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Dec 14 2012

No Tradition Is Safe From Political Correctness

First, before a declining civilization lets the traditions that define it die, it allows them to be gutted of meaning and reduced to a farce. Christ-free Christmases are one example; elections in which one candidate wins every single vote in wide areas and the opposition party doesn’t complain are another. Other examples are less harmful than symbolic. Nothing could be more symbolic of the former greatness of Britain than the pomp and ceremony of the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace — which no longer looks like it used to:



Sikhs have served in the Scots Guard before, but in the past they wore bearskins like the rest. However, now the ostentatious promotion of “diversity” takes priority over heritage.

What laughs we will have when militant nudists of the type who have been running amok at San Francisco Board of Supervisors meetings join the Scots Guard and demand not to be discriminated against.

On a tip from Bo-Jangles.

18 Responses to “No Tradition Is Safe From Political Correctness”

  1. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Good Lord, there’s something not right about this! That dear Sikh reminds me of the Beetlejuice character! How tragic the way the Brits have went! . . . and we in America are right behind them.

  2. cecil henry says:

    Translation of picture:

    I want to enjoy the benefits and be a part of your group—even though I won’t comply with your standards nor offer the ability or desire to continue your heritage.

    The answer: OUT!!!

  3. Antisocialist says:

    That’s one of the problems of multiculturalism.
    This will then turn into a discipline problem all will be allowed to wear what they want if they whine enough.

    And then you’ll just have some irregular milita type thing.

    You think he sikh gets to wear his “holy” dagger too?

    I hope someone shouted “Hey muslim-hindu (sikh) dude you dropped your bearskin hat! It’s gone! Find it!”

  4. johnnosk says:

    What is the point of a military uniform if they are not all… Uniform?

  5. John says:

    Are you folks aware of the Sikh’s proud military tradition/history and fearless service/sacrifice for England and the free world. If you did you would not have posted this. The Sikh soldiers, past and present, hold a special place in British military history and are given the well deserved respect that was hard earned.

  6. johnnosk says:

    John, you have missed the entire point. The tradition is that the guards at the Palace wear a distinctive uniform. By having a person something different because of his religion tells me that he doesn’t deserve to become a member of the guards!

    For the record, I am an Australian and have served in the RAAF.

  7. KHarn says:

    “John says:December 14, 2012 at 8:40 pm”

    When South Africa was still sane, the dark-skinned natives demanded the right to carry SPEARS as part of their heritage. It was then suggested that the WHITE population should carry RIFLES as part of their heritage.

    You’re an idiot.

  8. Dr. 9 says:

    John, you are quite right about the proud and dedicated military service of Sikh’s, a fact that should be remembered and respected. But so should centuries-old traditions.

    Sadly, Britain has become consumed by the most extreme forms of political correctness. Yes, even worse than here in the US. But we seem to be working hard to catch up to them. PC is a “virus” that was intended to replace freedom, liberty, truth, honesty, and people’s ability to think for themselves. And, because most people are generally weak-minded, it has taken hold.

  9. TommyKnows says:

    This is not a “centuries old tradition”. The wearing of the Bearskin in the modern British army only dates from the mid 19th century and has been on and off over that time. The use of bearskins as the uniform of palace guards dates from even later, as it was reduced toa ceremonial role only within the last century.

    Sikhs, as far as I’m aware, have always worn their knives on duty and have always worn their turbans too, because they formed the backbone of our armed forces in India and have been loyal to our nation for longer than that hat was even in use.

    It’s handy for a solider to be proficient with a knife, yes?

    If you want an example of PC nonsense fucking up our armed forces there are plenty to choose from. This is not one of them; it’s just a squaddie being a prissy bitch. Let him have his fun, he’ll be back in a bearskin before you know it and nothing will have been hurt.

  10. Oh, I can’t agree with this. I dont think Americans, lacking an overt Imperial history, understand the “diversity” in this context. We were an empire of many nations and creeds, and Empire troops fought fiercely and proudly in our armies. Take the Ghurkas, for instance, who are a legend.

    Really, conservatives shouldn’t have a problem with this. I think this is one of Moonbattery’s occasional miss-steps.

    I think that Imperial heritage has meant that Britons in general have never had a problem with “diversity” of a genuine kind, which is why the foisting of the ghastly American Berkeley-campus variety is so alien and destructive to us.

    As an Englishman, I’m very happy with the photo.

  11. Jester says:

    Ian From The EUSSR says:

    Really, conservatives shouldn’t have a problem with this. I think this is one of Moonbattery’s occasional miss-steps

    I agree. I think the shock-factor here is the immediate possibility of misunderstanding a Sikh (anti-Islamofascist) I’m an American conservative who’s very pro-Sikh and pro-Ghurka. But wouldn’t it be better to honor Sikhs and Ghurkas by giving them their own squads? Three squads are better than one.

    As an Englishman, I’m very happy with the photo.

    Thank you — your post gives a needed first-person perspective to the story.

  12. Jester says:

    oops — pushed the wrong button — I meant “the immediate possibility of misunderstanding a Sikh (an anti-Islamofascist) for an actual Islamofascist.”

  13. shane lawrence says:

    I’m glad it doesn’t matter to you Brits–if you’re ok with it, we certainly are. But–since they are no longer ”uniform” looking, it does take something out of the ”display” aspect of the ceremony.

  14. Jester-

    Yes, I think it’s a pity that people would confuse a Sikh with a Muslim. It doesn’t help that the media deploy the euphemism “Asian” for “muslim” all the time. In my experience, that annoys the pants off Hindus and Sikhs.

    Also, picking up on Antisocialist’s jibe-

    “You think he sikh gets to wear his “holy” dagger too?”

    Considering the tragedy that has just occurred and the inevitable demands for gun control, it is worth bearing in mind that the religious duty for a Sikh to carry a kirpan is as a last resort defensive weapon to protect either himself or defenseless others.

  15. Jester says:

    Ian —

    ‘Asian’ for ‘Muslim’? Sheesh. Journalists are the smartest stupid people in the world, which is why I despise 99% of them.

    And I too was wondering where the kirpan was on the guy in the photo… because that’s another thing I’ve always admired about Sikhs — their mentality of self-defense. In a way, they are the ancestors of the “Open Carry” tradition a proud few of us still follow here in the US. If ALL sane law-abiding adults still had that mentality (ESPECIALLY teachers), whether by pistol or by kirpan, yesterday’s massacre would have never happened.

  16. Jester-

    Ah, I’d forgotten that you don’t use “Asian” that way. In America, it means, “far eastern”, right? Here it means near eastern as well and has been ruthlessly deployed as a euphemism for muslim.

    And yes, the kirpan is classic “open carry”. Presumably the soldier’s is under his coat.

  17. Antisocialist says:

    Sikhism is islam and hinduism combined, it’s a filthy and vile religion, just like those two it is a combination of, you’re fools if you think these are your allies, you’ll see.

    Also it tells how much you are willing to bend backwards for a bunch of heathen, they’re spitting on you and you guys are asking for more. Ridiculous.

    Same mistake King Solomon did when he invited the heathen into Israel, yet you have not learned not to make the same historical mistakes.

    Allies, if they were they would not be in your army they would be in the Sikh army.
    Allies doesn’t mean you incorporate them in some moonbat unity unit. Your allies stay in their own land they don’t come live in your land.


  18. TommyKnows says:

    Antisocialist, they served in our armed forces, defending us against the nazis when you Americans were sat on your tods whining about whether or not you sue for peace with the scum. Better allies than you, mate.

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