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Feb 22 2018

NYU Professor Says MAGA Maggots Are Feasting on the Corpses of Murdered Schoolchildren

It is unseemly at best the way authoritarian leftists immediately recruited Parkland high school students to serve as foot soldiers in their war on the Constitution, barely waiting for their classmates’ bodies to cool. But be careful about calling them on their shamelessness. Twitter user Kambree Kawahine Koa hit a nerve with this remark:

Mark A. R. Kleiman, a Professor of Public Policy at New York University’s Marron Institute of Urban Management, issued a response to her. Kleiman hasn’t even seen a need to delete this tweet:

Obviously, if anyone has been feasting on corpses, it is the progressives standing atop them to advance their agenda. Only full knowledge of his own hypocrisy could explain the ferocity of Kleiman’s rage.

Imagine what sort of grade one of his students would receive after turning in a paper consisting of less than 100% pure moonbattery.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

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