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Jan 11 2017

Obama Refuses to Light White House Blue for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Police officers face death to defend civilization from anarchy and savagery. Gays indulge in depraved sexual practices that spread lethal diseases. Here is how the White House honors the latter:

As for the former,

The White House refused a call by a Republican congressman to light the White House blue Monday for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.).

The show of support would have been highly appreciated, given the ongoing War on Cops.

At least the Moonbat in Chief is consistent. He previously refused to light the White House blue to honor the five Dallas police officers who were assassinated in the name of the Black Lives Matter ideology he promotes.

A society that would tolerate leaders with these preferences is very sick and desperately needs to restore its health.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

22 Responses to “Obama Refuses to Light White House Blue for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”

  1. TED says: NOTHINGS CHANGED, that is what they use to call nigga fun 4:1…

  2. TED says: THE BAR has been set VERY HIGH in the competition for WORST!!

  3. Karma's Janitor says:

    Anybody could look good after this guy

  4. Eddie_Valiant says:

    This joker gives douche bags a bad name.

  5. grayjohn says:

    What do you expect from the leader of the Choom gang?

  6. TED says:


  7. George Lortz says:

    I really don’t think he was even involved with the decision. Some liberal, Demo suckass, who is looking to curry favor with Valjar was probably the one who made the (wrong) decision. Donald needs to clean house when he moves in. There are 8 yrs. of cockroaches in there, and they need to be flushed out.

  8. Rhondaabrown says:

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  9. 762x51 says:

    I think we all know who needs to be “lit up” here.

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