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Nov 08 2012

Obama Supporters Celebrate the Coming End of Israel

Any Jews who voted for Obama had better get ready to wash some blood off their hands. This is what Obama’s base has in mind for Israel. Sorry about the language: it’s in Liberalese.

Palestine was there first. That would be news to anyone who attended Sunday school. But I guess kids don’t do that anymore; nor do they learn much in extravagantly expensive government schools.

Israel isn’t the only country that’s screwed. These appalling cretins’ votes count the same as ours, and there are more of them.

Via Rebelpundit, on tips from Wiggins and St. Gilbert.

42 Responses to “Obama Supporters Celebrate the Coming End of Israel”

  1. TexasDoc says:

    That idiot can’t even speak! He probably thinks Israel is a suburb of Salt Lake City and the Palestinians are from Chicago.

  2. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Israel will have the resolve to use what they need to survive, and they’ll save us a mushroom cloud or two in the process. Not that these philistines will appreciate that.

  3. Ginsengbull says:

    God’s People will win, regardless of what the US does.

  4. Grunt says:

    Looks at giant glass sculpture: “Wow. Amazing art. What is it titled?”


  5. IslandLifer says:

    I joined the army at age 17 because I was excited to get out there and do something on MY OWN. I had pride when I kissed my mom goodbye and could see my dad was proud as well. Now I see KIDS in their 30’s still living with mommy and acting the same as they did back in high school. I will never understand the mentality these snot nosed brats have or how they can feel good about themselves pissing their life away. I can only imagine the condition of our state in a few more generations….if there is one at all. God help the rest of us.

  6. Sweep the leg says:

    I’d like to hear from any regular on this site, about how blacks are not an enemy of this failed country.


    Let’s see. NO ONE argues that Liberals are the enemy. They hated america, they voted for everything that went against what our Founding Fathers fought for and stood for. They are the enemy.

    Blacks? They do the same PLUS are wildly violent degenerates to boot.

    And don’t point to the black guy you work with, or who delivers your mail, because you don’t disprove a rule with an exception, and you don’t REALLY know them. Add a tablespoon of the best vanilla ice cream in the world to a bowl of shit. It’s still a bowl of shit.

    I know, the guy in the video (which I can’t be bothered to watch) is a STREET thug! Not a normal black like:

    Colon Powell
    Condy Rice
    any pro or college afleet
    Bryant Gumble
    Barack Obama
    Michelle Obama
    Jerry Wright
    “Dr” Mike King Jr

    Do I really have to go on? They are a failed race that hates whitey. Top to bottom.

    Do any of you STILL cling to the “Most of them are really just like us!” BS?

  7. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Just more community organizers.
    Today Israel
    Tomorrow, oh I don’t know……
    Free Mumia ?

  8. Tiger says:

    So clearly you support giving the entirety of the United States back to the Native Americans, right?

  9. wth says:

    Forget voter I.D.
    We need voter I.Q.

  10. Highway Hospital Student says:


    The problem for whites is that they are not allowed to discuss race.

    However, for non-whites, blacks and latinos, its all about race, all day-everyday.

    That confers a huge advantage in that one group can mobilize millions of people who then have a vested interest in vilifying and destroying millions of other people, who are not allowed to speak freely about their own situation.

    Ever heard of John Derbyshire? A mathematician and very entertaining writer. Derbyshire spoke out….once…and is now exiled and reduced to living on charity.

    His is not an isolated case.

    So for the most part, whites self-censor.

    And, it can in no way be seen that whites will ever be allowed to speak freely among themselves about race.

    Because then they would probably come to the dangerous conclusion that there is a de facto war being waged against them…in the U.S., where politics, cultural demolition, intimidation and violence are used against them and theirs with great tireless and frenetic regularity.

  11. Secret Squirrel says:

    Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Free mumia?

    How about FRY MUMIA with about 2500 volts!

  12. dan says:

    I think we’ve found the missing link….

  13. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Tiger says:
    November 8, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    “So clearly you support giving the entirety of the United States back to the Native Americans, right?”


    -No. Just your parent’s house where you live.

    My, my….aren’t we ironic and just so “good”.

    Give the U.S. back? That’s pretty cornball stuff.

    But hey, to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not sure that after BO stunk the place up, you and your little Indian buddies aren’t “entirely” welcome to it.


    And take Elizabeth Warren with you.

  14. Alphamail says:


    I joined the Army at age 18 because I was excited to get out there and do something on MY OWN. I ended up in Ft. Benning where I took Airborne training, and then trained on Kelly Hill for two years.

    Red clay, pine trees – but no opihi in the Chattahoochee.

    I recently moved from Seattle to eastern Washington where the kids are different – they’re conservative.

    I live with my daughter who is 19. She goes to college full-time, has a full-time job, and babysits at night.

    She went deer hunting with her boyfriend last weekend (he went on a Central American missionary trip last year), she has become a better shot than me with a 9mm, and she’s a real Makawao cowgirl having ridden since she was nine, and helping her favorite horse give birth.

    She a drop-dead beauty like her mom and can sing like a bird (national honor choir).

    All of her friends appear, shall I say, n-o-r-m-a-l….

    There’s still plenty of hope – just not the Obama kind.

    By the way, she voted for Romney.

  15. Sweep the leg says:

    @ Highway

    Of course I’ve heard of Derb. He was spot on.

    My question was addressed to people of THIS SITE. Ghost in particular. I wrote a similar comment months ago. His response was typical Liberal/Neocon: Oh really, he hissed, then what is your final solution??? It was like talking with Michael Medved/Hugh Hewett/Laura Ingraham/Bill O’Reilly/Mitt Romney/Ace of Spades/ etc…

    You know, the typical, blacks are wonderful/not ALL blacks are (fill in the blank), response. How DARE I say that ALL “blacks” are (fill in the blank)???

    I repeat: Add a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream to a bowl of shit…

    And we CAN speak openly, on fantastic ANONYMOUS forums such as Dave’s here. But when some of the commenters STILL buy into the weareallthesame BS…

    When ANONYMOUS people STILL call you a racist ™ – sure at work you are fucked. Here??

    I say that since we have handed blacks and mexicans our country on a silver platter, how about we STOP talking in code?

    Blacks are a horrible, violent, failed, stupid, people. At ALL economic levels. Yes, even Sir Charles Barkely.

    Ghost will know lecture about Thomas Sowell.

    I yield the floor…

  16. Alphamail says:

    Sweep the leg says:

    Well we know two things about you.

    You know what a bowl of shit tastes like with vanilla ice cream.

    Inmates are still allowed computers.

  17. Alphamail says:

    Highway Hospital Student says:

    Hard to disagree with you at all on a regular basis but have to technically disagree on this: “And, it can in no way be seen that whites will ever be allowed to speak freely among themselves about race.”

    I believe many conservatives, especially evangelicals, have been able to have robust conversations about race – even with persons of another race – for a long time.

    Liberals can’t discuss race without pointing fingers and there are others (like Sweep) who only discuss it by condemning other races.

    If we’re never allowed to speak freely, what are we doing now?

  18. Sweep the leg says:

    Alphamail says…

    You sound incurably stupid. Actually, you sound like a fucking retard wiseass. Please explain what you disagree with. You are a fan of blacks? They are not ALL the same?

    Idiots like you muddle the conversation, but I will try.

    You are military. Your daughter voted Romney. I have no problem with either. What is your malfunction?

    Inmates? I am a successful, white, individual.

  19. IslandLifer says:

    Excellent!!! I’m sure that had to do a great deal with you being a great parent. Georgia was a culture shock indeed!! I’m glad to hear the younger generation still has class. Over here not so much 🙁

  20. Sweep the leg says:

    @ alpha

    “…others (like Sweep) who only discuss it by condemning other races…”

    The black race is to be condemned. You have been corrupted by your TV. Enjoy survivor, and enjoy Obama. You are obviously a neocon. Your “service” means nothing if you will continue to fight for a race that HATES you.

    Again, enjoy Obama…

  21. Highway Hospital Student says:


    Like I said, whites self-censor.

    Its a self-survival, learned reflex.


    I’m reminded of the Monty Python skit where every time John Cleese says “he” or “him”, Eric Idle follows with a correction of “or SHE”, “or HER”.

    Just forget it. The only place you’ll get a candid conversation about race, is with non-whites.

    I have a bit of insight on this one.

  22. Sweep the leg says:

    @ alpha

    Please give your thoughts and opinions on the black race.

    This will say all anyone needs to know about you…

  23. M. Wilson says:

    It’s the culture, stupid. Culture is generational, but it is not genetic. The widespread stupidity we see among Blacks is a learned stupidity, and can be prevented if caught and treated early enough with a strict regiment of strong moral guidance, discipline, and American values.

    A white kid raised in the cultural cesspool created by our entitlement system ends up exactly the same as a black kid raised in that environment: a thug. I’ve seen plenty of “whiggers”. So leave the racism for the democrats and KKK (but I repeat myself) and let the issues be the issue.

  24. Sweep the leg says:

    @ Highway

    Do you self censor? HERE?

  25. Highway Hospital Student says:


    Yes, this is one place where you can speak freely.

    But its under conditions of anonymity.
    And yes, conversations about race can take place — and even with polite company. But they are conversations that are cloistered and have almost Parlimentary-like rules.

    There is no public forum. Try a white counter part to the black caucus in congress. Try a white “The Race” ala La Raza.

    You’ll get your driveway fed to you.

    Sweep could not voice his opinion that whites were under attack by non-whites in a public forum.

    You know that.

  26. Sweep the leg says:

    @ Wilson

    “…The widespread stupidity we see among Blacks is a learned stupidity…”

    Bullshit. Ave IQ in this land – 84; sub-saharan africa -73

    They are, and always have been, mildly to profoundly retarded. Created nothing, anywhere, ever. No language, nothing.

    You are speaking of BEHAVIOR. They can be MADE to behave. South Africa and Jim Crow made that clear. Take off the reigns? Even in modern what was america, you get detroit.

    Wise up, fools…

  27. Sweep the leg says:

    “…You know that…”

    alpha knows that, but is trying to change the topic. Typical white fool…

  28. Highway Hospital Student says:


    To an extent. But I would also self-censor with other topics, eg., religion, to some extent as well.

    That’s bc there are certain personal beliefs that people hold/need, for which one can gain no mileage in challenging or insulting.

    Its an antiquated notion, I admit.

  29. Highway Hospital Student says:


    This thread BTW exhibits a common pattern of self-censorship.

    Namely, there is probably less than 1% of all conversations among whites about blacks that doesn’t somehow either start with or wind up with everyone challenging everyone else for being a racist.

    Then everyone involved has to attest to not being a racist.

    The reverse situation for non-whites is almost never true.

    Keep in mind that this inequity and white self-censorship is how the MSM and non-whites were able to get a Kenyan elected for “president” sic.

  30. Alphamail says:

    Sweep says:

    “You sound incurably stupid.” Thank you, your post shows that to be a compliment – a step up for you.

    “Actually, you sound like a fucking retard wiseass.” Yes, I am a fucking wise ass. But with all humility, I don’t understand the retard part – but with each of your posts I’m beginning to get the hang of it.

    How is it that I muddle the conversation when you say I am in the military when I am not.

    And how is it that I muddle (I like that word) when I don’t have a TV and I haven’t seen Survivor (that should have been capitalized, by the way…oh, and wise ass is two words)…since that Hasselbeck girl did well.

    And, when I was in the military I didn’t fight for the black race, I fought for Americans.

    There you go muddling again.

  31. Alphamail says:

    Highway Hospital Student says:

    Can’t disagree with you.

    When you said, “And, it can in no way be seen that whites will ever be allowed to speak freely among themselves about race,” I wasn’t considering different forums – especially public ones – hence, my comment about discussions here, and the evangelical note.

    Obviously the public forum, as regards racial language, has been corrupted to favor any liberal, but prejudice any conservative, even blacks. Robert Byrd can say nigger, Herman Cain cannot.

  32. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I’d like to hear from any regular on this site, about how blacks are not an enemy of this failed country.


    My question was addressed to people of THIS SITE. Ghost in particular. I wrote a similar comment months ago. His response was typical Liberal/Neocon: Oh really, he hissed,

    Ghost will know lecture about Thomas Sowell.

    I yield the floor…

    Sweep the leg

    Bully we much

    You obviously know where I stand.
    Your schoolyard taunts are a sure sign you are feeling quite inadequate here and need a response from me.

    This is me “self censoring”
    My feet up on the recliner,
    with a cold one…………………………..

  33. Ummah Gummah says:


    What’s shocking is how stupid they are.. oh boy, are we in trouble!

    Good to see what all that edumacation money buys us.


  34. Alphamail says:

    Sweep the races clean says:

    “alpha knows that, but is trying to change the topic.”
    How have I changed the topic? I’m trying to correct your errors!

    “Typical white fool…” You should be proud of me – I’m trying to emulate you.

    Before I answer your question regarding my opinion of black people, I need to know specifically who we’re talking about, so I don’t give you an answer you misinterpret. Who should I give you an opinion of?

    Are we talking about all black people, including Africans?

    Are we talking about brown people too, who aren’t negroid but who have brown skin? People from India have white features but most are much darker than Obama, and many are blacker than American blacks.

    Some Mexican, South American, Haitian, and Eskimo (Inuit) people are also darker than him, and are definitely not caucasian – should I include them?

    How about those dark-skinned Pacific Islanders? Some in Samoa are as dark as blacks and are certainly not white. What about Hawaiians – many are very dark and they speak that funny English? And of course, there are American Indians – should I consider their IQ – and include them?

    Are we talking about all non-whites? What opinion do you want?

  35. Alphamail says:

    Golly, to have Ghost’s resolve.

    I too have my feet up on the recliner…with a cold one.

    Just can’t seem to self-censor.

  36. Alphamail says:

    I’ll bet Ghost didn’t even realize he hissed, until he read Sweep’s post.

  37. Jester says:

    Can anyone here translate anything that first guy in the video said (other than “motherfucker”)? Seriously.

  38. WingMann says:

    Best I can tell, he said something like “We’re in charge now, get used to it”.

  39. Winston Smith says:

    They shouldnt be wanting that as if Israel goes down, their final act will be the unleashing of their nuclear arsenal not just on the Muslims but will also likely hit targets in Russia and Europe as they are the #1 collaborators with the Muslims.

  40. AC says:

    There’s still plenty of hope – just not the Obama kind.

    Not really. For every one like here, there are several more who have pumped out several new stampers by the age of 19.

  41. Bubba says:

    What a dumb ass nigger.
    Now, who’s going to call me a racist without calling him one? You stupid fuckers all know you want to.

  42. Cameraman says:

    Whats Black and Green with yellow Between? Ok I”am a Racist! I hate Them for Hating Me…No unfairness There?
    Targets of Opportunity!

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