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May 21 2012

Obama Claimed to Be Kenyan Born

Now we know where Obama’s literary agent got the idea the Manchurian Moonbat was born in Kenya — from Barack Hussein himself. Via Breitbart:

Submission guidelines at the Dystel & Goderich website (original emphasis): “[Y]ou should describe in two or three sentences — no more — what the book will be about. This is followed by another brief paragraph on why it is being written and then another on why you are qualified to write it. … Finally, there should be a more formal narrative Bio of the author.”

Evidently the bio part is where BHO asserted that he was born in Kenya. His birthplace — like his ever-evolving stand on homosexual “marriage” — depends on whatever is most advantageous to him at the moment.

Revelations like this make it difficult to take the Moonbat Messiah at face value. No wonder his media enablers have been working to suppress the “born in Kenya” bio:

While the internet buzzed with Breitbart News’ release of a booklet from President Obama’s literary agency circa 1991 describing him as being “born in Kenya,” the mainstream media still refuses to report the story, or plays defense for Obama.

Never mind that the agency used the “born in Kenya” biography until 2007.

Obviously the narrative presented by the “mainstream” media isn’t to be taken at face value either.

obama native garb
Mullah Obama in native garb.

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32 Responses to “Obama Claimed to Be Kenyan Born”

  1. Beef says:

    It was to his advantage to have been born in Kenya until he ran President, when it was not.

    This is kind of thing you can get away with when the press depends completely on your autobiography to vette you.

  2. JNN says:

    Fraud upon fraud upon fraud. These people are just sad. We know he lied about being born in Kenya but why? To make himself sound “exotic”, to sell books, to get some type of financial aid for college, etc.? The fact is he is a fraud and so are his media allies who are supporting him.

  3. Bloodless Coup says:

    Literally dozens of articles have been published prior to the 2008 elelction that decribe Obama as Kenyan Born.

    Evidently Obama did not stop billing himself as Kenyan Born until after he decided to run for POTUS.

    Watch This Video To Learn About Several Incriminating Articles That Obama Tried To Scrub After The Fact.

  4. Clingtomyguns says:

    I like the new birther jingle, kind of catchy:

    Obama was Born in Ken-Y-A,
    Born in Ken-Y-A,
    and now it’s out that he is a gay.
    And he was Born in Ken-Y-A

    Got in a little affirmative action jam
    So Soros and Ayers took him by my hand
    Sent him off to a foreign land
    To go and crush the white man

    Oh he was Born in Ken-Y-A…

  5. Viking04 says:

    Obama is a closeted birther.

  6. C_IV says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is an Illegal alien.

  7. Henry says:

    The legacy media’s fanatical omission/refutation of this story has reached the point of absurdity; the St. Skittles story as well, for that matter.

    The next time someone says to you, “Well, I read in the NYT/WaPo/LAT/MSNBS/CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS/etc….” laugh in their face and tell them how worthless the legacy media is.

  8. whosebone says:

    Everyone keeps saying “we know he lied about being born in Kenya”…….NO WE DONT KNOW that!
    But we do know many trained examiners and law enforcement personnel trained in computer document analysis have said both his birth certificate and selective service document are both manufactured documents.
    One pundit said he thinks obama is a pathological liar, so why is it barry is believed when he says he was born in hawaii?
    And WHERE our first gay crackhead muslim marxist president is not really the issue, barry tells us he is the son of a British subject, which translates to …….NOT ELGIBLE!

  9. JooJooB says:

    I’d like to see him doing his moon walk on the moon!

  10. Kevin R. says:

    This might be more than Obama being a pretentious poseur. It may be that Obama took advantage of some special college funding programs for foreign students and this could be why he won’t let anyone see his college records. Criminal fraud.

  11. Bloodless Coup says:

    This Is What The Media Is NOT Telling You…

    Literally dozens of articles have been published prior to the 2008 elelction that decribe Obama as Kenyan Born.

    Evidently Obama did not stop billing himself as Kenyan Born until after he decided to run for POTUS.

    Watch This Video To Learn About Several Incriminating Articles That Obama Tried To Scrub After The Fact.

  12. modd kenwood says:

    how does one make a fact checking error and print Kenya as someone’s birth place if Kenya is nowhere to be found on the personally submitted bio handed in by Obama? how does one ” invent ” Kenya as a birth place if it really wasn’t part of his bio…HUH? Can someone answer that?

  13. Michelle says:

    Dumbo is a liar, he lies constantly, blames everyone else for his actions, he thinks he is special or above reproach.

    He was born in Kenya, his mother a commie, his father a commie, his tutor Frank was a commie. He is a muslim racist just like them as well, though not all of his family are muslims, most are or they are some type of black power nationalists.

    He used his status as a foreigner to get benefits for school, he used it to advance his carrier, he joined a racist church run by a racist, he admitted he is a muslim, he admitted he loved the Koran.

    None of it really matters because the communist who back him and keep covering for him in the press don’t really care if he destroys the nation because they also wish that happens. It’s their only real goal… destroy America.

  14. Path says:

    Exactly how much do we need to know before he can be impeached?

  15. Bloodless Coup says:

    This Is What The Media Is NOT Telling You…

    Literally dozens of articles have been published prior to the 2008 election that describe Obama as Kenyan Born.

    Evidently Obama did not stop billing himself as Kenyan Born until after he decided to run for POTUS.

    Watch This Video To Learn About Several Incriminating Articles That Obama Tried To Scrub After The Fact.

  16. gerry says:

    Always worth revisiting this classic…

  17. Swamp Music says:

    He will never be impeached, because he is black, or half black, or something. Republicans are pussies.

  18. Bob Roberts says:

    As I’ve said, though it’s not only a valid but a critical Constitutional issue, where he was born in and of itself won’t matter much in the election and fussing over it, at this point, is a welcome distraction that keeps us from talking about his many failures, including how much worse off American-Africans are since he took office.

    I really do suspect he’s playing this issue for all it’s worth for, as we’ve seen, he’s been first holding back the simple documents that would settle matters once and for all then when he does release things they look like deliberate frauds. The real kicker is that he probably was born in Hawaii and is deliberately making it appear otherwise to distract us from the economy he’s wrecked, the scandals he’s directly supervised, the cover ups he’s involved in and the complete failure of a foreign policy he’s in charge of. Those, along with the rest of his record of miserable and complete failure.

  19. Bob Roberts says:

    Swamp Music says: May 21, 2012 at 5:57 pm
    Actually impeachment is in the works but, with Democrats in control of the senate and Joe Biden waiting in the wings to take over, cooler heads realize that there’s no point at the moment.

  20. Bob Roberts says:

    San Diegan Finalist in Idol

    Not the first time a local kid did well there.

    Pen Jillette rips Obama a new one.

    China to buy directly from treasury.

    Profiles of “the 1%” – Apple CEO

    Remember the teacher that threatened the kid for speaking ill of Obama? Now SHE is suspended!

    Candidate promises to smoke a joint on Capitol steps – Capitol police promise to arrest when it happens?

    A lot more interesting news – I’ll give someone else a crack at some of it and come back later with more on the next open thread perhaps.

  21. Bo Jangles says:

    I’m rather surprised to hear Bob say where Obama was born “is not a crtiical issue” in the election. Proving him to be foreign born could actually void the election. That’s not a critical issue?

    But there is something that’s far more damaging than having a fraud sitting in the Oval Office. And that is, what this says about the American people, who are now seen by the world as some of the weakest and dumbest on the planet. If he is in fact foreign born, that will simply tell the world they are right about us.

  22. Bob Roberts says:

    Bo Jangles says: May 21, 2012 at 8:02 pm
    You misunderstand me.

    If one could PROVE he was born in Kenya…


    If one could PROVE his mother didn’t file the appropriate paperwork…


    If one could then get someone to enforce the Constitutional bar ON A PERSON WHO HAS ALREADY SUCCESSFULLY AVOIDED IT.

    Then yes, you might be able to prevent him from being RE-elected.

    But that horse has left the barn, which has since burned down.

    My point is that there is also evidence, fairly convincing ENOUGH for a large MAJORITY of the population, even if it turns out it’s faked, that you’ll never meet the three conditions above and, by talking about them, you are distracting from more concrete issues that directly affect people’s lives and are more liable to sway the masses away from Obama IF YOU CONCENTRATE ON THEM.

    Sad but true most people don’t know, and don’t care, about the Constitution, particularly that bit that says you can’t be a foreigner and still be President.

    Evidence Obama in office.

    The best thing to do is get him thrown out after one term, not by quibbling over his having claimed he was born in Kenya, but rather over the fact he’s been a disaster from day one and has already signaled that, if he gets in for another four years, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!

    That little open mike slip with the Russian President was fortuitous, as he is clearly only waiting to really start phase 2 of “Operation Destroy America” until after he gets in for another 4, which is why HE MUST BE STOPPED!

  23. Bob Roberts says:

    modd kenwood says: May 21, 2012 at 4:49 pm
    Here is what it looks like:

    Obama was probably born in Hawaii, not definitely, but most likely.

    The fumbling, bumbling way his team has been handling THAT issue is on purpose – they want to keep it alive as a distraction from more substantive things that could actually hurt him because they’ve already found that, apparently, sad as it is, most people don’t really care where he was born despite the Constitution.

    Obama found it advantageous, for some time, to claim he was born in Kenya because, along with the black half of his ethnic background, doing this opened a lot of doors for him that otherwise would have remained shut.

    However, the more this comes out the more people will resent him for his now well known dishonesty and the less likely they will be to vote for him.

    That’s the only reason to talk about it and, of course, to only present it as the lie that it appears to be. Actually at this point he probably will do better, perversely enough, if it were to be “proven” he was from Kenya because, as I said, sadly, way too many people don’t care.

  24. Bob Roberts says:

    OOPS that last was supposed to be on the open thread, not this one. Going there now!

  25. Winston Smith says:

    There is no evidence Obamas mother traveled outside the US around the time of his birth.

    What the latest proves is that Obama is a pathological liar and not to be trusted. Thats why the media wont touch this story. They would love nothing more than to mock the Birthers – they dont do so becsuse they cannot do so without exposing Obama as a liar.

  26. dan says:

    evidence…we don’t need no stinking evidence….
    we’ve got the plurality of public opinion

    do it for Trayvon

  27. Mickey Shea says:

    It’s Little Islamic Buttboy, plaything of the Elders.

  28. Geeknerd says:

    O’Bama’s birth certificate is “FAKE BUT ACCURATE,” like Dan Rather’s fake Bush letter.

  29. […] In a bit of poetic justice, Tonya Dixon-Neely was suspended from North Rowan High School in North Carolina after a kid captured the audio of her going off the deep end, making threats and screaming at a kid who criticized the “Manchurian Moonbat“. […]

  30. Fiberal says:

    Bob Roberts says:
    May 21, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    As I’ve said, though it’s not only a valid but a critical Constitutional issue

    Glad to see that you’ve finally come around.

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