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Feb 29 2012

Obama May Release Terrorist Mastermind Omar Abdel Rahman

In case the new $750,000 soccer field at Club Gitmo doesn’t do enough to encourage terrorists, our rulers are now reportedly offering to trade terrorists for kidnapped Americans, providing Islamists with both a get out of jail free card and a good reason to abduct Americans at every possible opportunity:

Al-Arabiya is reporting, in Arabic only so far, that the U.S. is talking with the Egyptian government to free the blind Sheikh and 49 other Egyptians currently imprisoned in the U.S. in exchange for the freedom of the 19 Americans the Egyptians are holding.

The blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, is in prison for his role in masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center jihad terror bombing. If he is freed, it will be the apotheosis of Obama’s policy of appeasement toward the Islamic world.

Egypt was run by a US ally, until the Obama Regime helped dislodge Mubarak from power à la Jimmy Carter and the Shah of Iran.

By releasing Omar Abdel Rahman in exchange for hostages, the Obama Regime would officially cross the line between willful stupidity and treason.

Soon to be released by Obama?

On tips from Ummah Gummah and Shawn.

20 Responses to “Obama May Release Terrorist Mastermind Omar Abdel Rahman”

  1. wth says:

    You’d think Obama would at least get him a decent glass eye first.

  2. rockman says:

    The eye is a window into the soul…or, like, whatever’s in there…

  3. mojo says:

    “…Aw, gee, lookit that – he seems to have caught a bullet on his way out of jail. Bummer, huh?”

  4. dapenguin says:

    I agree and to show my support they are all invited to our next hunting party

  5. Bill T says:

    Islamic group threatens WND
    A man who says he represents the United Muslim Nations International organization has warned WND to “moderate” its reporting on issues involving Islam because of how Muslims may react.

  6. Berlet98 says:

    “Obama Admits He Is a Muslim”

    Some rumors never die.

    Many people still think FDR knew the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941 and did nothing to forestall the onslaught in order to get an excuse to enter World War II on the side England.

    Many people still think Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone in the assassination of JFK in 1963 anymore than they think Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald in a Dallas police station without some assistance.

    Many people still think the World Trade Center towers couldn’t have collapsed in 2001 solely because two fuel-laden airliners crashed into them.

    And, many people still believe President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim despite his oft-repeated contentions he is not.

    We may never learn the full truth about FDR or JFK or the WTC and, if Obama and the mainstream media have their way, we may never learn whether the president is an adherent to the Islamic faith even though there is far more substance to that rumor than to previous conspiracies.

    Much of that evidence is in the public domain but rarely has it been collected in a single source, a 10-minute video produced and directed by titled “Obama Admits He Is a Muslim.” Reportedly, Sean Hannity has wanted to play it on air but has been pressured by the Obama administration into not doing so.

    A collection of numerous clips from the last four years, the video features the president’s own words which, . . .
    (Read more and see the video at

  7. towerclimber37 says:

    that guy gives a whole new meaning to “the evil eye”…

  8. AC says:

    Obama May Release Terrorist Mastermind…

    …and hopefully George Romero can find a hero to put that hideous thing down before it bites anyone, if it hasn’t bitten anyone else at Gitmo already.

  9. John Lewis says:

    Bah! More red herrings. Bambi probably isn’t a Muslim but he is sympathetic to their positions, including wishing to encourage zakat, alms giving, even though a certain amount goes to jihad. After all, Bambi’s father and stepfather were Muslems, and he spent considerable time as a child in a Muslim environment.

    Treason most foul. Pray for Israel.

  10. Val says:

    Those people are about to rule the world!
    Just of yesterday I saw in a company parking lot a guy,soon joined by another one, knelt on a rug, with his behind up, “praying”! Now, I wonder if the company would object if Christians were to hold a prayer meeting in their parking lot..

  11. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    It would however be poetic that this terrorist be released before his enabler

  12. Conan says:

    One muslim to release 50 muslims. Go figure.

  13. M Fox says:

    Release him at about 10,000 feet over Iran.

  14. NorthernX says:

    Evil, demonic-looking bastard.
    Kill it with fire.

  15. TED says:

    Apparently Obama doesn’t know the difference between terrorist and tourist. Obama does take care of his own.

    I’m good with letting Omar Abdel Rahman go only if Obama takes his place. Obama has done much more to harm this country.

  16. james says:

    Send that traitorous scumb-g mud-shark Lynne Stewart back with him.

  17. rickyd says:

    Why is this piece of shite still alive? Has he been to the White House for a dinner party yet? Please God………………if you’re there…………HELP US!!!

  18. fred says:

    Who would hire this moron if this is the best she can do?

  19. So What says:

    Hey Clinton had his Mark Reich

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