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Mar 05 2018

Nigerian Popup Restaurant Offers Side Order of White Guilt

Chef Tunde Wey has applied the demented egalitarian ideology of the welfare state to a Nigerian popup restaurant in New Orleans:

For diners looking for a quick lunchtime meal at Saartj, set up in an outdoor food hall, lunch comes only after they acknowledge the racial wealth disparity in New Orleans – where the median income among African American households in New Orleans is just $25,806, compared to $64,377 for white households.

Wey informs his customers of the facts in a speech that takes several minutes – then he tells them the price of their lunch.

By then any sensible customers have taken their custom elsewhere. For those who sit through the lecture:

For customers of colour, Wey tells them their meal will cost $12, but they can also collect $18 if they want it. But for white customers, Wey tells them they can either pay $12 – or they can pay $30, a price that reflects the wealth disparity in New Orleans.

For the profits from the $30 meals, Wey redistributes the money to people of colour – regardless of income.

If he really wants to reduce income inequality, he could tell his black customers to behave more like white people. Or he could tell his white customers to behave more like black people.

On tips from KirklesWorth, Chronos Z. Wonderpig, and Guy B.

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