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Nov 29 2011

Obama Shafts Air Force Officers

Let’s see, other than slashing its budget during multiple wars, securing defeat in Afghanistan, and turning the military into a social engineering laboratory for the benefit of politically privileged perverts, what else could the Obama Regime do to destroy the morale of the Armed Forces? How about pull the rug out from under officers just before retirement?

The Chapman University of Military Law and its associated AMVETS Legal Clinic are blowing the whistle on what they say is an injustice set to be perpetrated on 157 Air Force majors on the last day of November.

“The Obama administration has ordered massive reductions in forces, resulting in many officers who are near retirement being involuntarily separated without retirement or medical benefits,” explained institute director Maj. Kyndra Rotunda.

The Department of Defense specifies that service members within six years of retirement normally would be retained and allowed to retire on time with benefits, unless extenuating circumstances exist such as disciplinary issues.

According to lawyers at Chapman and the AMVETS Legal Clinic, the Air Force has deviated from the six-year protection “without any legal authority.”

“At the heart of the matter, is whether the Secretary of the Air Force [Michael Donley] can ignore protections that exist in governing regulations,” Rotunda told The Daily Caller. “The Air Force position is that yes, he may. Our position is that nobody is above the law.”

Nobody except the minions of Comrade Obama, who established his contempt for rule of law when he shafted secured creditors on behalf of his union cronies during the Chrysler nationalization.

As Thomas Lifson notes,

One of the best ways to destroy American military capabilities would be to convince career military personnel — both officers and enlisted — that their commitment to service will not be rewarded with the retirement benefits they have earned by their faithful obedience to orders, no matter the personal cost or risks they endure. … The bond of trust between service members and the nation they serve, once broken, is difficult to rebuild. A nation unable to convince its young men and women to devote their careers to military service is left vulnerable to foreign military threat.

But even after Obama has reduced military service to a second-rate career, losers will take the job. At least they may soon have the benefit of legal if not constitutional authority to incarcerate American citizens in their own country without trial.

We’re used to our military consisting of Class A Americans who fight our enemies overseas to defend our liberty. If Obama succeeds with his promised fundamental transformation, it will consist of Class D Americans who fight us at home to squash the last remnants of liberty.

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Was anyone expecting anything different?

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12 Responses to “Obama Shafts Air Force Officers”

  1. Winston Smith says:

    The Manchurian Moonbat Messiah, aka 3M, strikes again.

  2. Jakob_B says:

    Take advantage of those Military types… you know they aren’t unionized right? If they aren’t organized labor they don’t deserve squat amirite?

  3. Ghost of FA Hayak says:

    Funny how other civil service employees are given a much better deal

  4. A. Levy says:

    With the way the elected, lying crooks in DC treat our brave warriors, i’m amazed that they don’t simply shoulder their weapons and come home. Let the Muslims around the world kill each other, let all the foreign countries where our troops are based learn how to protect themselves for a change. Bring our warriors home now, and let them protect their country from a very real threat. Mexico.

  5. metprof says:

    Quick, somebody call those defenders of military families, Michelle Obama and DOCTOR Jill Biden!

  6. Ghost of FA Hayak says:

    i’m amazed that they don’t simply shoulder their weapons and come home
    A. Levy
    That is because they serve us.
    Why do you thing OBummer wants his own personal civilian security force ?

  7. Fiberal says:

    Good news on the BO decline is that:

    People who don’t know anything at all, but are still allowed to vote, only approve of BO by 30% — i.e., pure independents.

  8. GoY says:

    But Planned Parenthood gets all the money they ask for.

  9. TED says:

    And on and on and on…

    Happy Baracksgiving!

  10. Beef says:

    Elections have consequences.

    And they just keep piling up.

  11. chuck in st paul says:

    “… without any legal authority…”
    Wow, that’s unexpected. [/snark]

  12. Rattlehead213 says:

    I am so cognizant of what these people are doing to force out senior military members (DADT), make sure new recruits don’t join (fewer benifits), and make young 2nd term’ers not want to re-enlist again. It sickens me but I’m going to stick through and do what I love, for what I love. If I don’t get forced out before my 20, it will make me more to proud to know that I weathered the storm of an Obama Administration and the Muslim Facists.

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