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Feb 26 2013

NYC Soda Ban Approaches

On March 12, the boom comes down on demonized “sugary drinks” in Michael Bloomberg’s authoritarian dystopia. Servings larger than 16 ounces will be forbidden.

Among the implications, inmates of NYC will need to pay higher per unit prices for smaller bottles.

Typically, a pizzeria charges $3 for a 2-liter bottle of Coke. But under the ban, customers would have to buy six 12-ounce cans at a total cost of $7.50 to get an equivalent amount of soda.

This also makes for more trash. But Bloomberg will make up for this by banning Styrofoam.

Other implications:

Families will get pinched at kid-friendly party places, which will have to chuck their plastic pitchers because most hold 60 ounces — even though such containers are clearly intended for more than one person. …

If you get bottle service at a city nightclub or restaurant, you cannot also get a carafe of cranberry juice… Tonic water and other beverages are also limited, even though they are only used as mixers.

The point? Tyranny for the sake of tyranny. Americans may still have enough character to fight for our right to bear arms, but who is going to rebel over a bottle of Coke to go with a pizza? The idea is to incrementally erode liberty until we come to accept creeps like Bloomberg micromanaging every conceivable aspect of our lives.

Bloomberg’s soda smackdown follows his attacks on salt, sugar, trans fat, smoking and even baby formula.

Note that these endless petty infringements on our freedom are always justified by their supposed health benefits. ObamaCare paves the way for their application nationally.

michael bloomberg
There is no guessing what the Soda Jerk will ban next.

On a tip from Wiggins.

22 Responses to “NYC Soda Ban Approaches”

  1. Son of Taz says:

    Last year, there was a good article on It’s worth reading if for no other reason than to see how one moonbat screws another.I fully agree with Mayor Michael Bloomberg (also the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News) that most drinks are too sweet and that we should do something about this. Indeed, I have. Fourteen years ago, I started Honest Tea Inc. with one of my students. The idea was to make tea that tastes like tea, not liquid candy. This year, the company will sell 100 million bottles of tea, ades and kids’ pouches, all with fewer than 100 calories a package.
    Here I was thinking I was part of the solution only to find that these drinks will be banned. Banned! Why? Because the products come in 16.9-ounce (500-milliliter) bottles and thus exceed the free pass for drinks at 16 ounces.

  2. Adam says:

    When you take the government as your Shepherd, don’t be suprised when they treat you like cattle.

  3. LTC F says:

    Bloomberg is right. Civilians have no need for high capacity sodas. 16 ounces is plenty to handle any thirst a civilian is likely to encounter. High capacity sodas only have one purpose…to create obesity. They are weapons of fat. Our forefathers, when they gave us the misguided right to soda meant hte soda available at the time, two ounce saspiralla and root beer. They never envisioned high capacity Coca Cola. Only the government should have access to high capacity soda, until we can pass an outright ban on soda all together. Think of the children.

  4. A. Levy says:

    NYC politics are controlled by the “ultra-leftist” people in Manhattan who have no problem with anything queen Bloomberg does. No one really cares about the rest of the people in the city since most are here illegally and the rest have no voice in what happens.

    Fuhrer Bloomberg will finally be leaving office this year, and so far, most of those seeking the office are even further to the Left than he is. That doesn’t mean he intends to stay out of politics. When you’re worth $20+ Billion, you can usually do whatever you want. Look for him to spread his Fascist Nanny-state mentality all over the country, just as he’s doing with the gun issue.

  5. Comrade J says:

    This is about Bloomberg, Peloci, Bambi, Reid…

    If I were GOP I’d play it on TV non stop.

  6. Flu-Bird says:

    Bloomberg needs to be restricted to only one 8 oz glass of wine a day disarm his bodyguards take away his kevlar vest impound his limos and private jets and turn off his electricity and water we have had quite enough of his arrogance

  7. Libra says:

    The fact that Bloomberg may be certifiably insane gives a good idea of how much the public will tollerate. Rather than marching on city hall and throwing his crazy ass in the Hudson, the best that can be offered is a giggle regarding his stupidity.

    In any sane society he would be brought to the nearest looney bin.

  8. Ummah Gummah says:


    Give the man a role as a villain in the next Bond movie! All he will have to do is play himself and noone will have to suffer under his lunacy.


  9. Ummah Gummah says:


    Seriously though, for a guy who got “re-elected” on a highly controversial one-time Third Term deal, he is really going way over the top when the utmost of discretion would have been in order.

    Running the City as a COMPETENT ADMINISTRATOR was the explicit stated purpose of this one-time exemption he sought.

    Given the fact that an even crazier RAT who promised extravagant spending was his opponent, the race was razor thin and BloomBORG should have stuck to doing what he said he was going to do.

    The next election in NYC looks to be fun. LOL. Thanks to the LIEberal RINO BloomBORG, the Republican “brand” is now forever damaged in NY.

    Therefore, a real crazy LIEberal loon – IMHO Grossie lookalike Christine Quinn the GTSBLBTQ (whatever) activist and City Council President – will emerge as their next mayor. There WILL be a giant sucking sound as both businesses and even the idle Rich head for the exits.


  10. Flu-Bird says:

    How about as the villian in the next disney cartoon feature He reminds mea lot of RATIGAN from THE GREAT MOUSE DECTIVE. Or maybe like HADIES from HURCULES flames from his mouth

  11. Dr. 9 says:

    Very good point Libra. Apparently, there is no limit to the amount of abuse a weak, gullible, and mindless public will tolerate. The last election proved that.

  12. Flu-Bird says:

    The Big Apple needs a worm removed from its core

  13. Bombeck says:

    Fukk you Bloomberg. You give juice a bad name.

  14. Cameraman says:

    He is a red Hot “Boil” on the ass of NYC..time for some surgery!

  15. Joe says:

    What kind of idiot bans 2 liter bottle being sold with pizza? Does the dope think people will drink the whole 2 liters themselves, or share it with the family who is eating the pizza. What about buying 2 liter bottles in the grocery store? Is that now banned too? What a f*cking douche.

  16. Lester Sequester says:

    Comrades in Nanny York City get out if you can! Come join us in a red state and enjoy liberating freedom.

  17. Sodapocalypse says:

    It must be nice to live in a place with 100% employment, pristine infrastructure and zero crime so the only thing to worry about is the size of sugary soft drinks.

  18. SNuss says:

    Why not program a few of these to go after Bloomberg?

    It would be “sweet” revenge.

  19. Flu-Bird says:

    A total Boycott of New York City this summer and let HIS IMPERIAL ANNOYINGNESS BLOOMBOOGERS know why

  20. grayjohn says:


  21. […] dystopia Michael Bloomberg has made of New York City are hyper-regulated right down to how many ounces of soda they can drink from a cup. In exchange for their liberty, this is the public order they […]

  22. Flu-Bird says:

    Wait for this jackass to force the whole nation to abide by his idiotic rules

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