decision of France’s current Socialist government to resume making public figures of New Year’s Eve’s torched cars is unwise.”

    Ya, that is the cause right there. Brilliant.

  3. Dr. 9 says:

    So, what do whining, gun-hating liberals do when they get scared?

  4. Bo-Jangles says:

    It’s France, for God’s sake. Does anyone really care?

  5. Drury says:

    Where is “Earth First!” and the other global “environmental” groups to protest this wanton destruction and man-made acceleration of pollution and “global warming?”

    Probably the same place the Amnesty International clowns are when it comes to protesting against any country other than America: cowering under the table for fear of getting their heads chopped off.

    Once again, the silence is deafening from these cowardly leftist turds.

  6. Winston Smith says:

    Its French Stimulus – you see, there will be 1200 people out shopping for new cars. Eventually they will get around to burning down their houses so the government will build them new ones.

  7. Spider says:

    And, it’s all heading this way. Enjoy yourselves voters, the party’s coming to an end.

  8. Lgbpop says:

    Fill the trunks of those cars with bacon grease, then watch the offended sensibilities of those layabouts.

  9. Sami's Paki Kebab Shack says:

    How about that peaceful religion comrades.

  10. snuss says:

    Looks like the French version of “Cash for Clunkers”.

  11. Mickey Shea says:

    Heh heh, the media stories call them “youths”…

  12. TruthSerum says:

    The “stunt” of carbeques is a “sure-fire” (pun intended) way to help those “rundown” neighborhoods prosper. Right? I wonder what car insurance rates are in France?

  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Since Socialist paradises rarely (if ever) supply peasants with cars, this likely is an opportunity for the looting zombies to replace their broken heaps by way of insurance fraud.

  14. Ummah Gummah says:

    Bo-Jangles says:
    January 2, 2013 at 8:20 am
    It’s France, for God’s sake. Does anyone really care?

    Actually, YES, we SHOULD.

    And here is why:

    Spider says:
    January 2, 2013 at 8:48 am
    And, it’s all heading this way. Enjoy yourselves voters, the party’s coming to an end.

    “When they came for France I said and did nothing cause they’re just a bunch of snooty French and they deserve what they get”, right?!

    Plus, it’s way over there.. so yeah, who cares?

    If THEY take France, they’re that much closer to taking US. France has a RESISTANCE, some of whom made headlines recently, under the name “Les identitaires”.

    England have the UKIP and the BNP.

    America has yet to develop such a resistance.

    The shining seas no longer cut it.

    It is US against THEM.

    France is US, as far as I am concerned.

    This is OUR business, even if a majority over there don’t feel like handling it right now.

    But some do. I am in solidarity with the RESISTANCE.

    No matter WHERE.

    Islam = DEATH


    Ich bin ein Français.


  15. rex freeway says:

    I wonder how much heat and pollution that added to the liberals global warming? Or does that not count since it wasnt an enemy of the left.

  16. Ummah Gummah says:


    One poster got snarky about France on this thread. I’d like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that HUSSEIN just got RE-ELECTED in the United States of America!

    I’d rather have 12 MILLION cars burned than four more years of HUSSEIN.

    So let’s not make fun of the French. Or the English or whomever. We’re in pretty deep shit ourselves and we need all the help we can get.

    The RESISTANCE is in the minority in all Western countries but it is alive!

    Let’s not antagonize our allies. WE will stand together or we will fall one by one.

    PS. I know my way around France and some other places and I can tell you the loathing they have for Paris far exceeds anything that “flyover” America feels about NY or LA..

    They won’t even set foot in the place. For life. Ask ordinary Germans for their opinion on Berlin.

    One more thing, from my observations there are far more hunters and ex-military types that own firearms per capita in France than in the United States.

    I was surprised to see this at first myself, but it is so. The majority of licensed hunters hunt every weekend to exhaustion.

    Don’t count them out is all I say.


  17. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Aren’t the Muslims wonderful people? At every point, they show their appreciation to Western nations for taking them in, giving them money and housing them and their children. Such a humble and gracious people truly deserve our respect! Their peacefulness and kindness toward others is surely a testament to their ‘religion of peace’ – don’t you think?

  18. bee says:

    “Ash for Clunkers”

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