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Nov 13 2016

NFL Commissioner Rearranges Deck Chairs, Ignores Iceberg

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has figured out that the NFL isn’t doing so well. But he hasn’t figured out why:

Goodell said on Thursday that the league was looking at a variety of ways to shorten game broadcasts, including trimming some advertising, to keep the action moving.

The league has seen its television ratings plunge this season, something that Goodell has said is related to a number of factors…

This comes from a New York Times piece that manages never to mention the most conspicuous factor in this year’s double-digit NFL ratings decline: theatrical demonstrations of contempt for America by Colin Kaepernick and his imitators.

If Goodell continues to support Kaepernick et al., he won’t have to worry about reducing advertising; those willing to advertise will make themselves scarce, just as fans have been doing.

Why people are finding better things to do on Sunday afternoons.

On a tip from Lyle.

17 Responses to “NFL Commissioner Rearranges Deck Chairs, Ignores Iceberg”

  1. SolidFPlus says:

    I hope the NFL keeps whistling past the graveyard until they join it.

  2. Alphamail says:

    When Goodell blamed everything on anything but the NFL going political – NC toilet issues, Kaepernick, etc. – he shot himself in the foot and has threatened the livelihood of all of the NFL’s players who are staunch American patriots, and he has disgruntled millions of football lovers. .
    WHAT NO ONE SEEMS TO WANT TO NOTICE is that Kaepernick is a Muslim who neither respects our flag, our national anthem, or voting process, and who evidences the fact that Muslims in America will NOT assimilate.

  3. Buffalobob says:

    Kaepernick has just enough blood in his body to run one main organ. Unfortunately he is using it to operate his dick rather than his brain.

  4. TrojanMan says:

    That a-hole didn’t even vote.

  5. Agrippa says:

    Who? What? NFL? What the hell is the “NFL”?
    Oh, the pro footballers! Now I get it. Well, since Peyton retired, and with just a glance here and there to keep an eye on Eli, who gives a f**k about the f’in NFL anymore? Almost no one, apparently . . .

  6. Americangirl5 says:

    NFL – No Fans Left.

  7. Tsquare says:

    The Kaepernick asswipe has alienated fans more than any of the player strikes. Too bad Goodell is the ass who refuses to acknowledge the shit from the asswipe.

  8. cieran58 says:

    He’s a muslim convert, recent. He converted so he could get next to a muslim girl he was lusting after. He used to be a pretty good football player for the University of Nevada Reno, but hasn’t quite been up to NFL challenges–hence the conversion, and political activism. “You can’t cut me.Coach, that would be racist and bigoted…”

  9. grayjohn says:

    Die NFL Die.

  10. Alphamail says:

    I think you just mentioned two asswipes…good call

  11. JackisBack says:

    Flush Plantation owner Roger Goodell and his black bucks. No NFL in this house.

  12. TED says:

    BLACK receives praise for DISRESCT,
    while a WHITE receives DISRESPECT for his prase!!!
    BOTH in the NFL!!

  13. TED says:

    NOR HERE!! BAM!!!!

  14. TED says:


  15. TED says:

    More BLACK/MUSLIM privilege!

  16. nadasil says:

    They’ve tried to spin it in many different directions, but the ONLY reason is the “Protests” by Millionaires! I am done with Football because of this. Nothing else rodge.

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