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Apr 01 2013

NYC: Moochers Paradise

Thanks to Nanny Bloomberg and its location in America’s least free state, New York City is as close to hell as anywhere in the USA if you believe in freedom. But it is paradise for moochers, who arrive from all over the world to live easy in homeless shelters on other people’s money.

“People pay $3,000 for an apartment here, and I get to live here for free!” said Michal Jablonowski, 25, who moved back to the city from his native Poland three years ago and is now staying in a Bowery shelter.

“I have food. I have health care. It’s great,’’ Jablonowski said. “Here, the city supports you. The city helps you with everything. …

“The shelters are really nice. You have clean sheets. You get to watch TV and stay in the warm. Homeless people have it so good, they don’t want to look for a job.’’

Free room and board are only the beginning. Jablonowski also has a free cell phone and plans to get his teeth fixed at taxpayers’ expense.

He is hardly the only welfare tourist to take a bite of the Big Apple.

Nearly one in four of the city’s single homeless people who entered the system in December 2012 listed their last address as outside the city. …

Taxpayers shell out $3,000 a month to feed, house and provide other services to each homeless person. The average stay in a city shelter is as long as nine months — although there’s no limit.

“Some people in here have it better than people working 9 to 5, because they’re not paying rent. I’ve stayed in hostels worse. I call this four stars,” said William Sullivan, who came to the city from LA for a job that fell through.

“Everyone in this place has a silver spoon in their mouth. You get fed three to four meals a day, and the food here is great.”

A Michigan woman who arrived in December said she was drawn to New York for the “adventure.”

“New York is New York! That’s why people come here,” said Amy Kaufman, 41, who is staying in a city-funded Chelsea shelter.

“I go to the library, and I go sightseeing a lot in Times Square and Chelsea. I like it here.

Taxpayers don’t. New Yorkers lead the country in paying taxes. There is no such thing as a free lunch.


On tips from Sean C, BoJangles, Artfldgr, and Dr. 9.

46 Responses to “NYC: Moochers Paradise”

  1. moochers are real says:

    Note: The southern states that reliably vote GOP receive more money than they lay in taxes. In other words, Mississippi and Alabama are the moochers, and NY and Chicago and LA are paying for those broke-ass people.

    Sure, there are shelters in NYC. But if you want to whine about moochers for real… we need to cut off all government funds to the south. Once and for all.

  2. Barry Soetoro Blows Reggie Love says:

    moochers are real says:

    That has been debunked more times than Obama has lied to the American people.

    Refugees are fleeing shitholes like NY/NYC/NJ/PA/Mexifornia for the South and the West. I only hope that they leave their liberalism behind.

  3. Xavier says:

    @moochers are real

    That article is about New York. It was written by a New York news service. The MB title clearly says “NYC”.

    That tired old bait and switch routine isn’t going to work, troll.

  4. Henry says:

    Predictable prog troll shrieks out some tu quoque drivel and disappears. Prog SOP…

    Moochers will resort to violence when the gibs end; arm up, folks.

  5. moochers are real says:

    Clearly factual, ladies…

    Highest percentage of population getting gov’t benefits: NYC? Nope. Mississippi. Then Louisiana. Alabama. (What? Not California or NY? Wow. It’s almost like poor stupid people vote against their own best interests over and over, and that we New Yorkers are actually cool with paying our taxes to prevent people from dying in the streets. Notice how the population of NYC continues to rise? Notice how that is also true in Cali – also a high-tax, high-return state? Notice how the south is still full of poor folks who need government bennies they then hate?

    Whatever. We like NY. We don’t care about the taxes, when the alternative is starvation and frozen corpses in the streets.

    Love how the liberal atheist types are way more empathetic about our fellow man than the jesus-is-magic subset. Make sure you shit all over the poor! Jesus would want it that way!

  6. Ummah Gummah says:


    @moochers are real

    Hey, glad to see you’re here.. ;-D , mooch!

    Here, have a nice comfy seat and check this out: Mooch gets an award from her Iranian friends:

    Iran gives Wet Gunpowder Award to Michelle Obama

    I don’t know about u, but I love it when Moonbats are at each other’s throats.

    Makes for the VERY BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT, dontcha think?

    Note the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. the wonderprez and his wife are getting from their favorite peeps.. meanwhile, not only the MB in Egypt, but also the State of New York, come begging for more money.. no doubt the wonderboy will go to China to borrow even more so he can bail a boy cumo and a moslem brotha out..

    If it weren’t so nauseating it might even be funny.


  7. Barry Soetoro Blows Reggie Love says:

    moochers are real says:

    Hey fuckstick, I am gonna LMMFAO when NYC melts down. Once the welfare checks stop flowing, the plebs and the rats are gonna destroy that city. I for one, can’t wait to watch it meltdown.

  8. Ummah Gummah says:


    Hey real mooch, check this out!

    Here we have YOUR president taking in yet another incluuuuuuuuuuusive sermon:

    Awful… White House Refuses to Denounce Pastor’s Racist, Misogynist Attacks on Conservatives

    ahhh.. the Spirit of the Resurrection, eh mooch?


  9. Gunny G says:

    Dear moocher:

    You say: “Make sure you shit all over the poor!”

    Actually asshole, CONSERVATIVES give more to the poor than liberal scumbags do. I myself give 10% in church and charity, which is MORE than you tinhorn Kenyan messiah gives (>3%).

    So drop dead dickwad.

  10. Hanoi John Fonda Kerry III says:


    The same group of morons who elect Daddy Bloomturd to tell them how to live. Pathetic.

  11. Ummah Gummah says:

    Barry Soetoro Blows Reggie Love says:
    April 1, 2013 at 1:05 pm
    moochers are real says:

    Hey fuckstick, I am gonna LMMFAO when NYC melts down. Once the welfare checks stop flowing, the plebs and the rats are gonna destroy that city. I for one, can’t wait to watch it meltdown.

    Me too! I escaped that shithole and CAN’T WAIT to enjoy the show from FAR FAR AWAY.. kind of like watching the national weather report in January in a bar in South Florida with the doors wide open 🙂 while sipping a CUBA LIBRE, liberal asshats!!!


  12. Ummah Gummah says:


    Shadenfreude is the Best Freude where liberal agony is concerned!


  13. Barry Soetoro Blows Reggie Love says:

    Ummah Gummah,

    I visited that shithole a few times and could not wait to get the fuck out. I LOVE watching blue cities like Detroit, NYC, Trenton, Camden, LA, etc., melt down.

  14. Dr.9 says:

    Actually, this proves something i’ve been saying for a long time. Most so-called “homeless or street people” are there by choice and not necessity. For the most part, these people tend to be con-artists and “super-hustlers”, and get along just fine on their street-smarts. In fact, they do better than many who live so-called normal lives, so don’t feel bad for them.

  15. moochers are real says:

    … and yet, it is still the greatest city in America. The wealthiest, the most culture, the most going on in general… not to mention the most opportunity. More jobs here than in whole flyover states combined.

    Notice how even with Nanny B in charge, we all still live here? It’s almost like the south still blows sheep in comparison!

    The lunatic fringe has been predicting the end of NYC forever. And still, it exists. Not changing anytime soon.

    In the spirit of ‘what if the welfare stops flowing’, however… if the southern hick states stopped getting all of the massive subsidies from the feds… they would have to be more or less abandoned completely. Abolish those agricultural subsidies. Remove the social safety nets that disproportionately keep the incredibly poor afloat (sorry, Mississippi…). Eliminate Medicare (highest diabetes rate in America? Die already!).

    And we will still live in NY, still loving life, ans still laughing at you for your sky-is-falling tinfoilhattery.

  16. Ummah Gummah says:


    LOL, FUCK! I saw so many FAT UGLY OOOZING SLIMES on their welfare-paid-for electro-carts, rolling right into the local Mickey D’s.. YES in NYC. Never saw so many fat diabetes-addled slugs in my life.


  17. Ummah Gummah says:


    Oh and BY THE WAY, here’s my contribution to Conservative Bumper Sticker Bliss:



  18. Clint Beastwood says:

    Always cracks me up when some libtard confuses paying exorbitant taxes with charity, then claim they ‘give’ more lol…

    Idiot, you pay more, whether you like it or not. You probably don’t -willingly- give anything.

  19. moochers are real says:

    Incorrect, Clint…

    NYC isn’t a moocher’s paradise… it is just a regular paradise. It is America’s best city (and among the best in the world). There is more culture in any given neighborhood here than there is in all of the south, combined. We know it, and that is why we are here.

    Charity, in this instance, is the willingness to be a part of NYC – despite the tax rate – knowing that it is in fact a part of being here. In other words, we would rather pay for the homeless shelters and be here than pay 4% less but have to live in the hick-flyover-country parts of the USA.

    Your southern bible-belt places are less attractive than all of the tax rates and homeless shelters you can imagine. Which is why despite your insistence that NYC is dooooomed, people still come here, spend money, create jobs, and do all of other things that just aren’t happening in the red southern states.

    Wonder what that says about the south…

  20. Ummah Gummah says:


    Listen up, FUCK. Why don’t you tell us your address and we’ll all come crash and raid ur fridge, though I worry about the germs in there..

    Just make sure u stock it or we’ll smash the place to bits.. and when we’re ready to leave we’ll hand the keys to the crack addicts on the corner and send ’em up.. okay..?


  21. moochers are real says:

    Wow. So in addition to having zero in the way of culture, or economic achievement (let alone things like academic attainment or sufficient dentition) you are also loud and angry. I think I will go ahead and skip the invite, despite all of the obvious entertainment we would get from seeing you in a real city.

    Yep. This is my shock that – despite the tax rate – people like NYC way more than the hillfolk south. Keep trying old man, keep trying… for the moment, NYC better than you, despite having homeless people.

  22. Ummah Gummah says:

    moochers are real says:
    April 1, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    NYC is just a regular paradise.

    They even have a Ground Zero Victory Mosk sitting on the bones of the dead! What as paradise indeed!


  23. moochers are real says:


  24. Trolls Are Real says:

    I am so smart and I am the first person in the history of the world to camp out at Marxist U. on trust fund money. Karl Marx and communism are so original and successful. To each according to his needs, workers of the world unite.

  25. Flu-Bird says:


  26. Ummah Gummah says:


    Hey mooch! Was it something I said?

    Like the TRUTH, for instance..?



  27. IslandLifer says:

    Sadly hospitals are slowly turning into housing as well. Except this is costing more than $3k/month. The ER has become a revolving door for those who are gaming the system. The festive lifestyle of the addict catches up and they know where 3 squares and cable tv are, not to mention the opiates and call bells. Disgusting how some have no shame.

  28. True Blue says:

    Would it be ‘racist’ to ask Mr. Jablonowski about his immigration/visa status?
    Would La Raza and their Supreme Court representative mind?

  29. True Blue says:

    Just more Democrat voters -nothing to see here, move along…

  30. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The truth about the utopian paradise of NY
    Homeless rate up 23 percent in one year
    Gulliani’s work in reducing crime rates is steadily being undone by Bloomey
    And young entrepreneurs are fleeing the high taxed stagnant growth NY by the trainload

  31. Mr Evilwrench says:

    If you wondered why the population might rise there, it’s because the “oh so cultured” (read that as suicidal) high taxpaying subjects (not citizens) are so eager to hand out free money. You wouldn’t believe the house you could get in my town for $3k/mo, and this is one of the high rent districts. I’m talking free standing single family 5BR 4BA 3 car garage and a yard. Culture? I wouldn’t trade ya. You may not be in the anus of the world, but you can smell it from there.

  32. Tim from TK says:

    Ya gotta love the anti-South hate from the hipster douchebag from NYC, one of the sorriest places I ever had the misfortune in which to live.

    The only people more provincial than New Yorkers are Bostonians, though anywhere on the left coast and The Detroit of the Pacific are tied for third.

  33. master of sinanju says:

    Oh you mean the “culture” like the degenerate bob maplefreak and his piss christ, or getting mugged on the subway, or being accosted on the street by panhandlers?That culture!?

  34. BoJangles says:

    I’d be willing to bet “moochers are real” is a young leftist from Manhattan, most likely gay, who has probably never had a real job, and either lives off mommy and daddy, or the streets. His/it’s obvious delusion gives that fact away. Anyone who actually has to go to work in NYC hates it.

  35. Bob Smith says:

    “Highest percentage of population getting gov’t benefits: NYC? Nope. Mississippi. Then Louisiana. Alabama.”

    And what distinguishes MS, LA, and AL? Blacks, not poverty per se.

  36. Hick fail. says:

    Do you all really hate the idea of culture so much?

    The Met, the opera, the symphony, the theatre district, the food, the architecture, the seething mass of humanity all going about the business of life…

    All to be derided by the flyover hillfolk, who wouldn’t know Bizet from a cow mooing in the yard.

    So… what have we learned? NYC is a great place to live despite offering homeless shelters, and that while the south still has homeless people, and people on welfare, and toothless hicks… the south also offers no culture to go along with it.

    NYC win. Hick fail. As is so very often the case.

  37. Sgt Stadanko says:

    Bob Smith,

    The real question for “Moochers are real” is why he hates poor black people so much?

  38. Sgt Stadanko says:

    Hick fail: non sequitur fail.

    Mocking the bankrupt liberal nanny state has nothing to due with “culture”, other than the leftist political culture of “redistribution of wealth” (unless that wealth belongs to well-connected Democrats…)

  39. Sgt Stadanko says:

    Oh look: “due” not “do”. Uneducated hick…

    What can I say, I was educated in teh California publik skool system. Yay CTA!

  40. Vic Kelley says:

    I had hoped this was an April Fool’s story. Dangit.

  41. Tchhht!!! says:

    Yeah, NYC is really a great place alright. Giuliani finally came along and started arresting criminals and the crime rate for the entire country dropped significantly. What does that tell you about NYC? Well, at least Bloomer hasn’t started ENCOURAGING criminals just yet, but wait until he get bored with bullying people on their eating habits. Try taking an evening walk in Central Park and see what happens. Hell, I remember when a young woman was raped and left for dead in Central Park by a liberal mob of Louis Feralcoon monkeys. Who got the sympathy? Liberal lawyers and media went into a frenzy to get the rapists off. Oh, the CULTURE!!! Where else can you see works of art by such cultural icons as Andres Serrano who thinks that high art consists of a plastic of Jesus in a jar of piss? Hey, the street bums get three hots and a cot for doing nothing, but what do hurricane survivors get? Not so much the way I hear it. Hell, it’s more important to run a marathon. Bloomer can always accuse Bush of blowing up the dikes. Give me a break.

  42. Doug says:

    Hey Dave, is Hick fail the same troll that has been lurking about these days dropping his smelly turds in every other thread under various names?

    You might need a ban hammer with a 20 round clip…before they are outlawed.

  43. Adam says:

    Hick/ real,
    You are proving YOU are the one truly ignorant. Literally all you have are baseless stereotypes that you feel apply to all of us just because of what part of the country you think we live in. Let’s address some of your ignorance.
    “Love how the liberal atheist types are way more empathetic about our fellow man than the jesus-is-magic subset. Make sure you shit all over the poor! Jesus would want it that way!”
    Ah, starting with the favorite BS argument for ultra- liberal Communist/ Socialists to use: If you’re opposed to mandatory wealth redistribution by the government, it means you’re automatically a greedy, heartless miser who would never do anything to help the needy.
    First off, as others here have noted, studies show that conservatives tend to greatly exceed liberals in terms of generosity towards charities. The thing is, conservatives believe in helping the less fortunate through voluntary donations to charity and other acts of generosity purely out of one’s own free will, rather than through having the government force people to do so. Even Dick Cheney, the man ultra- liberals view as evil incarnate, donated nearly all of his salary as vice president to a wide list of worthy charities.
    Second, when Katrina hit New Orleans, who was it that traveled hundreds of miles to get there and waded through raw sewage to get food, clean water, medical supplies, etc., to the survivors? It wasn’t the government agencies that were too busy tripping over their own feet to actually help anyone. It wasn’t the “Liberal atheist types,” either. It was the volunteers from church groups and other Christian charitable orgnizations (The sorts of people you’d unoubtedly refer to as “Jesus is magic, flyover hillfolk”) who offered up their time, money, and resources to help the people who had lost so much, because they knew Christ had called on them to do so.
    Third, to give a more personal example, here are some of the ways that I myself, a supposedly greedy, heartless right winger, have helped serve the needy (Please note that I do not bring these up to brag or make it seem like I’m some awesome saint, I know others who’ve done much more than I have, and only God deserves the credit for what I’ve done, I merely bring them up to prove how full of crap you are regarding conservatives’ supposed attitudes toward the less fortunate):
    I’ve regularly donated to blood drives for the past nine years, most recently this last Saturday, even though I barely had time to do so yet still get to work on time.
    I’ve regularly helped at soup kitchens and a kitchen/ distribution center for the homeless.
    Although I am far from wealthy, I have made monetary donations to a variety of worthy charities such as Habitat for Humanity.
    As an intern working for my church’s youth program, I am currently working on a sermon/ message to be given at a Sunday night youth service in a couple weeks, which will focus on how their reaching out to help the needy is a way of showing the world they are followers of Jesus. It will be partly done to help them prepare for a lock-in I’ll be helping to lead in a couple weeks, in which we’ll have a 24- hour fast as a show of solidarity with hungry and needy people, then spend a couple hours preparing bagged lunches to be distributed among the poor in our city.
    But, yeah, conservatives like me are all REALLY selfish, evil monsters who hate the poor and would never lift a finger to help them! LOL!
    “… and yet, it is still the greatest city in America. The wealthiest, the most culture, the most going on in general”
    The greatest city in America, what with its massive homeless population, its horrific crime rate (Try walking through Central Park at night to get an idea of its ‘Culture’), and everything!
    “Do you all really hate the idea of culture so much?

    The Met, the opera, the symphony, the theatre district, the food, the architecture, the seething mass of humanity all going about the business of life…

    All to be derided by the flyover hillfolk, who wouldn’t know Bizet from a cow mooing in the yard.”
    1. I have no problem with the arts. I love my city’s Philharmonic, and find the Albin Pulasek Museum and Sculpture Garden that I occasionally see to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.
    2. “The food”? Enjoy it while you can, before Bloomberg finishes waging his war on everything that tastes good.

  44. Karin says:

    I followed this story, and ended up at PuffPo. One of the comments was “at least we have reproductive justice here.”
    At least.
    And trolls, I’m a NYer.

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