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Mar 14 2017

No One Will Build Police Station in Islamic Colony of Rinkeby, Sweden

Let’s check in on how “refugee” assimilation is coming along in Sweden:

There will be no new police station in the troubled immigrant suburb of Rinkeby in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Not right now anyway. The reason: no construction company dares to build it.

The old police station was shut down in 2014. If the new station could be built, it would theoretically be home to 240 officers.

Construction companies do not dare take the job because they are afraid of immigrant-related violence in Rinkeby.

According to police officers, who had to remain anonymous, it is “too dangerous to build a police station in the area.”

Why don’t the police guard their new police station as it is built? Maybe because Rinkeby is an Islamic no-go zone [video]. No-go zones are avoided by the police.

This is why importing large numbers of “refugees” from the Islamic world constitutes treason. Next door in Norway, Vidkun Quisling is laughing in his grave.

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There’s your assimilation.

On a tip from Steve A.

24 Responses to “No One Will Build Police Station in Islamic Colony of Rinkeby, Sweden”

  1. Azsteve53 says:

    In Sweden the Muslims have won their first country without firing a shot

  2. oldguy says:

    Bye bye Sweden: It’s been good to know you.

  3. grayjohn says:

    Sweden needs to nuke itself from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  4. George Lortz says:

    That there is a target-rich environment.

  5. Cecil Henry says:

    Deport them all. The boom to the Middle East from all those immigrants will be awesome for their economy!!

  6. Stosh says:

    Perhaps Trump could volunteer the Sea Bees to construct the station, overwatched by the Big Red One and their tanks.

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    1. Barbarians and civilized people cannot live in peace side by side.
    2. Islam is the current religion of barbarians.
    3. The barbarians have shown no interest in becoming civilized by actually abandoning their barbaric beliefs.
    4. You have three choices
    a. Send them all away
    b. Kill them.
    c. Enjoy living under barbarian rule.

  8. 762x51 says:

    She is right that the Progressives responsible for the wholesale importation of Islam into these countries have blood on their hands. She is wrong if she expects them to ever take ownership of that crime.

    On the other hand, she is smokin hot. If schwacking a few hajjis gets her attention, I say lock and load.

  9. 762x51 says:

    When the cops are afraid of the criminals, you have allowed things to go too far. There is a bloodbath coming in Europe, one way or the other.

    America is not far behind.

  10. 762x51 says:

    Armor support is always nice to have but what hajji fears most is the Dillon Aero M134D minigun. They will attack a column that has M2 50 cals but when a gun truck with a mini shows up, the fight is over.

  11. lzzrd says:

    Well, at least here in the US, a lot of us have a lot of 30 round magazines,(at least for now, LOL).

  12. […] No One Will Build Police Station in Islamic Colony of Rinkeby, Sweden […]

  13. MARIO V ALBANO says:

    Do the way Checkers do their drive-ins: construct building from pre-fabricated pods, the size of container vans off-site. After construction, haul pods to the site and lock them in together, for immediate occupancy. That’ll be an awesome strike to the community where you want to signal business.

  14. TED says:

    O,YAH! I keep a FEW of those smaller ones around.

  15. The Uhlan says:

    Ft. Apache, Sweden.

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