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Dec 31 2012

News Coverage and Justice in the Age of Obama

Say a vet who had been carrying a handgun for over 10 years without ever drawing it, having provided armed security both privately and as a federal officer, was attacked by two moonbats because they didn’t like the anti-Obama sticker on his truck. Say they ripped the knife off his belt and attempted to use it on him. Say they prevented him from getting in his truck and leaving, and one of them even threatened to shoot him and went to get a gun from his car. Say the vet held him at gunpoint until the police arrived. This is how the media would cover it:

Albuquerque police arrested 43-year-old Chris Williams after they say he held another man at gunpoint…

It all started when the 62-year-old victim saw a bumper sticker on Williams’ truck. He told police it said derogatory things about President Obama. He didn’t know Williams, but wanted to let him know that sticker offended him.

The aggressor — I mean, “victim” — was an Obamunist named Edward Rodriguez.

The victim told Williams he should be ashamed of himself. Williams told police he told the victim to get out of his face, but claims that the victim ignored him and the two began to argue.

It soon escalated to the victim ending up on his knees with his hands up, and Williams allegedly holding the gun to the back of the victim’s head.

APD officers got there just in time… and possible [sic] saved the man’s life.

Please. There is no reason to suggest anyone’s life was in danger but Williams’s. Note the third party has vanished from the story.

For holding off a politically correct assailant, Williams has been charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment — serious charges that could land him in prison and end his career.

Countermoonbats can draw two lessons: 1) there is always more to the story than what they tell you; and 2) the system is rigged against you.

9 Responses to “News Coverage and Justice in the Age of Obama”

  1. justme says:

    Have we forgotten Saint Skittles already?

    Jeeze… I would have thought the lesson learned from that was simple, don’t call the POLICE EVER.. Shoot first and blame it on random acts of Wealth Redistribution gone wrong…

  2. Alphamail says:

    The same demented reasoning we have learned to expect from “justme.”

    …or more appropriately, “justnuts!”

    Don’t call the police…what a consummately juvenile remark!

    American police departments have not become the Gestapo. The majority of officers are conservatives who believe in the Second Amendment, who have families, and who are serving because they believe in personal sacrifice for others.

    And a great many of them today are ex-military who served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Yeh, there are a few bad apples, but their rot is usually so rancid, the other good apples expose their rotting core.

    Only someone who holds a grudge because they got slapped down for their baby-diaper arrogance would express that kind of garbage.

    Just like your lunatic racist rants give creedence to the liberal cries of “white hate,” your disparagement of police officers fuels their disappointment in a thankless public.

    You are the embodiment of Obama’s dream – to divide us in every area of thought.

  3. drew458 says:

    I have no idea where you’re getting your supposes from Dave. You give us no other link to this Williams guy, and none of the stuff you’re tossing out – vet, security work, belt knife, 3rd guy – is in the article at all. What is in the comments is a link to your rewrite of the story. So give us a link to your sources please, or else this is all a pipe dream on your part. Well, except for how the paper walks around the “victim” issue and ignores how the one dope started an argument with the other one. And yeah, pulling a gun for that is pretty damn stupid. So link us to the 3rd guy, the belt knife, the blocked escape. Or else this post is crap.

  4. justme says:

    Oh my.. Alphamale? Do you live anywhere near the great Liberal Utopias such as Bloombergistan?

    Maybe in small town America there are these mythic police officers, but they are no where to be found in the Republic of Bloombergistan and other sign posts for what the rest of the nation is to become.

    In fact within the confine of one of Bloombergistan’s more corrupt backwaters, citizens were lectured for having their cars broken into in an ongoing epidemic of vandalism and robberies that the “heroes” refuse to even review security video of. The “Captain” of this sign post of the failing nation told the dozens if not hundreds of victims that “We are all guilty”. I think we’re all guilty. We run to the store, running late to be home, we leave our bag in the car and we make mistakes. And it kind of hurts us,”

    Maybe in your town, village or hamlet, the police are like Mayberry, but not anywhere in Bloombergistan where if you are robbed, it is your fault and you had better not bother the heroes.

    And where the police will tell you: “the city does not make money off of this, and we have homicides to solve”. “Go collect from your insurance.”

  5. Alphamail says:

    There have always been rogue cops, and even rogue departments.

    Bloomberg is a demented fag with a Napoleonic complex and the cops sadly have acquiesced to his dictatorship.

    At first they do it because they have no choice, later they feel the power and do it for the superiority rush, and maybe the cash.

    Now it’s a compromised department, just like the LAPD was for a period of time when they discovered the same kind of behavior in Rampart Division.

    Denigrating all police because of one department, however large, is narrow minded.

    Denigrating all blacks because a wave of entitlement thinking and anti-white sentiment is promulgated by the Mahogany Bastard Child is shallow thinking too.

    One of your problems is, you talk over your head, and pontificate without background. It might help to step back and be humble.

    Yeah, I live in Hicksville, and everyone here has an AR-15……and while the cops will bust you if you f**k up, they’re still willing to wave at you, and they take pride as public servants because we remind them we are thankful.

    People like you destroy that trust – whether talking race or talking cops.

    BTW – as I write this the fireworks are going off in your Times Square, and while your posts are often racist and I disagree vehemently, we are still Americans, we have the freedom to change our lives and to change our country for the better.

    We both agree about the raging mobs and the incursion by foreigners…..I would strongly suggest you view it as ideology – not race – and the problem would be handled far more quickly and efficiently.

    As big as it is, we can solve the problem, but only if it’s done in a moral way and by working together.

    Happy New Year

    Your blog

  6. Kourt says:

    Dug this up to possibly enlighten the participants:

    New information (for this exchange anyway) according to the article:

    “Williams told police that Rodriguez said, “People like you should be shot” and began pushing him in a rude and angry manner, the complaint said.“

    “Williams, according to the complaint, told Rodriguez to mind his own business, placing his hand in his pocket and telling Rodriguez, “I could shoot you right now.” Williams drew a .380 pistol from his pocket, forced Rodriguez to the ground and held the gun to the back of Rodriguez’s head, the complaint said.”

    “According to the complaint, Williams told police, “I feared for my life,” and that he was using the gun to detain Rodriguez until police arrived.”

    “Also in Williams’ possession were four knives, three in his pockets and one around his neck on a necklace. The complaint said police did not find any weapons on Rodriguez.”

  7. justme says:

    Alphamall: You and I probably aren’t that different. Reading your response, you acknowledge much of what I was saying.

    Much of what I post is sarcasm/satire. I have a twisted sense of humor having lived in the Utopia of Bloombergistan all of my life. Even this site’s administrator responding to my amusement at being called a Communist noted “Sarcasm gets lost sometimes — or deliberately misplaced.”

    As for you calling me a racist; I am actually far more complicated than any one word can ever describe. I prefer my “own,” yet will treat anyone with respect and professionalism – but in return I EXPECT EXACTLY the same. The thing of it is, there has been a tremendous hostility and outright hatred towards anyone with my level of melanin that has been worsened by the twice elected fraud.

    From being referred to as a “white motherfucker” by black police, to the constant calls for the murder and “contracting of skin cancer” for everyone with my shared level of melanin content and screams of “racist” that has been encouraged by this new era in US History – I must say that I am adopting a prison rules mentality.

    Tribalism is on the rise and as Freud repeatedly demonstrated in his treatise regarding Group Psychology, the cities due to their concentration of population are far more prone to it due to a lower shared IQ and thanks to the likes of agitators like Obama etc – have become extremely poisoned in terms of “racial harmony”. Any delusion as to the goodwill and humanity of certain communities must be tossed to the embankment if one wishes to remain a living non-victim.

    It is the way of things, no matter how we wish it to be otherwise. There are ugly truths that to not acknowledge, leaves one tremendously vulnerable and at terrible peril.

    As for being a racist, since college I have been told that European History is one of genocide, murder, theft and duplicity – that my kind should be ashamed, while every other group must be “empowered,” “proud” and “true to their heritage.” These are all codes for racism. For a time thanks to learned liberal ideology in college, I too came to that world view. Europeans should fear the punishment for “our” collective sins, cars were evil and everything about “our” society was wrong.

    The older I get the more I appreciate the accomplishments of our heritage, the so-called “sins” were necessitated by the eras in which they took place and how the alternatives were nearly always far worse. If other “so-called” cultures with far less demonstrated good will and achievements than mine are celebrated, why must we say we are “sorry”? And why must we smile while awaiting “our deserved retribution”?

    I for one wish to be left alone to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness while free from racial politics that denigrate. Sadly, this is impossible much like remaining shower fresh while wading through an open sewer. The reality is that we are wading through poison that infects every aspect of our lives, careers, personal lives and daily activities. If you pretend it doesn’t exist, you are a fool. The world is a nasty place, by thinking it is a Disney Theme Park, does not change any reality..

    As for police departments, I personally have witnessed tremendous corruption and outright hostility to civilians who have broken no laws or demonstrated any hostility to the police. I have been told many stories of what the local police have done to my family members going back generations. From Irish cops beating the hell out of my skinny Italian grandfather for being a WOP, to detectives robbing my young father’s Christmas present money. With these stories in mind, coupled with what I have personally encountered – even having witnessed uniformed officers supervise multi-kilo cocaine deals out in the open of a brightly day lit street directly across from them and stand idly by as if it were part of their job when I was 11-years-old, to being threatened by one particularly belligerent cop that “he should pull me from my car and beat me” for some imagined wrong, namely having a nicer car than him. – This is my experience with them. When speaking of the local police with anyone I have ever encountered, they always have other stories that often trump my own. My “precinct” was caught on video wrongfully arresting a man and falsely charging him with attacking a police officer where this man faced seven years in prison had it not been for security camera video that exonerated him.

    Your home town maybe indeed be a Mayberry ideal, but NY is still the city of Serpico, the Mollen Commission both of which were 40 years ago while the cancer of corruption has since been allowed to fester unchecked. These are not the lies, or embellishments by some anti-cop anarchist. This is my experience reinforced with both historical and current accounts of wrongdoing and corruption by individuals I know personally and by numerous written accounts.

    These are NOT isolated incidents by hate-filled, criminal communities. These were all examples of incidents involving people with no criminal histories nor hostility to the police.

  8. M.Wilson says:

    It sounds to me like the Veteran successfully defused a situation that was quickly escalating towards violence.

    They should be complimenting him on his restraint and effective peacekeeping, not throwing him in jail on trumped up charges. His real crime isn’t successfully preventing violence, it is belonging to the wrong race and political party in a place where Political Correctness is reaching terminal stages.

    Hopefully these charges will get thrown out as the political hackery they are, but they shouldn’t be wasting his time and money in a kangaroo court in the first place.

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