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Jun 28 2019

NYC Lurches Further Left With Tiffany Cabán

During end-stage moonbattery, society decays to the point that democracy is no longer feasible, because people can no longer govern themselves. They start electing malevolent, demented, and even cognitively impaired representatives like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — and Tiffany Cabán, who has enjoyed the support of both of them in her quest to become Queens District Attorney.

Cabán appears to have won the Democrat primary in a tight race, which means she gets the job, since there is no effective resistance to Democrats in Queens.

Here’s what this means to New Yorkers:

Cabán, a democratic socialist, has said that, if elected, she would not prosecute farebeaters, sex workers, johns and some recreational-drug crooks; work to close Rikers Island; and end cash bail.

More, from the Daily Snooze:

With Cabán in office, turnstile-jumping and other “broken windows” crimes will no longer be prosecuted. Neither will most recreational drug use. Instead, she will attempt to bring to court companies and doctors that overprescribe opioids and other pharmaceuticals. In addition, Cabán says, she will prosecute wage theft and bad landlords.

Doctors, employers, and landlords are the criminals now.

“Bad landlords” as defined by Marxists like Cabán would be those who expect tenants to pay their rent. We already know that Mayor de Blasio strongly disapproves of such landlords.

I lived in NYC when Rudy Giuliani came in and cleaned up the cesspool David Dinkins left. The miraculous transformation made the city livable. Broken windows policing policy played a major role.

Good thing I don’t live there now. The people running New York these days want the windows broken. They are the kind who throw bricks through them as part of their class warfare posturing.

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