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Nov 08 2012

Obama [Expletive]

Now that Obama has discarded his nauseatingly insincere “we’re all Americans” rhetoric for a tragically successful platform of open divisiveness, Hopey Change is beginning to reveal its true face:

An armed masked man who robbed a Warren [Ohio] convenience store on Tuesday also told the clerk at gunpoint to vote for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Reports said the black man, who wore a gray sweatshirt and had a white bandana covering his nose and lower face, robbed the Convenient Food Mart at 3120 Parkman Road N.W. at gunpoint. Witnesses told police he pointed the gun at the clerk and repeatedly asked who he voted for in the presidential election.

The clerk said he was not allowed to vote. The gunman then said “Vote for Obama. This is Obama (expletive)” before fleeing, reports said.

If all you’ve got is a hammer, every problem is a nail. All liberals have is coercion, so it is applied to every task — even political discussions.

On a tip from Wiggins.

4 Responses to “Obama [Expletive]”

  1. St. Gilbert says:

    The armed robber must have a brother in Chicago.!

    Youthful idiocy combined with bad education, false compassion, and moral adolescence is a very dangerous combination — it all adds up to, well, an Obama voter.

  2. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    It’s like an open sore
    The thief will steal from you just once.
    But the leftist scum bag will rob you over and over while telling you it’s for your own good

  3. grayjohn says:

    You O’idiots got what you wanted, and soon you will learn some new english words. Consequenses, and Tyrany, and Starvation. Stuff you didn’t learn in your union teacher school where you sat on you fat minority asses all those years. Your true place on the food chain will soon become clear.

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