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Feb 28 2018

Oakland Mayor Gives ICE the Schaaf

Some 864 criminal aliens remain at large in the Bay Area despite a major ICE operation, thanks in part to Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf:

The operation gained attention after Ms. Schaaf issued a very public warning to her community that ICE was making arrests. …

Thomas D. Homan, the top official at ICE, said by doing that she put his officers at risk, and likely endangered her own citizens by giving some criminals a chance to escape. …

ICE said one of the people who eluded them was a Honduran arrested for transporting cocaine and for sex with a child under 16. [A] Mexican had drug and firearms convictions.

Both of those migrants had been in police custody before but the authorities refused to hold them for pickup by ICE, the agency said. Both have been deported before on multiple occasions, but managed to sneak back in.

This emphasizes not only why we need to begin taking border defense seriously, but also why radical left scofflaws cannot be allowed to hold positions of authority.

Hilariously, Schaaf defended her unconscionable behavior with sanctimonious rhetoric about protecting Oakland residents, “particularly our most vulnerable.” That’s what ICE is doing by deporting drug dealers and child molesters.

We need to decide whether we want to have rule of law or degenerate into chaos. If the former, there must be any number of charges that could be brought against Schaaf, Governor Moonbeam, and other California officials for obstructing law enforcement and aiding and abetting criminals and foreign invaders.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

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