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Feb 11 2013

Obama Regime Removed Bolts From Marines’ Rifles

Obama’s inexcusable nomination of Chuck Hagel to head the Department of Defense has made his characteristic liberal dislike of the military more obvious than ever. Apparently, the Moonbat Messiah assumes the Marines feel the same way about him:

Take a close look at the M-14 rifles the Marines where carrying at Obama’s second inauguration. The bolts have been removed from the rifles rendering them unable to fire a round.

Apparently Obama’s Secret Service doesn’t trust the USMC. Simply searching each guy to make sure he didn’t have a live round hidden on him wasn’t enough, they had to make sure the guns were inoperable.

Remember all those times George Bush (miss him yet?) traveled to Iraq to meet the troops? Troops who had working rifles slung on their shoulders, with loaded magazines in pouches on their belt.

Obama must figure the Marines know him a lot better than they did four years ago, when bolts were allowed:

Wondering if this may be an inauguration policy of long standing that transcends administrations, Gun Rights Examiner made a cursory search and found something even more curious. In the 2009 Inaugural Parade, the United States Navy marched with rifles that had not been so disabled (see 1:24 into that video plus the final slide).

Bad enough Obama doesn’t trust American citizens with firearms. If he doesn’t even trust the Marines, then it’s no wonder his DHS has been buying up ammo by the billions of rounds. Obama did promise an ominous “national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the entire US military. He will certainly need it if his fundamental transformation calls for fighting the Marines.

No trust means no bolts.

On tips from Hank and fbwallflower. Hat tip: Bob Owens.

29 Responses to “Obama Regime Removed Bolts From Marines’ Rifles”

  1. paulus says:

    Brown shirts are coming!

  2. Wilberforce says:

    Ya know…I actually think this might be a good thing. Maybe now, anyone who may still be “on the fence” about who this guy really is (especially those in the military or law enforcement) might finally come to understand that they’d better be choosing ideological sides, but soon.

  3. Comrade J says:

    Right on schedule. As every other realized/unrealized dictator, Bambi is growing paranoid.

    What the moonbats don’t know (since they are history illiterates) is that should he attempt a putsch, and in the unlikely event of his victory, there would be even more paranoia and mass execution of all the leftists who now think they are his bestest boyfriend/girlfriends forever.

  4. Wilberforce says:

    +10 to Comrade J ^^^

  5. Justme says:

    Double +10 Comrade J

    That is the solace of the coming Dictatorship, the Leftists who enabled him are in fact MORE dangerous than the opposition. The opposition’s opinion has never wavered and has never been close to him to do harm – the enablers, ah that is another story and why they will be the first to see the Obama Camps and learn what “transformation” is… Ah.. We shall turn you into gas and pour you into the stratosphere… Now that’s “Transformation”!

  6. christopher swift says:

    “this might be a good thing.”

    I agree, Wilberforce. Same thing with the lefty love for the dorner fugitive. This people have been steadily growing in lunacy, good to rip the veil away.

  7. Wilberforce says:

    Christopher Swift: Indeed, I agree with you. I’ve always thought that now, after Obama’s re-“election”, these next coming years will be driven not by ideologies, arguments or persuasion, but by events.

  8. Cameraman says:

    What a Paranoid piece of Shyte!Can it get any worse before we take the Keys to the WH from this Halfrican Punk?

  9. Beefeater says:

    Since often times the totalitarian leader of a country is taken out by their own bodyguards it makes total sense.

  10. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Remember that Stalin’s Red army was formed in two lines under order 227.
    The first were regular troops made up of draftees, ect.
    The second consisted of “penal battalions”

  11. Ummah Gummah says:


    They also removed a few bolts from a certain CNN anchor’s brain:

    Parody or Does She Believe It? CNN Anchor Blames Asteroid on Global Warming

    Read more:

    CNN anchor Deb Feyerick asked Saturday afternoon if an approaching asteroid, which will pass by Earth on February 15, “is an example of, perhaps, global warming?”

    Moments earlier, before an ad break, she segued from the Northeast blizzard to a segment with Bill Nye “the science guy,” by pointing to global warming: “Every time we see a storm like this lately, the first question to pop into a lot of people’s minds is whether or not global warming is to blame? I’ll talk to Bill Nye, ‘the science guy,’ about devastating storms and climate change.”

    This ranks right up there with additional troops causing Guam to tip over.

    Not surprisingly.. The New York Association of Black Journalists honored Feyerick for her coverage of the foreclosure crisis. The American Muslim Union named her “Outstanding Journalist.” The boy cumo also admires her work:



  12. Comrade Terry says:

    This is standard procedure, and has nothing to do with President Skeeter. It has been going on since at least 1970. I know, because I was stationed at El Toro when Nixon was President, and the same or similar precautions were taken when he was on board.

    Go here for corroboration:

  13. oldguy says:

    Obama is banking on having the officer corps controlling the enlisted men if civil war breaks out. This is an indication that he no longer thinks the officers have that control.

  14. Bill T says:

    Biden to take gun questions from Field & Stream
    “Do you have a question for the Obama administration about guns? Now’s your chance to get it answered!” reads the magazine’s call for participants. “Any question is valid, as long as it pertains to guns.”

    Questions are welcome at Only those that come in with a name, address and daytime contact information will be considered.

  15. The Liberal says:

    My god, it’s almost as if those are ceremonial rifles used by the USMC in parades when the 14 pound M-14 needs to be made lighter! It’s almost as if they have a warehouse full of rifles with their bolts removed for just such a purpose! (Which ends up being cheaper for taxpayers, too!) I mean, not like my father marched in the Air Force Color Guard during Vietnam, with a disabled M-1 Garand on his shoulder, and a working M1911 in his hip holster. Stop searching for conspiracy, it makes you look… crazy.

  16. Jack Reid says:

    He’s creating a Preatorian guard! Right in the steps that over threw Rome. May God be with us, cause when it hits the fan its gonna get ugly.

  17. Ummah Gummah says:


    Why do you libs always have to come in here and post your nauseating mierda?

    You remind me of the media trying to “help” the GOP get more voters next time by giving them “well-meaning advice”.

    Fuhgeddaboudit, pal. We’re not a bunch of Boehneheads, unlike the GOP leaderless ship.


  18. Vic Kelley says:

    I feel sorry for the individuals in uniform who have to salute obama or otherwise be present around him.

  19. Clinton did the same thing to us in Bosnia. I can’t say if Bush did it in Iraq. He didn’t visit me. But it does seem to be a long standing practice that any prudent protective detail would insist on. I am guessing they have seen the video from the Sadat assassination.

  20. Tim from TK says:

    The Liberal says:

    First, your nonsense aside, the Marines have M-1 Garands, not M-14s. Second, the weight saved by removing the bolt is negligible. Third, if you bothered to read, the Midshipmen from the Naval Academy had the bolts in their M-14s in 2009 –

    “Stop searching for conspiracy, it makes you look… crazy.”

    Stop commenting, it makes you look…ignorant”

  21. Flu-Bird says:

    America needs a Dolt removed from the WHITEHOUSE,IMPEACH BARACK OBAMA

  22. Comrade J says:


    Read the article first before commenting. You inadvertently confirm every stereotype about libtardation.

    “The issue of parade rifles carried by honor guards being disabled in a different fashion under previous administrations, such as having their firing pins removed, is not being argued here, although it should be—not that it didn’t happen, but that it does. But that’s not the thrust of this article. Here’s what is:

    Unlike in 2009, in the 2013 inaugural parade, someone in authority made the decision to change that and order the Marines to march with visibly disabled guns.

  23. Jay B. says:

    Pfft. When push comes to shove, these fine young men are worth a thousand feral street monkeys Hussein might give a gun and a uniform to.

  24. Eoin says:

    @Jay B.

    As a former Marine, thank you. I’m not quite as quick on the PFT, but my aim is still just as sharp as the day I left the scout sniper school to be my unit’s designated marksman (I was NOT a scout sniper, the scout-sniper school trains designated marksman… non-infantry units that don’t rate sniper assets will train designated marksmen and deploy them with the M40 for precision fire if needed).

  25. Whoopie says:

    Thanks for quoting me in the post Dave, for those who want to read the full post and comments:

  26. Bill in Tennessee says:

    Some of you oldsters may remember how President Sadat of Egypt was assassinated… during a parade as some of his troops marched by in review. Once they got in front of the reviewing stand, they halted, turned to Sadat, took aim and filled the stand with bullets…with some collateral damage, as I recall. Hehehe… I’m sure our Marines would have MUCH better aim, and that is why the SS decided to remove those bolts. I’m sure the SS also remembered that Lee Harvey Oswald had been a Marine… so in the wonderful world of Obama, where 2 + 2 = 5 (and sometimes 6), this is what happens.

  27. Bill in Tennessee says:

    Oh, and as the Egyptian soldiers were doing this little marksman exercise, people in the stands thought it was part of the parade and pageantry. It was… just not like they thought.

  28. bill in MD says:

    Ft. Hood terrorist went on attack, wonder if he would have taken out the President? I doubt it, I think they are playing for the same team.

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