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Feb 02 2017

North Dakota Wants Moonbats Hired to Protest DAPL to Pay Their Taxes

Good thing the sort of moonbats who futilely protested against the Dakota Access Pipeline are avid fans of Big Government — that means they won’t mind paying their taxes:

After spending more than $22 million [on law enforcement for] the Dakota Access pipeline protest, North Dakota wants to make sure any paid activists remember to submit their state income taxes.

Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger said his office is keeping an eye out for tax forms from environmental groups that may have hired protesters to agitate against the 1,172-mile, four-state pipeline project. …

It’s no secret that millions have been funneled into the six-month-old demonstration via crowdfunding websites, and that more than 30 environmental organizations, including the Sierra Club, Indigenous Environmental Network, Food and Water Watch, and Greenpeace, have backed the protest.

You can imagine the sort of flying monkeys those organizations send out to do their dirty work.

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier has criticized “paid agitators” who crossed the line from peaceful protest to lawbreaking by trespassing on private property, blocking highways and bridges and throwing rocks, feces and burning logs at law enforcement.

Surely such upstanding citizens will be happy to pay their taxes.

You had your fun. Now pay up, you moonbats.

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5 Responses to “North Dakota Wants Moonbats Hired to Protest DAPL to Pay Their Taxes”

  1. Eddie_Valiant says:

    To Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger: good luck with that.

    My suggestion is to put together a portable court house and start bringing them in now before they slither away.

  2. Take The Red Pill says:

    These ‘activists’ pay their taxes?? Nope, that’s not the way it works — at least, that’s what these Lefties (and everybody like them) thinks.
    The way that they figure it, OTHER people (especially all the hated raciss evil heterosexual White men) need to pay their own taxes — that way, the ‘government’ can give them their ‘free money’ entitlements (which they undoubtedly ‘deserve’).

  3. ICEvictim says:

    protesting the unlikely pollution of a burst pipeline
    then burning tires

    It’s obvious these clowns are totally unself-aware.

  4. ICEvictim says:

    “Tax the rich!!” (but not me)

    self centered infantiles. Their time to face reality comes sooner of later and the later it does the more I like it as they wind up homeless or in some craphole “hotel” in the slums.

  5. ICEvictim says:

    ID and thumb print them all and charge them with “suspicion” of anything or other.

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