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Apr 20 2018

New York City to House Prisoners Based on Gender Preference

Lately, the moonbattery gushing out of New York has escalated from a river to a torrent. Andrew Cuomo unilaterally grants voting rights to felons on parole and bizarrely declares himself to be an illegal alien, who is therefore opposed to upholding the law regarding real illegal aliens. At the local level, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio decrees that prisoners will be housed according to their gender preference, rather than whether they are actually male or female:

“In New York City, we believe transgender rights are human rights. And we’ll fight to protect those rights in city jails as well,” he tweeted Monday.

De Blasio shouts that this lunacy is “crucial to ensuring all our facilities are welcoming and safe for all New Yorkers, no matter their gender identity.”

Throwing in men with the women is unlikely to make NYC clinks “welcoming and safe.” Prisons have always been segregated by sex for humane reasons.

But it would be transphobic to care if women get raped. That’s what they get for being cis-gender. For cultural Marxists like de Blasio, only transsexual freakazoids matter, not normal people — not even normal convicts.

De Blasio has already imposed a similar policy on public schools, so that boys curious as to what can be seen in the girls’ locker room can declare themselves transgender and find out. The escalation to creating situations that will surely result in actual rapes was inevitable. Progressives progress; that’s what they do.

What they progress toward is ever more surreal extremes of tyranny and depravity.

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